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Style guide for white theme lovers

When you think of a white-themed space, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Will that be boring? Wouldn’t that be hard to maintain? It’s impossible to pull it off! While we don’t deny the possibilities of these doubts, whites are in actual, pretty cool boosters to spruce up your homes. But to […]

Style guide for white theme lovers

When you think of a white-themed space, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Will that be boring?

Wouldn’t that be hard to maintain?

It’s impossible to pull it off!

While we don’t deny the possibilities of these doubts, whites are in actual, pretty cool boosters to spruce up your homes. But to master the art of owning a white-themed space is not easy and that’s where you will need a style guide.

Get to know how to choose, blend and improvise your intimate spaces with the whites in place.

(PS: You can still experiment with your personalized style inputs while nailing the white theme fashion)

The right whites

Although termed as ‘white-themed’, there are several shades within them that can have the same impact as the whites. It could be sandy white, tinted white, ivory, almond white, or even cream white. Nope, not here to confuse you more (But I can hear you!)

These tones are basically proposed when you opt for a white theme. They are chosen based on the furniture designs, decor colors, and even the lighting. Quite often, plain whites are neglected due to their doubts about maintenance. But have you thought about this – that your ceilings look their best when white is painted over them? It’s brighter and simpler in style too.

Now imagine the whole house adorned in white? Not so bad now, is it?

The undertones are mainly based on convenience for the other supplements of the house. If you wish for bright rooms with a pinch of natural shades (to not look artificial, that is), sandy white is a good choice to start with. Cream whites are for those who wish for the qualities of a white base but a bit more cut down for a subtler ambiance. 

So, choose your whites by answering three simple questions to yourself:

  • Why do I need a white theme?
  • Should I go all white (with furniture, decors, etc)
  • If the answer to the previous question is a… 
  • No: Which shade of white is more suitable?
  • Yes: Can the house withstand the fashion

If you’re still pondering on ‘Where do I start? How do I know if it’s right? – Worry not and just keep reading!

Choosing color palettes

One of the most crucial phases of going white-themed is deciding on the whole color palette. There is no particular pattern to stick to. But of course, the palette must tell your story and create a hospitable environment indoors.

So, what are we looking for?

To match a white base or backdrop, the most satisfying and guaranteed winner would be with beige and pastel shades. Say your curtains are all pure white cotton sheers, then the cushions and their covers can be in brown beige. If you’d like a little bit of color – pastel pinks can help you out here. Even for white cushions, the color palette works vice versa.

The quality of pastels and beige is that they are simple, classy, and elegant. There is no pressure of an impression with these shades on point.

The neutral shades bring in a darker undertone to the beige textures. A standard set of colors include brown, black, and white. Mixing up among these shades with different accessories around the home will look well-planned and cozy for every curious eye. Some more colors that complement well under this category are colors inspired by nature – like green, orange, yellow, red, and so on. They not only give a bold touch but also a serene ambiance to settle in.

Coming to another standard doubt…

Should I try on a black and white theme?

Well, why not? 

The retro classic palette adds drama to your homes and is kind of a fun motivator for conversations. If not for a bold black and white theme, you can make it interesting with patterns and designs in those colors. Like a plain white cotton rug having a checked black detailing, black prints on white sheers, stripes on bedspreads, and so much more. 

Wait…so does that mean only contrasts are good?

Not at all. If you like to mix the colors up, then going bold, retro, or for a standard beige palette is something you can consider. 

If you would like to hold on to an all-white theme, then you can tune it out a bit with different patterns. Say a white sheer with thin blue checks, white floor cushions with a beige undertone, white table cloths with a neutral runner to complement, or even table cloths with minute detailing on a white base. This way, you get to have the poised look of an all-white backdrop with just the perfect amount of intricacies. 

The home looks glammed up already!

Pick your style

What’s next? 

Choosing your preferred style for the home, of course. Now that you have an idea of a color palette, it’s important to pick your style right. I know what you’re thinking – isn’t that already done with! Well, yes and no. 

The color palette has allowed you to choose a basic coloring of how you’d like to view your homes. Say you wanted the wall in white for better lighting, then the style you pick later gets easier to sort out as you go, letting you cancel out on the extras. Get it?

So, what exactly are you aiming at while decorating this space?

To appear graceful but with a tiny element of surprise in the corners?

How about going modern but still highlighting old traditions?

Neat but rustic in approach?

Fancy but also fun?

The possibilities are endless. And that’s why you gotta make up your mind about the styling. A contemporary makeover works best with contrasting colors. For an ivory setting, grey floor cushions and rugs would look magnificent in the living. Bold colors like a purple cushion cover on a white sofa set, navy blue table runners over a white table cloth, daisy yellow bed sheets with linen white sheers, etc got that extra punch for an eye of admiration. 

Now for a modern but culturally rich setting, whites with a touch of ikat weaving would look just fitting. They refreshingly exude the blend and keep up with the fancy checklist. Be it for table napkins, cushion covers, or curtains. 

Minimalism is something that you can fascinatingly experiment with. Replace the heavy extra furniture with easy, straightforward cotton furnishings. The rugs and floor cushions not only look diverse but feel extremely comfortable for every occasion. That’s something that every one of us seeks while furnishing homes, right? 

For a lighter design approach, minute prints or beige tones can work in your favor.

Textures and Decors

All that is left to think now is visualizing the final picture. Well, almost.

The shades of white in homes, although influential, come alive when certain traits are embedded over them. 

Can you think of a house that is without curtains or bedspreads or cushions? 

They are home essentials and their uniqueness blooms when certain designs are imprinted on them. Or even when a particular color scheme is followed. They blend into your idea of charm, which is rather exciting if you think about it. 

So, how would you choose the right ones, especially with a white theme in place?

Let’s see!

Throws! A cotton fabric that is used for various purposes and still equally offers comfort beyond expectations. They are the most elegant characters that can instantly liven up a space, even for a white backdrop. Plain bold/ beige colors and even printed ones work excellently for this requirement. 

Floor cushions have an underrated existence (pun unintended). Their quality is that they succeed around every stretch. Want cushiony seating, a private corner, an intimate get-together, or a lazy time-out for yourself – floor cushions win you over. No matter what theme exists, they are a necessary element in the house. The size of the cushions is easily noticeable and so for a white theme, beige and pastels go best for a subtle atmosphere; while bold prints establish a quirky punch. 

Rugs are another allrounder. They make bold statements and are a quick solution to add power to the overall theme. Bedspreads, duvet covers, and curtains look neat with a white base. Small neutral prints, stripes, and mellow tints uplift the rooms while still holding to its base color scheme. 

Together, they just sound perfect!

There is a general misconception that whites go with every color scheme and design. Certain features are responsible for livening the essence of whites and that’s how a character is built around them. Identifying them gets easy with a style guide at your service. 

Take a glance through Thoppia for more ideas your way! (You know you want to!)

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