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Ways to beautify your smaller-than-standard-size windows

Your house is the starting place of every good feeling in your heart. You must fill it with warmth and light. What helps to usher them in, is a window – and no house is ever complete without windows! Every window deserves to look beautiful, with window treatments that are not only decorative but also functional. Yet, the importance of treatments is often overlooked.

More so when the windows in a house are not of standard size. Because smaller windows are a challenge to decorate. One may not find the right furnishings for them in the local mall, or online. The ‘size’ trouble is inevitable. For homeowners with such pesky windows, we have put together a useful styling guide! Read on.

Sort the size trouble, with convenience

Don’t let the size of the windows put you in a design dilemma. It is important that you get the right size curtains. We understand your window size issue, and we have a solution to offer – getting customized curtains online. So you can have curtains made to the exact dimensions you need, in a few simple clicks. And you won’t have to compromise on design or quality.

What’s even better, is the convenience of how this size trouble can be solved. All you have to do is carefully measure your window(s) and enter the accurate dimensions as required. That way, nobody notes incorrect measurements. And you won’t have to keep following up with busy people for alterations. The customization feature helps you avoid those hassles. And allows for ease of ordering curtains online.

Look – Luxurious or Simple?

Custom size curtains online

If you are aiming for a rich and luxurious look, have luxury crown molding on top of the window. And dress the window with customized cotton curtains. Make sure the curtains look and feel sophisticated. And if you intend for a simple yet classy look, you can have minimalistic made-to-measure curtains on your windows. Let them have a ring/eyelet header. You can also use a decorative hanging rod with a unique design.

If you want to try something different – not curtains – then get custom blinds. Customized blinds give the perfect personalized look to your windows. They also add so much flair to them.

Color – Pop or Blend?

Do you want the color of your curtains to pop or blend in the room? Depending on that, you can have them customized. If it’s to pop, go for a bold color. It will add an interesting charm to your room, and a textural element for depth. If it’s to blend, choose a color in the same tone as the walls, or a few shades darker. Or the same color as any other dominant element in the room.

It is often heard that if a room has statement walls – like dark blue ones – then the curtains must contrast them. With the use of lighter colors like peach or beige. Yet, you can choose to go for vibrant color curtains too, making them almost matching the walls. The goal is to see that it does not look intimidating or garish.

If your room receives ample sunlight, the color of the curtains or blinds will infuse into the room – sometimes more in certain parts of the day. This is something you need to keep in mind while buying them. Pick a color that you are comfortable with and something that is not too extravagant. You can also consider choosing appropriate lining fabric for the curtains. As it makes the curtains more durable, by protecting the outer fabric from sun damage.

Yellow sheer curtains

Give the windows a bigger appearance

As you are looking to enhance your smaller-than-standard-size windows, you might even be wishing you had larger windows. What if we told you, there is something you can do to make those windows appear bigger?

Yes. Get a longer curtain hanging rod and overhang it beyond the edges of the window frame. This will give the illusion of a bigger window. If you want, you can even install a mirror lengthwise under the window, provided its length matches the length of the window.
White curtains

And get custom-made curtains online as per the size requirements. You’ll have more choices not only in designs but the other nitty-gritty too.

Another way is to use curtains with patterns. You will find patterned curtains in both readymade and custom options. Curtains with vertical patterns will add height to your windows, by drawing eyes upward. Horizontal patterns will create the illusion of width. The most common patterns are stripes.

Mind the patterns

No matter how you decide to get your curtains customized, make sure they don’t become a part of visual clutter. You have the freedom to choose, but you should choose wisely. In an attempt to make your home look pretty, don’t go overboard with furnishings.

If you have patterned furniture or bedding, or a very elaborate rug/carpet, choose solid curtains. But if you have solid-color furniture or bedding, you can go for patterned curtains that please you. For a modern vibe, use very minimal color and maximum pattern throughout the room. For different windows, curtains and blinds can be of complementary colors. And perhaps with matching or almost-matching patterns.

Different people have different tastes in fabric, color, style, and price. But you don’t have to limit your choices in curtains because of the size of your windows! Choosing furnishings for windows must not be overlooked, because they can make or break a space. Figure out what your taste is, pick what suits your home, customize it and amplify your windows.

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