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How to spruce up your study space?

Get, set, and study! Plan your study corner with easy tricks that help you think, explore and create within your comfy space.

How to spruce up your study space?

Most planning of interiors is around bedroom designs, the living and kitchen spaces. But don’t you think it’s high time we start thinking about a dedicated study/ working room? This does not matter if you’re working from home or not. A study room helps set your focus while working on important things at home. Or it could be used as a personal room to keep up functional habits. 

The point is, study rooms are necessary to help you build and maintain the art of focus. It’s a space to lay back and think over creative discussions, thoughts, projects, and lots more. So that’s never a bad investment.

But study rooms can vary according to the needs of each person. Some might need a whole room while some others just a small corner. If you’re confused about it, here’s a quick guide to help you through this.

What’s your priority?

Habits differ with each person. Some may prefer to spend alone on various different habits. So, what is that need that you will need to stick on to? Is it research, crafts, reading, art, or something else? Whatever the habit, plan your room in such a way that you are able to relate to that aspect.

Consider you’re a person who constantly works on a laptop. Plan the table space/corner where you have ample space for a keyboard, mouse, and mainly access to plug points. This way, there will be no worries once you settle down to work.

What if you’re just here to read some good stories?

Then the space can be planned with wall-mounted shelves or even an in-built shelf in the table that covers all your major interests. The desk design and ambience of the room must reflect the enthusiasm of the stories that you enjoy.

Stylish but Minimal

No one likes a stuffy room. Especially for a study, there needs to be enough ventilation to let you focus and not have any distractions. It lets your mind relax and more ‘work ready’ too. So, reduce the amount of clutter in the room and take time to design those clear aesthetics.

Here are some inside tricks – build storage within the table to avoid cluttering the face of it, and have small indoor plants to keep the optimism alive, have subtle indoor colours to resonate with the idea of the study. Reds, pinks and yellows are great for a vibrant fun room. But you don’t want that disturbing the purpose of a study, do you? So, it’s better to keep subtle light shades for the room with a combination of white/ beige tones to have that balance. 

Wall-mounted tables and setup are much simpler to use as their function here are very minimal in the first place. It could also be built as part of an extension to the existing shelves.

No space? No problem

If you’re restricted to having a whole room as a study area, corners work just fine too. The whole purpose of a study is to have that perfect setup for the work done there. This means an ergonomic chair, a perfectly levelled table and enough storage to make you at ease. 

But sometimes, the room wouldn’t be enough, or you wouldn’t prefer to spend so much on a study. Which, we get it! Some alternatives you can try out are the floor cushion setup. A wall reclined floor cushion and one to be seated on, laid on top of a rug. As simple as that!

How can this be compared to a fully-furnished setup? Well, let’s just say it’s the best alternative if you’re looking to save space and money. There is free space to move around, work lavishly, and not to forget, ‘transportable’ in case of too many distractions at your usual corner. 

And that’s as simple as it gets! Your study corner is all good to explore once these easy tricks are sorted. Have a Happy Study Time 🙂

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