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How to set up a Guest Bedroom?

Planning home interiors is a task that takes a lot of effort. In addition to the regular bedrooms, there is an upgraded demand for furnishing a guest bedroom.

Guest bedrooms are now a space of equal importance as it becomes an instant touchpoint for your guests to know you better. The lights, spacing, comfort, and effort to maintain the smallest details make them feel special. It’s a great way to get conversations flowing too. 

Know how you can impress guests and express the best hospitality while they’re around with the following easy ideas in mind. 

A welcoming theme

Depending on the overall theme of the home, the guest bedroom looks best when it’s supportive of the same style. However, the colours and furnishings can be tried out in the most exciting ways. 

If you’re looking into casual, easy styles that have neutral-shaded walls and interiors, a bold colour punch to the bed can uplift the room instantly. Imagine a solid printed (or just the plains) bed sheet on a set of neutrally tinted walls. Seems like a beautiful scene, doesn’t it?

Or if you prefer to go all bold in the interiors, then try out lighter shades for the furnishings. This way, there is an equal balance between the colour tones and not too tacky for the room. Quite often, this aesthetic works for the ones who’d like it to be calming and have an undisturbed sleep after a long trip. 

Guest Bedroom essentials

guest bedroom essentials

So what are the most important stuff you ought to keep in the guest bedroom? Here is a checklist:

Bath towels – This is for obvious reasons. You don’t want the guests to be worried about asking how they can dry up or freshen themselves. And not to forget – the better the quality, the better the comfort. 

Hand Towels – A mandatory one to have in the washrooms! Keeping a fresh towel with a mild fragrance is not only a healthy welcome but also a warm one. Cotton hand towels are best in this case as it quickly absorbs and is softer than most fabrics. 

Blankets – No matter which season it is, blankets are a must in a guest bedroom. It could be the thin sheets or the quilts, either way, they complete the comfortable bedroom look.

The perfect guest bedroom

Space-saving concepts work best in the guest bedroom. Since they (the guests) would prefer having it all set up within this one room, your chance to put everything in place can turn out to be fun. 

In-built cabinetry or storage behind mirror shelves are some tricks you can manage to bring in more space around the room. For a quick laidback rest, seating can be planned either with the mirror cabinet as a set or with a cushiony seating arrangement next to the window. This way, extra furniture can be easily avoided. 

guest bedroom styling

The symmetry of the room is key to designing any room aesthetically. As experts say – “One must always go along the lines of the room”. If it’s straight/ diagonal/ circular, we would be able to plan the designs to go with the symmetry based on this understanding. For example, having stripes can look fitting in a bedroom that projects toward the window in the same linear way. So, make sure you know your room’s symmetry before planning the furnishings!

Here’s an extra tip – Set up the room with indoor plants to make it more lively and cosy. The guests will love it!

Try out these simple yet extremely helpful cues next time you plan the interiors. We’re sure your guests would love it all!

How to spruce up your study space?

Most planning of interiors is around bedroom designs, the living and kitchen spaces. But don’t you think it’s high time we start thinking about a dedicated study/ working room? This does not matter if you’re working from home or not. A study room helps set your focus while working on important things at home. Or it could be used as a personal room to keep up functional habits. 

The point is, study rooms are necessary to help you build and maintain the art of focus. It’s a space to lay back and think over creative discussions, thoughts, projects, and lots more. So that’s never a bad investment.

But study rooms can vary according to the needs of each person. Some might need a whole room while some others just a small corner. If you’re confused about it, here’s a quick guide to help you through this.

What’s your priority?

Habits differ with each person. Some may prefer to spend alone on various different habits. So, what is that need that you will need to stick on to? Is it research, crafts, reading, art, or something else? Whatever the habit, plan your room in such a way that you are able to relate to that aspect.

Consider you’re a person who constantly works on a laptop. Plan the table space/corner where you have ample space for a keyboard, mouse, and mainly access to plug points. This way, there will be no worries once you settle down to work.

What if you’re just here to read some good stories?

Then the space can be planned with wall-mounted shelves or even an in-built shelf in the table that covers all your major interests. The desk design and ambience of the room must reflect the enthusiasm of the stories that you enjoy.

Stylish but Minimal

No one likes a stuffy room. Especially for a study, there needs to be enough ventilation to let you focus and not have any distractions. It lets your mind relax and more ‘work ready’ too. So, reduce the amount of clutter in the room and take time to design those clear aesthetics.

Here are some inside tricks – build storage within the table to avoid cluttering the face of it, and have small indoor plants to keep the optimism alive, have subtle indoor colours to resonate with the idea of the study. Reds, pinks and yellows are great for a vibrant fun room. But you don’t want that disturbing the purpose of a study, do you? So, it’s better to keep subtle light shades for the room with a combination of white/ beige tones to have that balance. 

Wall-mounted tables and setup are much simpler to use as their function here are very minimal in the first place. It could also be built as part of an extension to the existing shelves.

No space? No problem

If you’re restricted to having a whole room as a study area, corners work just fine too. The whole purpose of a study is to have that perfect setup for the work done there. This means an ergonomic chair, a perfectly levelled table and enough storage to make you at ease. 

But sometimes, the room wouldn’t be enough, or you wouldn’t prefer to spend so much on a study. Which, we get it! Some alternatives you can try out are the floor cushion setup. A wall reclined floor cushion and one to be seated on, laid on top of a rug. As simple as that!

How can this be compared to a fully-furnished setup? Well, let’s just say it’s the best alternative if you’re looking to save space and money. There is free space to move around, work lavishly, and not to forget, ‘transportable’ in case of too many distractions at your usual corner. 

And that’s as simple as it gets! Your study corner is all good to explore once these easy tricks are sorted. Have a Happy Study Time 🙂

Modern homes with an Indian twist

Are you that person who wishes to infuse Indian aesthetics into your urban house? It’s always fascinating when Indian traditional patterns and modern abstracts blend together. So, if you want to add a hint of Indian culture to your space then you’ve come to the right place! 

Come, let us take you through what must be best for your liking.


The way we do our home shows our personality. Indian products have their own unique look which can create wonders. Doesn’t simple cotton fabric with classy designs a cool combo to look forward to? Especially on your curtains and bed linens? 

Let us introduce handlooms to you, it is a loom that is used to weave clothes without electricity. Hand weaving is done in pit looms generally located in the weaver’s home. Indian handlooms are known worldwide for their richness, variety and quality. It represents our precious heritage. However, with the advent of power looms, the industry has been struggling. What can be done to preserve this sector? Infusing Indian handlooms in modern homes is definitely one solution.

If you are searching for a fabric of perfection you can refer to ikat fabric. It is an ancient textile weaving craft predominantly found in southeastern regions. It is admired very well for its beauty and creative scope.

When it comes to curtains and blinds, patterns, and most importantly ‘fabrics’ can make a huge difference to give that edgy Indian look. Cotton and linens are the most preferred in that case. It gives an exotic look to your windows. Try it yourself to believe it.

Colours and prints

Since our country has been associated with rich weaving and unique textile, our love for colours and prints is legendary. Vibrant colours, diverse prints and related ambience give Indian fabrics an inherent charm that can add a dash of colour to your home. 

What gives the fabric a unique identity is the prints and weaves that are so distinct to the region. Inspired by nature, and the architecture of temples, these prints are rich in structures. From hundreds of artisans throwing different craft ideas, there are various prints to choose from. Bandhani, Patola, Batik etc are some of the most popular Indian prints that have found much love across the world.

Have you ever noticed that we are all very much attracted to deep colours but are hesitant to bring that to interiors? India has always been remembered as a country of symbolic colours. Giving vibrant colours to interiors is an easy way to give an Indian touch.

Accessories and wall art

Like art, the accessories to your home say a lot about you. They actually personalise your home. 

Our country is well known for its luxurious tradition. It is unique from the rest. Stainless glass lanterns and a perfectly placed wall painting sets the right mood for the interiors. Placing a rug with such a design in a modern house is a bold decision. Setting the accessories and furnishings in order just completes the aesthetics that you seek.

The key to the success of a modern home with an Indian twist is the infusion of both styles in compatible measure. Once you are able to maintain the balance, you’ll manage to create a seamless experience at your home.

6 curtain combos to make your home pretty

Curtains are breezy and showy, alright! But styling them in fresher perspectives can reveal their full potential. Wondering what this is all about? 

How often do we experiment with curtains – mix up some colours, try out different patterns, and just have fun with those flowy fabrics? So hard to recall, right? Now, don’t you worry! We have the tools to rekindle your romance with curtains. 

Curtain combos are an age-old practice of decoration. But pairing it up in the right way makes all the difference. Let’s take a look at how that is possible!

The basic check

Think of a solid plain colour with printed sheers to complement – the basics are as simple as that. In this case, both the curtains (plains and prints) are lightweight with an attitude of being carefree. 

Some do misinterpret solid colours to be purely bold. However, subtle shades like a Lark or a Herbal Green would also fall under them. Those who enjoy simplicity both in prints and plains can definitely opt-in for such a mix. The subtlety ensures a kind of richness, adding to a pleasant-looking space. 

Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain Herbal Green

Classic Lines Cotton Curtain Green/Beige

Dreamcatcher Sheer Cotton Curtain Light Brown

Textura Cotton Curtain Lark

The design geometry

Geometrical patterns work well as a home-fashion statement, and curtain prints successfully capture this space too. Imagine a sheer or curtain covered in the most fascinating geometrical shapes. And these can be clubbed with some bold solid cotton colours. A rustic appeal, yet very smart, right? 

You can go even further and try out variants of shapes like how we have the Aztec Arrow design and Magic Triangle curtains. They would easily complement the bold cotton curtains and are ideal in bedrooms. 

Aztec Arrow Cotton Curtain Yellow

Chambray Cotton Curtain Sunflower Yellow

Magic Triangle Cotton Curtain Black

Chambray Cotton Curtain Indigo Blue

The Chevron twist

Chevron strokes are a common design element in fabrics. While hanging up a Chevron curtain can do wonders, try pairing it with a bright and dark supplement. The setting would be as sophisticated as it can be. It’s that good!

The light Chevron strokes easily blend in with the dark-coloured ones (like an Ocean Depth Green or Bright Red), which uplifts the homes to a sleek space. This is a perfect option for someone looking to impact guests in a trendy and savvy manner. 

Vibrant Chevron Stroke Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain

Solid Cotton Curtain Brilliant Red

Chambray Cotton Curtain Ocean Depth Green

Muted Chevron Stroke Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain

With so many options to choose from, you can now feel free to experiment with your favourite curtain combos. Mix, match, style, and try hanging up those breezy little fabrics in your homes. We are sure you’ll love them! 

How solid coloured linens are turning into favourites

Linens are known for their simple and sophisticated style. And when you speak of linen, you instantly seem to imagine white shades or pastel-coloured fabric, right?

While they do look classy with the light tones in place, linens also tend to adapt to bright, bold colours that instantly lift the decorum. And the catch? The traits of the fabric stay unhinged, just like how it’s with the lighter shades.

Surprised? Well, it’s always good to try something new, isn’t it? Keep reading and you’ll get to know their special features as well.

The classic linens

Linen bedsheets

In all its normality, the natural colour that a linen fabric possesses is never one definite tone. The shade highly depends on the type of flax fibres nourished and maintained. From the time of production to nurturing to the harvesting of the flax plants, careful inspection takes place which is why linens undergo an extensive labour process.

Right after harvesting, moisture exposure to plants helps separate the fibre much more effectively. This method is called retting. The more the fibre has exposure to air, moisture, and other filtrations, the more the effect on colour. This means they end up having varied natural tints every time. A standard shade that is often witnessed is ‘light grey’. However, hues of sand, oatmeal, and amber are pretty common in undyed linen fabric.  

Are you still wondering if ‘white’ is the purest form? We say, think again!

Linens can never be pure white unless they are bleached. It’s just how the fabric works. That’s why most of us prefer the cloth in its natural aura. The shrinks, curls, and colour give a rustic yet rich texture to linens, oozing a sense of comfort with them. 

Welcoming the solid linens home

Most people stick to the organic tones (being light/ pastel in essence) as they get dubious about experimenting with such lush fabric. Now, it’s high time we look past the myths and bring in some colours too. Don’t you agree? So, let’s see what the colours bring to our homes!

Solid linen curtains

Linens are quick absorbents of moisture and it goes, without doubt, to say that all colours stick to them rather perfectly. Dyed, solid colours can stay as good as the light shades. The quality of the fabric does not diminish, considering they are bought from a trusted source. And don’t worry about the rugged fancy look (a trademark linen style)! You can still find them even in the brightest of colours.

One great addition or maybe an experiment (for the doubtful ones out there) that cannot go wrong is with curtains. Solid linen curtains are a great way to upgrade the look of any room. As the colours have a luminous effect along with the poshness of the fabric itself, the curtains would be quite the winner there. 

The beauty of linen

Linens are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic by character. Some of the many advantages of a ‘natural’ fabric! It is subtle with the skin and is capable of providing a great deal of comfort in all seasons. This leads us to the next myth…

Do solid coloured linens tamper with the innate qualities of linen in the pigmentation process?

Not at all! If the flax fibres are curated through advanced filtration and bleaching methods, the fabric (qualities) weaved out from them will remain unaffected. For instance, a (solid) linen curtain is dyed in rust orange. But the temperature and moisture regulating features in them will still remain unharmed. The linens would have the same unique characteristics it offers in their light-shaded contemporaries. 

Now, are your perceptions of solid linens clearer? Don’t forget to let us know how your first-time experience was!

Make space for summer

The summer’s just started and it’s already heating up! Most of us depend on electricity to cool us down, which of course is your first easy option. But what if we said there is a smarter way to hold your fight against this season?

Subtle fabric furnishings are classy to look at. We all know that by now. What you didn’t know is that they could also be a breezy solution to summers (and almost, every other season).

Here are some little tricks in the book that you’ll love to try out.

Light and Dark

summer cotton

Right when it’s summer, you might be coming across terms like ‘go light, go fine and nice’. But we say, do not limit yourselves to that.

Of course, light and subtle colours are a go-to option. But for dark-themed lovers or those who have light-coloured walls, solid colours would be the most appropriate choice. So, look for wise fabrics instead. Cotton and linens are fabrics that go a long way to make you feel fresh throughout the day. Both have great absorbent qualities, helping you dry up your sweat/ moisture (…and worries!).

Once the material is decided, the next comes colour. To embrace the season, you could get all the summer colours like red, orange, and yellow into your abode. You can still love your solid colours without compromising for the season. Or a mix and match of both light and dark shades can create an interesting effect on the house.

Like, if you have a dark-coloured sofa set, pastel or white-toned cushion covers will look fitting to the decor. On the other hand, you could also try out bold, bright colours like red or navy blue to stay on the dark-themed wagon.

What to get in summer?

Floor cushion

When you’re a seasonal shopper, picking furnishings can get confusing. What is necessary, what is not…all can be a bit of a haze. Here are some simple make-overs that might help you with this.

Stocking up curtains for the summer is universal knowledge. It sure is a natural practice by now. Solid cotton curtains work marvellously well for those who like the interiors dark and cosy. For most others, cotton sheers deem as a perfect fit, considering they want a touch of the summer sun but with reasonable warmth.

Next comes floor cushions! Since the heat is not spiking down anytime soon, lying down or gathering around on the floors has its perks. That’s where floor cushions are a great help. Quick catchup with friends and family, a short noon nap (with throws in place, of course!), or even have a picnic-style setting in the backyard. All are a no-brainer to plan as you have floor cushions ready to serve your purpose(s). The catch? They only accentuate the spaces wherever placed, which wins brownie points for the overall house look.

Summer essentials

Curtains and cushions have the added advantage of blending into almost every room. Be it bedrooms or living or even balconies. Another important furnishing, which is also exclusive in its usage, is the bed sheets.

Days are longer during summers, and nights can get a bit uncomfortable to sleep. That’s why bed sheets are a necessity. They could get messy very soon, especially if you have kids playing around during summer vacations. So, it’s wiser to choose cotton solids (colours) so the sheets don’t get too dirty too soon. In case you prefer lighter/ whiter tones, regular change-ups may be required. This is to ensure the bedroom stays consistently fresh during the season.

With such simple notes, summer in the house can get enjoyable. There would be less (or no) uneasiness indoors, making it quite relaxing. Just the thought of it makes you want to try a make-over, doesn’t it? (it does for us, at least!)
You’re all set for summer house shopping!

Style guide for white theme lovers

When you think of a white-themed space, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Will that be boring?

Wouldn’t that be hard to maintain?

It’s impossible to pull it off!

While we don’t deny the possibilities of these doubts, whites are in actual, pretty cool boosters to spruce up your homes. But to master the art of owning a white-themed space is not easy and that’s where you will need a style guide.

Get to know how to choose, blend and improvise your intimate spaces with the whites in place.

(PS: You can still experiment with your personalized style inputs while nailing the white theme fashion)

The right whites

Although termed as ‘white-themed’, there are several shades within them that can have the same impact as the whites. It could be sandy white, tinted white, ivory, almond white, or even cream white. Nope, not here to confuse you more (But I can hear you!)

These tones are basically proposed when you opt for a white theme. They are chosen based on the furniture designs, decor colors, and even the lighting. Quite often, plain whites are neglected due to their doubts about maintenance. But have you thought about this – that your ceilings look their best when white is painted over them? It’s brighter and simpler in style too.

Now imagine the whole house adorned in white? Not so bad now, is it?

The undertones are mainly based on convenience for the other supplements of the house. If you wish for bright rooms with a pinch of natural shades (to not look artificial, that is), sandy white is a good choice to start with. Cream whites are for those who wish for the qualities of a white base but a bit more cut down for a subtler ambiance. 

So, choose your whites by answering three simple questions to yourself:

  • Why do I need a white theme?
  • Should I go all white (with furniture, decors, etc)
  • If the answer to the previous question is a… 
  • No: Which shade of white is more suitable?
  • Yes: Can the house withstand the fashion

If you’re still pondering on ‘Where do I start? How do I know if it’s right? – Worry not and just keep reading!

Choosing color palettes

One of the most crucial phases of going white-themed is deciding on the whole color palette. There is no particular pattern to stick to. But of course, the palette must tell your story and create a hospitable environment indoors.

So, what are we looking for?

To match a white base or backdrop, the most satisfying and guaranteed winner would be with beige and pastel shades. Say your curtains are all pure white cotton sheers, then the cushions and their covers can be in brown beige. If you’d like a little bit of color – pastel pinks can help you out here. Even for white cushions, the color palette works vice versa.

The quality of pastels and beige is that they are simple, classy, and elegant. There is no pressure of an impression with these shades on point.

The neutral shades bring in a darker undertone to the beige textures. A standard set of colors include brown, black, and white. Mixing up among these shades with different accessories around the home will look well-planned and cozy for every curious eye. Some more colors that complement well under this category are colors inspired by nature – like green, orange, yellow, red, and so on. They not only give a bold touch but also a serene ambiance to settle in.

Coming to another standard doubt…

Should I try on a black and white theme?

Well, why not? 

The retro classic palette adds drama to your homes and is kind of a fun motivator for conversations. If not for a bold black and white theme, you can make it interesting with patterns and designs in those colors. Like a plain white cotton rug having a checked black detailing, black prints on white sheers, stripes on bedspreads, and so much more. 

Wait…so does that mean only contrasts are good?

Not at all. If you like to mix the colors up, then going bold, retro, or for a standard beige palette is something you can consider. 

If you would like to hold on to an all-white theme, then you can tune it out a bit with different patterns. Say a white sheer with thin blue checks, white floor cushions with a beige undertone, white table cloths with a neutral runner to complement, or even table cloths with minute detailing on a white base. This way, you get to have the poised look of an all-white backdrop with just the perfect amount of intricacies. 

The home looks glammed up already!

Pick your style

What’s next? 

Choosing your preferred style for the home, of course. Now that you have an idea of a color palette, it’s important to pick your style right. I know what you’re thinking – isn’t that already done with! Well, yes and no. 

The color palette has allowed you to choose a basic coloring of how you’d like to view your homes. Say you wanted the wall in white for better lighting, then the style you pick later gets easier to sort out as you go, letting you cancel out on the extras. Get it?

So, what exactly are you aiming at while decorating this space?

To appear graceful but with a tiny element of surprise in the corners?

How about going modern but still highlighting old traditions?

Neat but rustic in approach?

Fancy but also fun?

The possibilities are endless. And that’s why you gotta make up your mind about the styling. A contemporary makeover works best with contrasting colors. For an ivory setting, grey floor cushions and rugs would look magnificent in the living. Bold colors like a purple cushion cover on a white sofa set, navy blue table runners over a white table cloth, daisy yellow bed sheets with linen white sheers, etc got that extra punch for an eye of admiration. 

Now for a modern but culturally rich setting, whites with a touch of ikat weaving would look just fitting. They refreshingly exude the blend and keep up with the fancy checklist. Be it for table napkins, cushion covers, or curtains. 

Minimalism is something that you can fascinatingly experiment with. Replace the heavy extra furniture with easy, straightforward cotton furnishings. The rugs and floor cushions not only look diverse but feel extremely comfortable for every occasion. That’s something that every one of us seeks while furnishing homes, right? 

For a lighter design approach, minute prints or beige tones can work in your favor.

Textures and Decors

All that is left to think now is visualizing the final picture. Well, almost.

The shades of white in homes, although influential, come alive when certain traits are embedded over them. 

Can you think of a house that is without curtains or bedspreads or cushions? 

They are home essentials and their uniqueness blooms when certain designs are imprinted on them. Or even when a particular color scheme is followed. They blend into your idea of charm, which is rather exciting if you think about it. 

So, how would you choose the right ones, especially with a white theme in place?

Let’s see!

Throws! A cotton fabric that is used for various purposes and still equally offers comfort beyond expectations. They are the most elegant characters that can instantly liven up a space, even for a white backdrop. Plain bold/ beige colors and even printed ones work excellently for this requirement. 

Floor cushions have an underrated existence (pun unintended). Their quality is that they succeed around every stretch. Want cushiony seating, a private corner, an intimate get-together, or a lazy time-out for yourself – floor cushions win you over. No matter what theme exists, they are a necessary element in the house. The size of the cushions is easily noticeable and so for a white theme, beige and pastels go best for a subtle atmosphere; while bold prints establish a quirky punch. 

Rugs are another allrounder. They make bold statements and are a quick solution to add power to the overall theme. Bedspreads, duvet covers, and curtains look neat with a white base. Small neutral prints, stripes, and mellow tints uplift the rooms while still holding to its base color scheme. 

Together, they just sound perfect!

There is a general misconception that whites go with every color scheme and design. Certain features are responsible for livening the essence of whites and that’s how a character is built around them. Identifying them gets easy with a style guide at your service. 

Take a glance through Thoppia for more ideas your way! (You know you want to!)

The Ultimate Guide to Revamp Your Home this Diwali

The most awaited celebration of this year is round the corner; only a few weeks until Diwali celebrations keep you engaged!

We are assuming, you’ve already started prepping for the festivities and you’re here to peep at some Diwali decoration ideas in trend. We get you!

However, let us give you a quick warm-up before you start scrolling.

This post is not your regular Diwali decoration guide with tips on arranging diyas and colourful lights; it’s more than that.

If you are willing to do a complete makeover for your home and not just organize a few things here and there, continue reading.

Be ready to replace a few of your unused, out-dated stuff with new accessories.

Diwali decorations are not limited to bringing new diyas and lights to cover your floors, walls, and stairs. They do hold a significant place in aesthetically improving your interior decor, but the feeling is real when the entire home looks like you have just moved in.

Don’t misunderstand this post to be a pocket-draining checklist! Trust us, it’s budget-friendly. 

Moreover, the act of replacing old items with new is traditionally considered to be symbolic of tossing away all the accumulated negativity of the past year. Hence, you will be welcoming positivity and new forms of happiness.

Alright! Let’s get started with our guide.

Clean your space

As they say, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” a clean and neat home attracts joy and positive energy in abundance.

Repaint your walls, doors, and bathroom. Rejuvenate kitchen fixtures wherever they are necessary. It is strongly believed that Goddess Lakshmi graces the homes that are clean and tidy.

In addition, from a scientific perspective, a clean surrounding keeps you organized and peaceful and increases your attention span. 

Get rid of unnecessary items

We know it might be challenging to throw away the cushion covers you bought at your mother’s behest with your first salary.

But ask yourself this; Do you need it?

If not, then it is time to remove it and welcome new accessories.

So often, we refuse to throw away extra items from our homes and it ultimately leads to congestion. However, periodical decluttering is essential to maintain the elegance of your home. 

Look INTO the living room

The most exposed part of your home is the living room. It is a space that offers your guests the first impression of your sense of style. Moreover, it is where people spend more time with you than anywhere else in the house.

It goes without saying, but the living room must be decked up according to the importance it holds.

Start with replacing curtains on your windows. We don’t always realize the role curtains play in the way a room looks.

At Thoppia, we provide a vast collection of curtains of various colors, fabrics, lengths, and styles. Linen curtains will be a great choice if you want a highly durable, easily washable, dust-resistant fabric for your curtains.

If you need any help with the selection process, check out our blog on “How to pick curtains for every wall.” Finally, to make your job easier, here’s a list of living room items that you can add or replace.

Replaceable items

  1. Curtains
  2. Cushion covers
  3. Bolster covers

Add-on items

  1. Plush pillows 
  2. Chair pads
  3. Floor cushions 
  4. Throws
  5. Rugs

Give a makeover to your bedroom

The bedroom is a place of comfort for you, your family, or your overnight guests. So to give it a good makeover by replacing the old bedsheet with something new. After all, we all know how comfortable a clean and fresh bed sheet feels. The same goes for floor rugs, lampshades, and cushions.

Don’t forget the kitchen

The kitchen is probably that corner of your house which often gets dirty because of edibles and their stickiness. If this is the case with your kitchen, too, then it is time to get new equipment and kitchen towels to clean them since you cannot use dirty towels, can you?

Similarly, the food you cook lands on the dining table, which is the most vital part of your dining space. You wouldn’t want it to look shabby.

We, at Thoppia, can take care of that. You can browse and select from various kitchen items like towels, oven gloves, table cloths, etc. Paired with the right accessories, you can make your kitchen aesthetically appealing, the one that they show on cooking shows!

Here’s a list of items that you can add or replace in your dining room and kitchen. 

Replaceable items

  1. Dishtowels 
  2. Aprons 
  3. Kitchen towels
  4. Oven gloves
  5. Chair pads 

Add-on items

  1. Potholders
  2. Coasters 
  3. Tablemats 
  4. Table cloths
  5. Table napkins
  6. Table runners

Light up the “ins and outs” of your house

The most important element of Diwali is the light. Every Diwali, whole India lights up from dingy streets to the metropolitan.

That said, lamps and diyas are the most traditional forms of decoration for lighting. Along with lighting diyas in your house, you can also place beautifully decorated lamps in your living room to impart an entirely different scene in your space.

At Thoppia, we provide lampshades that help you diffuse lighting effectively across your room and are available in multiple shapes and sizes. In addition, you can choose a lampshade that complements the base of your lamp. 

Send gifts gift cards

Finally, celebrate Diwali by bringing joy to your friend’s and relatives’ houses.

While gifting your friends and family during Diwali, you may not know the ideal present to be given on such an auspicious occasion. In times like this, when you have an uncertainty of the gift to be presented, Thoppia offers a simple solution. 

Customers can easily gift Thoppia Gift Cards to their friends and family, so they have the liberty to choose from the wide range of products according to their preference and style choice.

The gift card options offered by Thoppia include E-cards and Printed Cards. 

The bottom line

The primary motive of all the festivals is to get together with your loved ones, spend quality time, and exchange delicacies! In addition, these festivals give you the perfect excuse to deck up your living space, and of course yourselves. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Celebrate this Diwali with a rejuvenated home and the new you! 

Elevate your WFH space, in style

Someone wise, at some point must have pondered about how a person’s work-desk defines their personality at work, or otherwise. Be it cluttered, clean or dressed up in themes, everyone loves to add a little bit of themselves to their space. While this has its feelings in the right place, sprucing a workspace up does indeed require a tactical approach to ensure the right amount of formal decor alongside the fun bits. We assure you that this is not The Great Interior Design Challenge and hence, we bring you a couple of quick fixes to ramp up your space.

As another year of WFH approaches, it is only right that you pack up the old and bring out the new! At Thoppia, our collection of fabrics and range of products are just about enough to make your WFH station, a place you’d love to hang around. With our style guide, you can now seek inspiration and add your own elements, skipping a strain on the pocket 😉

Step 1:

Pick a space that inspires you. This is important because you will be spending most of your day indoors throughout the week. Perching on a dingy corner of the room might turn out to be a lot more unmotivating than a mundane weekday. Pick up the table and set it close to a window for a good view.

If not a window, we suggest a good part of the wall, just for you to deck it up with accessories to look at, and feel good about. The point is to let your eyes know that they have more to see than the screen.

Step 2:

Know the importance of colours and use it smartly in your decor. Reach out to your fun side and try to match the colour of the elements you see. Take a look at bright, sheer curtains that welcome enough light into the room. What’s great about curtains is that it can instantly make your space look a lot more comfy. If you like simplicity, we think you’d love some light, linen curtains.

Patterns on sheer curtains, or solid curtains can help balance the rest of the room as well!

Step 3:

Move on to where you sit. The chair might look sturdy now but a few hours in, maybe not. Investing in a good cotton chair pad is a good idea. These fluffy little pillows are perfect to support your posture and keep you up straight. Patterned chair pads work well for that ‘burst’ of colour amongst your furniture while solitary, muted shades complement them. 

Step 4:

We swear by soft, handwoven rugs! Work from home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; Treat yourself to simple rugs that you can place underneath your desk, on the floor. These are subtle ways that elevate home decor up by a few notches if done right. We suggest striped rugs for some texture on the floor. 

Step 5:

You see the desktop, the coffee mug and the files – what’s missing? A good, warm source of light. Lampshades are the best decorative items for any room, in the evenings. Unlike glaring bare bulbs, lampshades are friendly, they don’t hurt your eyes and can instantly make your workspace look sophisticated!

A small lamp, with good shade fits perfectly on the work-table with considerable functionality. Big lampshades on the other hand, are for those who love a good statement piece of decor. Experimentation is fun with these as you can hardly get it wrong with dreamy lights.

Step 6:

And the most important, is to customize your decor to the best of your imagination. There are no right or wrong rules: just guidelines to help the designer in you. We love a pretty Thoppia-themed WFH station and would love for you to handpick the right product and fabric from our range, for your space!

A quick guide to Curtain Header designs.

Over the weekends, sitting beside the bedside window, enjoying the natural sunlight gleaming from the windows in the living room is something we crave. We all want to experience this bliss without any hassle. And when you think of drawing the curtains to enjoy the gentle breeze sweeping in, the curtains become bullies and hardly budge. Drawing curtains could sometimes be a pain and cause us unrest. No doubt it is a squabble to draw the curtains and get them to look neat. However, there is a solution to this curtain battle. There are different ways we can make this easy and also pleasurable to look at.

Did you ever imagine that curtain headers are so important and could transform the look and feel of your home? Well, there are different styles of draping a curtain and its heading across the window. And simple changes to the drapery styles of the curtain headers changes the entire look and feel of that space. Though there are dozens of options to choose a header style, the actuality of making it happen could be overwhelming. Here’s a simple guide that could help you choose the right style of headers for your home to make this affair a fun makeover. Let’s go ahead and explore the different options that are available in India to get the classy and cozy look for curtains at home.

Eyelet Header

Eyelet or ‘ring top’ curtains have been a popular style of curtain headers that are easily available and add a simple and casual style to the curtain. Because of their easy to hang design, it hardly takes time to put them in place.

Curtain with Eyelet Header
Featuring: Chambray Cotton Custom Curtain Muted Lime

There are different sizes and colours of eyelets that are available to fit any rod. An important note though is to keep the eyelet at least 1cm larger than your curtain rod so that it is easy for the curtain’s drawing movement. Though Eyelet curtains are simple and easy to fix to use on a straight rod. They may not be the right choice for a bay window as the eyelets will not pass any supporting brackets at the corners of the bay.

Curtains with this heading type require less fabric fullness and therefore stack back to a minimal space. Eyelet curtains are generally made of metal eyelets that are evenly spaced across the top of the curtain. And because of this, you are sure to get an evenly spaced gentle ripple pleat on the fullness.

Back Tab

Back Tabbed curtain headers give your window a neat tailored look. With back-tab curtains, the full length of the curtain fabric doesn’t hang below the rod. Which gives it an even feel of texture from the upper to the lower end of the curtain.

Backtab Curtain Header - Front
Featuring: Textura Cotton Custom Curtain Lark
Backtab Curtain Header - Back
Back of a curtain with a Back Tab header.

Because of its nature to cover the curtain rod fully you can be assured to choose any fabric with ease as you don’t need to match it with the rod anymore. Also, It is easy to convert any curtain to a back tabbed style by adding strips to the back of the curtain top to make a loop. Or you could stitch one end of the strip folded to the front and secure it with a decorative fastener, or sew both strip ends to the back of the curtain panel. If the curtains are a bit too long for the window and you don’t want to go through the hassle of altering them. You can simply hang them from the back tabs as it raises the hems and adjusts it for the length of your choice to give it that classy look you desire.

How do I hang the back tab curtains?

You can simply slide the curtain rod through the loops made by the stitched-down tab strips on the back of the curtain panel. And then hang the rod in its place to adjust the curtain for the fullness you want.

The style of the curtain rod also helps analyze what type of header to choose from. Some curtain rods are meant to be seen, while others aren’t. Back-tab headers are a great choice if you’re not a fan of showing the rod. But if you do want to show off the curtain rod, then the next style of header is sure going to make you happy.

Loop/Tab Top

Here is another example of a popular style of curtain headers – the Loop/Tab Top Curtain. While the Back Tab style of curtain is sure to cover the curtain rod. The Loop/Tab Top doesn’t cover it fully. And hence are the best choice if you are someone that fancies curtain rods and loves to show off your tastes.

Loop/Tab Top curtain

The Loop/Tab Top curtain headers work really well when you desire a casual yet relaxed look. And not just that it carries a modern and less formal curtain header style to give your home that perfect finish. The Top Tabs are always made in the same fabric as the curtains for a uniform look and feel. The added edge though, is its compatibility with all types of curtain rods.

On a side note, it is recommended to have only 1½ times gather for tab top heading, to slide the curtains easily without snagging.

Rod Pocket with Header

Rod pockets are the simplest of all curtain headings and so is its build. The design is made by sewing a pocket across the top of the curtain panel. The curtain rod is inserted through this pocket and hung on brackets that support it. Lightweight voiles, sheers and nets are some of the fabrics that are most commonly seen sporting the Rod Pocket heading style.

Rod-pocket header
Featuring: Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain Papaya Peach

Rod Pocket draperies are generally made of fabric which is folded over the curtain rod and attached to itself. Which creates a pocket like space through which the rod is slid through. The fullness of this design is created by the gathered fabric near the rod pocket. This clean and simple style is suitable for stationary panels only, because of its style to be tightly fit to the rod with hardly any breathing space to draw it side to side.

A beautiful variation of this classic Rod pocket style incorporates a header as seen on the right image.

Finally, making the right choice of fabric, curtain rods and heading style are vital for the overall look and feel at your home. With a wide range of options and products to choose from. You can be the best judge to customize the look and feel of the curtain headers to suit your space and style. At the comfort of your home you can explore the various options and buy 100% cotton curtains from Thoppia’s customization section. Here’s to happy styling!

7 Ways to use a chair pad for ample comfort and style

The chairs in your home help you sit comfortably – as you go about your daily routine, recreation, and relaxation. However, sometimes a chair may not be comfortable enough. To imbue comfort, a plush chair pad can work wonders. Here are a few ways how you can use a chair pad, for abundance of comfort and style.

As your work-buddy

A chair pad can make a great work-buddy. Or office-mate, call it what you like. Use it upon an office chair, or just use it to lean on. Chair pads in various colors and patterns will not only look elegant in your workspace, but also give you ample comfort and backrest as you work.

As a bed for your pet

If you have a pet, especially a pupper or a cat, chances are that it is almost always resting on your furniture – more so on your dining room chairs. It loves comfort too. So do yourself and your pet a favour, and get a plush cotton chair pad. Let your furry friend make the chair pad its own spot for relaxation – either on the floor or on any chair.

On your dining and kitchen chairs

Chair pads are often found on dining room chairs, this being their most common usage. Because dining room sets are considered as one of the most uncomfortable furniture pieces, that chair pads can add comfort and sophistication to. And they help you sit comfortably as you whip recipes in your kitchen too.

Chaid pad for dining room chair

For the back of chairs

You can get chair pads for the back of chairs too, it need not always be on the seat top. This is more appropriate when you want extra comfort while using wooden or wicker rocking chairs. Just see to it that they are of the required size and have proper cushioning. Then comfort is a sure thing.

Chairpad for Backrest

To enhance the look of your home

Chair pads can very well be utilized for aesthetic purposes. Use alluring chair pads to enhance the look of any chairs or boring furniture in your home. They will upgrade the look of any room when you mix and match, contrast or co-ordinate the colors or designs of the chair pads – with the curtains, blinds, rugs or the table linen. You can also bring in color into a room, by picking chair pads in a vibrant color if the room has more of light or neutral colors. Play with colors and patterns to get the look you desire.

On a spare chair

There’s often that one chair in every home, which is not parted with for some reason. Maybe it was a dinner chair with an old dinner table that is no longer in use, or a chair that is kept in memory of a departed loved one, or a chair that has been with the family from the time they had their first house. It now rests in a corner of the house, probably unused.

Now top it with a lovely and fluffy chair pad to give it a distinct charm, and use it whenever you need it.

Chairpads Online


Outdoor Chairpads

If you are someone who loves spending time enjoying nature, and live in a place blessed with nature’s beauty and calm, then you can use chair pads outdoors too. Cotton chair pads can take sufficient sun exposure, while giving you dollops of comfort and style. Use them on chairs, ottomans, lounge chairs, or on the grass.

The easier way to find the perfect chair pads, is to get them online. Chair pads can be used to usher not only comfort, but also both traditional elegance and modern stye in any space – depending on the colors and patterns you choose for their fabric. So go make your choices.

Customize your curtains, as you like them

Your home is nothing like another, it deserves a unique character and a personal touch. And if you are someone who is very particular about home decor and furnishings, something like buying curtains for home can make you think a lot.

Because you will always have certain questions – if they will fit for the size of your window, if they will match with your furniture, if they are durable, and so on. But, if you have noticed, these questions usually arise when you are buying ready made curtains, but not customized ones.

Why would somebody ‘customize’ their curtains, you ask? Well – when they can enjoy the freedom of custom size curtains, to create a style that is exactly what they need – why wouldn’t they?

Let us elaborate on that for you, with three major pointers – the sizing, the choices, and the finish.

The Sizing

Buy custom cotton curtains online

Sometimes your windows may not be of a standard width or height, or you may have an unusual requirement, like a window seat. Though ready made drapes come in different sizes, they mostly stick to a standard fit. That could give you the extra burden of curtain alterations, if your windows are larger or smaller.

But custom made curtains are made to measure. Which means, you can have curtains made to the exact dimensions you need. And you won’t have to compromise on design, or quality. Be it living room curtains, bedroom curtains, or blackout curtains, there will be no burden of alterations! Hence, this is one of the most prominent reasons why people opt for customized curtains.

The Choices

Customization gives you the power to choose. And when you have the power, you can choose wisely. You are presented with a variety of choices, so your curtains can truly look, feel and fit like you want them to.

Custom curtain header
Featured: Solid Cotton Custom Curtain Brilliant Red

At, you can avail high-end customization of home decor and furnishing products online! No hassle here. You get to choose the to-be-customized curtains’ fabric material, color, design and the lining. You also get to pick the header type (heading), dimensions of height and width, and if you require tie-back on curtains. Plus, there are free swatches available, so you can touch and feel the material before you decide to buy it – all this while sitting in the comfort of your home. Why not give yourself the benefit of choice?

The finish

Custom made curtains are made with a lot of attention to detail, by a single maker from start to end. And they’re made for you, not mass-produced. The care taken ensures supreme quality finish for your curtains, meaning your curtains will look and feel beautiful for a very long time. That makes customized curtains very durable.

Now that you know better, if you are thinking where to buy online custom-made curtains, you should definitely consider Thoppia. You’ll have a variety of gorgeous options to choose from. Green curtains, blue curtains, or curtains with patterns – whatever you want, they can all be tailored for your windows.

If you would prefer going the extra mile to have something lasting and unique for your home, charming made to measure curtains can be made to please you!

Bedroom Redecoration Simplified

You could be at a new phase in life. Or wanting to give your home an easy update. Or tired of your old aesthetic. Whatever be the case, you are bored with your good old bedroom, and want to redecorate it. Maybe make some changes in how the room looks and feels?

The bedroom deserves an intriguing overall decor, as it is your own personal space. Sure, revamping it can be a great idea. It is a chance to reflect your personal style and create the look you love. But that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, or completely change everything in your bedroom. A quick and easy redecor will do just fine. If you feel at a loss of where to start, that’s okay. We are here to help! These tips can come handy during the redecoration.

Pick a color scheme

This first tip is up to you. Picking a color scheme can make decorating choices easier, and decisions more focused. It gives the bedroom a touch of elegance and your individual style. Color will also help you to achieve the feeling you want for your bedroom. But, you need to pick the color scheme carefully. Consider the colors and undertones of existing furniture, cabinetry and flooring. Choose accordingly.

Thoppia cotton bedroom ideas

Yet, choosing your favorite colors without actually following a color scheme is okay. Experimenting with various colors and combinations is okay too. After all, it is your bedroom.

Start with the walls

Play with bedroom walls
Walls play a huge role in home décor and revamp. They impact the overall feeling of any room. You can change the color of your bedroom walls, or put a fresh coat of the existing color. That too can make a difference.
And don’t keep all the walls blank. Blank walls can look unwelcoming. In any one or two of the walls, put on some artwork. Hang some framed photographs. Grab a stitched cloth from Thoppia and put it on your wall. Or pick what you like. Add some warmth, color and pattern. Get creative and incorporate what you think will suit your space.

Spruce up your windows

The windows matter too! Give them a boost with some new curtains and blinds. Get exquisite and durable curtains in linen or 100% cotton. Your children will love to play hide-and-seek behind them! So let the curtains be of natural fabric, soft and safe. You could get them customised as per your header and size requirements too.

And when you order custom blinds, you won’t have to worry about being stuck with ones that don’t fit. Because you’ll get exactly want you want, as per what you specify.

Make your bed look great

Your bed is probably the largest item in your bedroom, and you love it the most there. So, it deserves to take the center stage. The bed covering and pillow shams make the largest difference, so start with them. Get some new bed sheets. If you’ve chosen a color scheme, shop according to it. You could choose 100% Cotton sheets. They’re natural, breathable and skin-friendly. Plus, cotton cellulose does not lose strength when wet. So, cotton gets stronger with every wash.

Make your bed look great with Thoppia

Also get nice duvet covers for your bed. They’re classy and comfortable. And at Thoppia, they come with the goodness of combed cotton. Make your room look elegant, and nestle into the duvet cover after a long day.

Put in a plant, a vase or a lamp

Depending on what you’d like to have at your bedside, put in a plant, a vase or a lamp. All these items can refresh the look of your bedroom and give it a sophisticated feel. Choose any one of them.

For a plant, pick a small one. A dash of green can give your room a lift. Plants filter and humidify the air, while also removing pollutants and dust. You’ll sleep better and feel better.

For a vase, you don’t have to be a design wizard to create floral arrangements. Find a pretty vase, glass or jar – and fill it with pretty flowers. If you don’t want flowers in your room, then get a big and beautiful vase or jar. One that is a wonderful stand-alone piece, and doesn’t need flowers. You could also choose a tablecloth for the table on which you keep the vase. Or turn a stitched cloth into a vase mat.

For a lamp, choose a simple yet elegant one. Bedside lamps are particularly cozy, and they’re useful. A small bedside lamp, or even a nightlight will do.

Move the furniture a little bit

This tip is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your bedroom, and won’t cost a dime. Just rearrange the furniture in the room. For example, you can put the bed in a corner instead of against a wall. This will also make the room look more spacious. Also, for ease of movement, leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large pieces of furniture.

A modern, well-decorated bedroom can easily impress anyone. It can also instill a sense of tranquility and a good night’s sleep. You have the choice to make your bedroom look as wild and wonderful as you’d like to. So use the above tips, pick what you love, and get going! Create a balance between cozy and classy. Enhance the look of your bedroom – give it the much needed revamp.

Customize your living space with a charm that’s uniquely yours

Whether you are after the perfect stitch or a distinct character, investing in customized home furnishings will ensure that your final product will give a touch of elegance and perfection to your living space.

Shedding new light on home decors, Thoppia showcases an appreciation for luxury fabrics, impeccable stitches and a long-lasting finish. And with our customization option, you can buy your custom made furnishings online while being at the comfort of your own home.

When choosing a new bed sheet or a cushion cover, the style & design are two usual attributes that one focus on. And often don’t realize the importance of the quality of the fabric and how consciously you need to pick them or don’t realize that a non-fitting cushion cover can be an eye sore in your beautifully done living room.

Bedrooms are meant to be calm and serene. With premium-quality fabrics and bespoke services, we help you to create a unique individualized space to retire into.

The custom-made fitted sheets will make your bedding stand out for its finish, simplicity & perfection. You can choose from the range of fabrics which are available and customize it as per your size requirement.

If you dress up your windows/doors right, they can enhance the charm of the room. With a lot of variety that you get in curtains, there is so much that you can do by customizing that will be a unique expression of your taste & needs.

Customization is not just about the color and pattern, consider the quality of the fabric and fitting more seriously. Here at, you can do inch by inch customization of your curtains, bed sheets and cushions to have your home dressed up to the tee.The look and feel of our customized furnishings are sure to reflect your distinct character & individual style sensibilities. And, Cotton is best for your interiors as it is softer and kinder to your skin. It breathes well and can treat your skin with more care and comfort.

We stay true to quality of materials. You stay true to your own style and personality. Let’s together brighten up your living space with a charm that’s uniquely yours.