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Modern homes with an Indian twist

Are you that person who wishes to infuse Indian aesthetics into your urban house? It’s always fascinating when Indian traditional patterns and modern abstracts blend together. So, if you want to add a hint of Indian culture to your space then you’ve come to the right place! 

Come, let us take you through what must be best for your liking.


The way we do our home shows our personality. Indian products have their own unique look which can create wonders. Doesn’t simple cotton fabric with classy designs a cool combo to look forward to? Especially on your curtains and bed linens? 

Let us introduce handlooms to you, it is a loom that is used to weave clothes without electricity. Hand weaving is done in pit looms generally located in the weaver’s home. Indian handlooms are known worldwide for their richness, variety and quality. It represents our precious heritage. However, with the advent of power looms, the industry has been struggling. What can be done to preserve this sector? Infusing Indian handlooms in modern homes is definitely one solution.

If you are searching for a fabric of perfection you can refer to ikat fabric. It is an ancient textile weaving craft predominantly found in southeastern regions. It is admired very well for its beauty and creative scope.

When it comes to curtains and blinds, patterns, and most importantly ‘fabrics’ can make a huge difference to give that edgy Indian look. Cotton and linens are the most preferred in that case. It gives an exotic look to your windows. Try it yourself to believe it.

Colours and prints

Since our country has been associated with rich weaving and unique textile, our love for colours and prints is legendary. Vibrant colours, diverse prints and related ambience give Indian fabrics an inherent charm that can add a dash of colour to your home. 

What gives the fabric a unique identity is the prints and weaves that are so distinct to the region. Inspired by nature, and the architecture of temples, these prints are rich in structures. From hundreds of artisans throwing different craft ideas, there are various prints to choose from. Bandhani, Patola, Batik etc are some of the most popular Indian prints that have found much love across the world.

Have you ever noticed that we are all very much attracted to deep colours but are hesitant to bring that to interiors? India has always been remembered as a country of symbolic colours. Giving vibrant colours to interiors is an easy way to give an Indian touch.

Accessories and wall art

Like art, the accessories to your home say a lot about you. They actually personalise your home. 

Our country is well known for its luxurious tradition. It is unique from the rest. Stainless glass lanterns and a perfectly placed wall painting sets the right mood for the interiors. Placing a rug with such a design in a modern house is a bold decision. Setting the accessories and furnishings in order just completes the aesthetics that you seek.

The key to the success of a modern home with an Indian twist is the infusion of both styles in compatible measure. Once you are able to maintain the balance, you’ll manage to create a seamless experience at your home.

6 Handy Kitchen Accessories That Will Change the Way You Cook

The kitchen is at the center of all your family affairs and day-to-day living. Practically, it’s also where your day begins with a cup of tea and ends with the preparation of dinner.

However, for those who spend considerable time working in the kitchen, merely knowing how to cook and having all basic utensils within reach is not enough. You need some tools, accessories, and add-ons to make cooking fun and easy.

Today, let’s take a look at the must-have kitchen accessories for every household, some of which are commonly overlooked by us, but are certainly important to make cooking easier.

The Must-have Kitchen Accessories

Dish Towels

As if washing the dishes wasn’t tiring enough, drying them later is equally daunting and boring. While there’s nothing complex in drying washed dishes at home, the process becomes difficult when you don’t have the right accessories to make it happen.

Dish towels are used to wipe and dry washed dishes. However, two common issues with such towels are that first, many of them don’t absorb enough water and second, they tend to leave behind small fibers on dishes when drying them.

So, choosing good-quality dish towels is certainly very important. Make sure that they’re not ordinary paper towels with useless absorbing capabilities.

Besides, buy dish towels that are somewhat longer, so that they can cover and wipe the dishes well. A final word on using dish towels in the kitchen – don’t use them for other purposes like wiping hands and keep them separate from other kitchen towels to prevent bacteria from settling on your dishes.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are high-utility accessories that can be used in a variety of different ways.

At times we don’t even realize how often we use kitchen towels for seemingly menial tasks like handling hot panhandles, wiping the knives, and wiping hands every now and then.

The same towels also come in handy for some wearying kitchen tasks like wiping the stovetop or cleaning any spills on the slabs.

Since wiping off spilled water, milk, etc. is by far the most common purpose for which people use kitchen towels, it is important for them to be best suited for the job. Ideally, a good kitchen towel should have good absorbance so that it helps you get rid of the spillage without adding to the mess.

Cotton and linen kitchen towels have the highest absorbance. Lastly, colors and aesthetics also matter alongside durability and longevity. Look out for thin, durable kitchen towels with colors that do not turn grotty after repeated staining or washing.

Kitchen Aprons

Kitchen aprons are somehow synonymous with cooking and are used in every household.

Cooks who work in the kitchen all through the day sometimes jokingly say that they feel naked when working without an apron. Others might not bother putting on an apron every time they cook, but do find them useful whenever they wear one.

Whatever be the case, the utility and importance of an apron cannot be undermined.

If you’re fond of baking, you just cannot do without a good kitchen apron. An apron, accompanied by a clean kitchen towel are two important weapons in your arsenal while baking.

When looking for the ideal kitchen apron, ensure that it is sufficiently long to cover your clothes adequately. Next, having chest pockets and cross-back straps can be great along with multiple loopholes. Of course, the fabric and make of the apron should be comfortable too.

Oven Gloves

Every cook has burnt their hands at least once, trying to take an intensely hot pan out of the oven and thinking that covering with a simple kitchen towel would suffice.

Oven gloves are important kitchen accessories that allow you to lift hot utensils like cast iron pans without any difficulty. For oven gloves to be really helpful, it’s important that the sizing is appropriate such that they cover your hands completely.

You can easily find oven gloves online, at very affordable rates as well. Just ensure that the thickness of the gloves is good and they are easy to clean and maintain.

Avoid gloves that are too big or clunky, as it’s difficult to get a grip with such oven mitts.


Not having or using a potholder can be disastrous, as picking up a fiery pot with just a towel or bare hands can certainly cause instant blistering.

What’s worse is that you can still end up getting those blisters even after using ordinary potholders, all thanks to the cheap quilt quality. So, using high-quality potholders is essential for safe cooking.

Thickness and grip both are important determinants of how well the potholder will serve. From that perspective, a thick cotton potholder that is easy to wash and has been tested vigorously would be a good option.


Another useful kitchen accessory, which we often overlook are the drink coasters. These are used almost every day and probably by every member of the family too.

However, if you’ve ever searched for some coasters, you’d know how difficult it is to find some good ones in the market.

Good-quality coasters are highly absorbent and do not let the condensation drip off from the side. They should not stick to the bottom of the glass when the glass is lifted and should be durable enough to not break on falling.

A good design would surely be a plus point.

Here’s the gist.

In our list of must-have kitchen accessories, you might find some items that your household kitchen doesn’t possess, but should definitely be having.

Good-quality kitchen accessories do make life easier, and you really get to enjoy cooking with these items around. If you’re thinking of where to buy all these crucial accessories for your kitchen, head straight to Thoppia’s collection today.

long and make cooking easier. Thoppia offers premium-quality kitchen accessories that have been tested for all standards and are loved by thousands of happy customers.