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Does thread count really matter?

Debunking the ‘higher is better’ myth, studies say that the thread count doesn’t really matter.

As we all know, thread count is a popular buzzword for marketing premium sheets and other fabric goods. But what does it really mean?

In simple terms, it is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This number is calculated based on the threads woven vertically & horizontally. Extra threads that are woven into the horizontal ones are called ‘picks’. Picks are generally used to add to the overall thread count of the sheet.

But some industry professionals and great weavers feel that thread count is just a fallacious way to determine the quality of the material – especially when they portray it as the ‘ultimate way’ to determine quality.

Instead of counting threads, take the quality of the cotton & feel of the fabric more seriously. Take the length of the sheet’s fiber into consideration. The longer the fiber, the longer the sheet will last. Long-staple cotton that creates longer & finer yarns is the best.

A higher thread count with short fibers doesn’t do any good for your sheet. Wondering why? Fine & short fibers if not twisted, will break down faster. Yes. That’s why Thoppia uses tightly twisted fibers to keep sheets wrinkle-free, light & breathable. Most of our printed bed linens are twill woven — ensuring durability, smoothness, and a unique sheen.

“More cotton does not mean a better sheet. When considering new sheets, always look for the type of cotton used. So, quality over quantity; it’s a good principle to follow for everything.”

After a long hard day at work, there’s nothing better than gliding into the comfort of a bed laden with quality bedsheets. The joy of curling up under a fresh & soft cover, sinking your face into a cloud-like cotton pillow is unexplainable. You are also ready to shell out a considerable amount of money on your bedding as you realize that quality sheets are key to your health & mood. But how do you get value for the money you are spending?

Good quality cotton is all you should go for. A quality cotton will result in a stronger fabric. This is the reason why a 200 thread count sheet can feel nicer and softer than a 600 thread count sheet that uses an inferior grade of cotton. Also, having a higher thread count doesn’t guarantee you a better finish or quality.

Ultimately, the idea of comfort is very subjective. You should find a soft furnishing that beckons you to bed every night.

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