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Why is Cotton the Best Towel Material!

Cotton, often referred to as the “king of fabrics,” has been a popular choice for towels for centuries, and for good reason. Let’s read on to find out more about cotton and why it is the best towel material.

Why is Cotton the Best Towel Material!

Towel Thoughts

Ask yourself, when was the last time you talked about towels? You probably can’t remember. We don’t really give them much thought. But a bath towel still plays a big role in our daily lives. Just think of living out a day without it! While a lot of us start and end our day with it.

Shopping for the best towel material can be tricky. If you’re thinking it’s no big deal, think again. Bath towels come in so many different fabrics, textures, sizes, colors, weights. And you use them every day. You sure have to choose the right one! Moreover, the best bath towels there is to offer. 

In this race of which towel is better than which, we could give you a great option: Cotton! Because cotton is an amazing fabric – that’s easy to care for, and reasonably priced. And more power to you when you find a towel that’s 100% Cotton.

Why Cotton?

100% Cotton Bath Towels are free of chemicals. Cotton is a natural product. And unlike synthetic fibers, it is more absorbent. The towel hence has high absorbency.

Cotton is a breathable material. The fibers allow air to pass through. Comfortable? Yes! It does not irritate the skin. So the towel won’t be itchy – making it soft and skin-friendly.

Plus, the choice of colors and patterns you can get is exciting. Cotton is receptive to different dyes, making it a versatile choice in fabric. It can handle anything on the color wheel.

best towel material

And the best part is that unlike other sumptuous fabrics, cotton won’t ask you for much, making it the best bath towel material! Of course, you will have to take some care while washing your cotton bath towels. But you can wash them like any other clothes. Just putting them in a washer with detergent also will do. 

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How about 100% Cotton?

100% Cotton Bath Towels are the safest and nicest out there. In other words – the best towel material! Now that you know why Cotton is the best towel material, how about getting them for yourself? At Thoppia – A home furnishing company, contamination free cotton yarn is procured. Quality is always kept in mind.

Bath towels at Thoppia have all the benefits of cotton, amplified. They have a natural texture on the surface. You can find elegant options in honeycomb weave.

best towel material

Honeycomb weave (aka Waffle weave) has a 3D cellular structure which resembles a bee’s honeycomb. The towels are Vat Dyed for consistent coloring. They’ll keep you dry, clean, cozy and step up your home décor game. The 100% Cotton Bath Towels are perfectly woven taking a lot of care. No wonder, they’re highly absorbent and radiate sophistication.

All in all, cotton is undeniably one of the best materials for making towels. Not only is it affordable, breathable, and durable; but its anti-static properties also help keep your bathroom free from dust particles and bacteria. On top of that, cotton is widely regarded as the most absorbent material for drying off quickly after a shower or swim. Plus, with modern manufacturing processes it’s now more sustainable than ever before – allowing for more eco-friendly practices when it comes to selecting your best towel material.

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