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4 Home décor trends that are now outdated

This year seems to be quickly passing in a blur. Trends come and go, fads rage and fade away. Amidst everything, it is a little difficult to keep track of everything new and trending, especially in home décor. But you still want your home to look and feel modern and stylish, don’t you?

For keeping your home modern and stylish, it is not only important to know what is in trend, but also what is out of trend. Think of it – you want your house to have the latest and trending pieces and demeanor. But for that, you need to know what pieces and demeanor are outdated. And finding that out is not easy!

But guess what? We have got you covered. Scroll to know 4 home décor trends that are currently out – what you should say no to. And the hot trends that you can replace them with, and say yes to.

A single shade of a single color

You have seen plenty of “all white” or “all beige” or “all grey” rooms. Now, this trend is fading. So get your home a rich blend of colors and materials, in various hues. Perhaps get a sheer cotton curtain in a color like Sunflower Yellow for your living room, or a Blue duvet cover for your bedroom.

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Okay, maybe you really love this passed trend, and you don’t want to play around with other colors. Fine then, we suggest you go for various shades of the same color. Every color has many shades, even white. You can also try incorporating chic stripes and patterns keeping the color the same. Like using White linen curtains in one room and having fine striped linen curtains in Grey and White in another room.

Repetitive Accessories

Interior Decoration

Using the same designs and pieces all through your home? Nope. You live in a house, not a corporate office. It is important to follow color schemes, if your home has them, but you can play a bit with accessories and the overall décor.

What you can do instead is display items with a character, a personality. Like books, small sculptures, handwoven cotton cushions, intriguing artwork, stitch cloth, framed poetry, etc. Or limited edition pieces if you’d like.

Textiles and furnishings that just softly lay around

We have all bought something for our homes, that just looked pretty and had absolutely no functional benefit. Especially something in textiles and furnishings. Now, it’s time to rethink that buying habit.

You need furnishings and textiles that do more in your home than just softly lying around. Like a cotton throw, or a floor cushion. Functional and versatile pieces that you can use in many ways for various activities in your daily life.

Too much artificiality

The world is changing. People are leaning more towards sustainable, organic, nature-inspired forms, materials and textiles. So it’s high time you avoid, or at least reduce, the usage of synthetic stuff in your home.

Go for cotton table mats and lampshades. Make use of 100% cotton bath towels and rugs. All the more better if you use handmade and handwoven products. Try to go as natural as you can for your home décor and the things you utilize at home.

Now that you know what trends you need to give up or stay away from, and how to replace them, try incorporating these changes in your home to give it a more contemporary look and feel. Decide on what kind of appearance and aura you are aiming for, and start the process. It might take you a while, but it will totally be worth it.