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A quick guide to Curtain Header designs.

Over the weekends, sitting beside the bedside window, enjoying the natural sunlight gleaming from the windows in the living room is something we crave. We all want to experience this bliss without any hassle. And when you think of drawing the curtains to enjoy the gentle breeze sweeping in, the curtains become bullies and hardly budge. Drawing curtains could sometimes be a pain and cause us unrest. No doubt it is a squabble to draw the curtains and get them to look neat. However, there is a solution to this curtain battle. There are different ways we can make this easy and also pleasurable to look at.

Did you ever imagine that curtain headers are so important and could transform the look and feel of your home? Well, there are different styles of draping a curtain and its heading across the window. And simple changes to the drapery styles of the curtain headers changes the entire look and feel of that space. Though there are dozens of options to choose a header style, the actuality of making it happen could be overwhelming. Here’s a simple guide that could help you choose the right style of headers for your home to make this affair a fun makeover. Let’s go ahead and explore the different options that are available in India to get the classy and cozy look for curtains at home.

Eyelet Header

Eyelet or ‘ring top’ curtains have been a popular style of curtain headers that are easily available and add a simple and casual style to the curtain. Because of their easy to hang design, it hardly takes time to put them in place.

Curtain with Eyelet Header
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There are different sizes and colours of eyelets that are available to fit any rod. An important note though is to keep the eyelet at least 1cm larger than your curtain rod so that it is easy for the curtain’s drawing movement. Though Eyelet curtains are simple and easy to fix to use on a straight rod. They may not be the right choice for a bay window as the eyelets will not pass any supporting brackets at the corners of the bay.

Curtains with this heading type require less fabric fullness and therefore stack back to a minimal space. Eyelet curtains are generally made of metal eyelets that are evenly spaced across the top of the curtain. And because of this, you are sure to get an evenly spaced gentle ripple pleat on the fullness.

Back Tab

Back Tabbed curtain headers give your window a neat tailored look. With back-tab curtains, the full length of the curtain fabric doesn’t hang below the rod. Which gives it an even feel of texture from the upper to the lower end of the curtain.

Backtab Curtain Header - Front
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Backtab Curtain Header - Back
Back of a curtain with a Back Tab header.

Because of its nature to cover the curtain rod fully you can be assured to choose any fabric with ease as you don’t need to match it with the rod anymore. Also, It is easy to convert any curtain to a back tabbed style by adding strips to the back of the curtain top to make a loop. Or you could stitch one end of the strip folded to the front and secure it with a decorative fastener, or sew both strip ends to the back of the curtain panel. If the curtains are a bit too long for the window and you don’t want to go through the hassle of altering them. You can simply hang them from the back tabs as it raises the hems and adjusts it for the length of your choice to give it that classy look you desire.

How do I hang the back tab curtains?

You can simply slide the curtain rod through the loops made by the stitched-down tab strips on the back of the curtain panel. And then hang the rod in its place to adjust the curtain for the fullness you want.

The style of the curtain rod also helps analyze what type of header to choose from. Some curtain rods are meant to be seen, while others aren’t. Back-tab headers are a great choice if you’re not a fan of showing the rod. But if you do want to show off the curtain rod, then the next style of header is sure going to make you happy.

Loop/Tab Top

Here is another example of a popular style of curtain headers – the Loop/Tab Top Curtain. While the Back Tab style of curtain is sure to cover the curtain rod. The Loop/Tab Top doesn’t cover it fully. And hence are the best choice if you are someone that fancies curtain rods and loves to show off your tastes.

Loop/Tab Top curtain

The Loop/Tab Top curtain headers work really well when you desire a casual yet relaxed look. And not just that it carries a modern and less formal curtain header style to give your home that perfect finish. The Top Tabs are always made in the same fabric as the curtains for a uniform look and feel. The added edge though, is its compatibility with all types of curtain rods.

On a side note, it is recommended to have only 1½ times gather for tab top heading, to slide the curtains easily without snagging.

Rod Pocket with Header

Rod pockets are the simplest of all curtain headings and so is its build. The design is made by sewing a pocket across the top of the curtain panel. The curtain rod is inserted through this pocket and hung on brackets that support it. Lightweight voiles, sheers and nets are some of the fabrics that are most commonly seen sporting the Rod Pocket heading style.

Rod-pocket header
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Rod Pocket draperies are generally made of fabric which is folded over the curtain rod and attached to itself. Which creates a pocket like space through which the rod is slid through. The fullness of this design is created by the gathered fabric near the rod pocket. This clean and simple style is suitable for stationary panels only, because of its style to be tightly fit to the rod with hardly any breathing space to draw it side to side.

A beautiful variation of this classic Rod pocket style incorporates a header as seen on the right image.

Finally, making the right choice of fabric, curtain rods and heading style are vital for the overall look and feel at your home. With a wide range of options and products to choose from. You can be the best judge to customize the look and feel of the curtain headers to suit your space and style. At the comfort of your home you can explore the various options and buy 100% cotton curtains from Thoppia’s customization section. Here’s to happy styling!

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