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Areca Palm:
From planting to grooming - A complete guide

Area Palm

Now that you have some fresh/healthy Areca Palm seeds, you can jump right into the bandwagon and grow your own baby Areca palm around the house. Its lush bamboo-like leaves help up-do the interiors while at the same time doing its bit to keep the air around you healthy and pure!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Let's roll up those sleeves!

All you need is some basic, easy-to-find goods to get started. Here is a checklist just so you don't forget the important ones:


  • Standard gardening soil mix
  • Pot(if planting indoors)
  • A bowl of water(to presoak the seeds)

1. Preparing the seeds

The Areca seeds you see are often planted in clusters or in a single pot. To activate the seeds, soak them in lukewarm water overnight.

Once the outer layer softens for easy germination, crack through the fibrous husk to unearth the smooth seed on the inside. Use a knife to help cut through the husk with just enough pressure so as to not damage the use-able seed.

2. Preparing the soil

Areca Palms grow well in a standard potting mix. Soggy soil isn’t ideal for the plant’s growth so make sure the pot has ample space to allow for the water to seep through and out.

3. Planting the seeds

Press a finger down the soil, upto an inch and sow the seeds.

Wait for about 6 weeks before your new being sprouts out of the soil! Water the plant regularly during this time and keep away from harsh, direct sunlight. Being a tropical plant, humidity suits its growth the best.

Ideal placement and arrangement

For indoors

The Areca Palm is proudly a product of the tropics and it shows. Place them in spaces that welcome bright but indirect sunlight.

Too much exposure to the sun causes the leaves to wither and turn yellow. These plants are also sensitive to temperature drops and cold drafts and do not react well.

For outdoors

When outdoors, Areca Palms are known to soar to quite a height; often 15 to 25 feet. Having said that, it is still ideal to find a place with shade to sow the seeds so that the plants don’t grow to have yellow leaves.

Area Palm Outdoors

Remember to keep away from public structures it is likely to disturb during its growth. These include power lines and poles. Space the palms out by at least 3-6 feet for individual breathing space.

Nurture and care


Regular watering is vital to aid proper establishment of root systems. Water them moderately and wait until 1-2 inches of soil to dry up before the next round of watering.


A snip here and there will keep your plant looking fresh and bright! Prune off yellow leaves and look for regular trimming to ensure a healthy life span. Repotting is never a frequent task and can be carried once every 2-3 years.


Fertilizers are to be used sparingly. Dilute water-soluble fertilizers to half its power and add twice during the growing period. Winters are not ideal for fertilization.

To be able to support a new life of any kind is a boon and a joy to all. To own a plant, is to do your part to nurture a small piece of Earth that ultimately lends a hand to a healthier lifestyle tomorrow. We are so glad to see you ready to make the best of our seeds and can’t wait for a little baby Areca of your own!