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Outdoor Escapes: Setting the scene right

Take the party outdoors with these simple yet highly influential ideas to spruce up your patios for a quick getaway.

Outdoor Escapes: Setting the scene right

You know, there is one common favorite spot for everyone in any given house. 

It’s the balcony, of course! No points for guessing, sorry! It was too easy an answer!

Guests or friends can always find a problem with nooks or rooms in a house. But when it comes to the balcony, patios, simple backyard, or any outdoor spot, they all just love it inherently. That’s the beauty of this space. There is no pressure of glamour around here (a non-judgemental escape!)

So, having such a wonderful stretch to relax around, it is only natural to think – “what if?”…

We’re here to fill you in with the most thoughtful ideas for the simplest and most functional uses of how you can spruce up the area. 

Yup, food, and dining is the first thing on every mind. A clear winner! It’s time we get creative with our aesthetics.

Let’s take the party outside!

Read your outdoors

Your patios can be small or stretch up to a vast area. As long as you know your style and purpose, the square feet don’t matter.

Okay, imagine this.

A small balcony in an apartment. Setting your tables and chairs for an intimate gathering. Or even just a couple’s retreat. You feel the air touching your high spirits over a neat, cozy dinner, creating memories and laughter for a lifetime to remember. 

Is this too bad a dream? Not at all! You deserve these little pleasures!

The right fabrics and decors can make a huge difference to the smallest of spaces. For a quick intimate date night, a compact table laid out with a beige color table cloth, a contrasting bold-colored napkin sets the moods perfectly. Regular or foldable chairs from your living can be adorned with chair pads for better comfy seating. 

outdoor dining

Now, if you’re into intimate get-togethers and parties, then you can play around with the colors depending on the crowd you gather. Bold prints, fancy table runners, can be an addition to the table setting. The visual impact does create a heartwarming tone for the guests. 

Don’t let the space limit you, creations begin in your discovery of styles.  

A modern twist 

Say, you want to go all out in your backyard. But still, wish to maintain a touch of elegance through all the noise. 

It’s simple! Choose an elaborate dining setup with considerable distance from speakers and other extra-curricular you’d like to include during the party. This way, guests can enjoy their meal undisturbed but also lavishly. 

For gracing the occasion with class, long tables with table runners are the staple decor. But the style matters the most here. Based on the crowd, you can experiment with the colors and textures. 

If the guests are a fun crowd, then quirky prints and contrasting colors on the table would feel fitting. It could be plain colored or minutely printed table cloths, with a contrasting (colored) table cloth or vice versa. Patio chairs are often uncomfortable due to the uneven grounds (a common outdoor problem). In that case, chair pads, especially dark-colored ones can brush off your concern. 

For a twist from the old-school dining, you can always opt-in for a picnic-style setup. 

Floor cushions and rugs are a complete delight to put in place. They have organic hospitality exuding that is bound to bring the friends closer and guests more sociable. 

outdoor picnic

Light evening picnics can have neutral shaded rugs covering an expanse with light-colored floor cushions to complement. For an impromptu brunch, bold-colored print/ non-print cushions can amazingly fit into the affair. Contemporary tiny tables or even antique-style coffee tables can jump in to complete the look. They can simply be decorated with runners and still manage to steal the show. 

An alfresco love-story

At a time when you are always expected to sit indoors, take time off to rejuvenate yourself. Be it with yourself, your partners, or friends. Your spaces define your proactive nature. A relaxing balcony breeze might be all that you need to bring in the spirit.

Just sitting outside, sipping coffee, with a throw to snuggle you in – Can the feeling get any better!

The idea is to relieve you from the heavy deadlines and all-week blues. For that, reconciling with nature is the best solution. This is why theming the outdoors with nature shades works wonders as well. It complements the indoor tones while also maintaining the warmth of soil hues.

Beige and neutral shades fall under this theme. Bold colors like red, yellow, orange also add a bit of spice to the overall look (sunshine colors never go wrong!). ‘Mix and match’ more often function well in outdoor setups. 

Now that you have all the basics in place, go alfresco!

But also…

Let us know where the party is at!

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