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5 Solid Tips From Expert Designers That Will Help You Ace the Modern Bedroom Look

Modern bedrooms need modern solutions. Here’s all you need to know to pull off the right looks to stay ahead in home fashion.

5 Solid Tips From Expert Designers That Will Help You Ace the Modern Bedroom Look

The bedroom is a cozy escape where we all wish to snuggle in at the end of a tiring day. It’s our personal space where we want to unwind our thoughts and slip into a state of tranquility and composure. 

But just like other rooms of the house, the bedroom should reflect your style- if not in colors, then definitely in terms of its feel. It’s a way of letting yourself enjoy and love your own space. 

Adding a touch of modernity is one of the best ways to recreate your bedroom. Modern bedrooms have sleek interiors that add personality to the room with opulent bedding and a pleasing pop of colors. With the right choices and combinations, your bedroom can become your ultimate source of peace, comfort, joy, and motivation. 

Can’t think of any good ideas for a bedroom makeover? Here are some tips to upgrade your bedroom to a modern and contemporary living space.

5 Simple Ideas to Style Your Bedroom With Modernity

Planning the room with your bed being the fulcrum is a logical way to get things started.

The main attraction of modern bedding is the incredible softness imparted by the plush material. Breathable and lightweight bedsheets complemented by duvet covers best serve the purpose. The bedding being enriched with elegant and straightforward designs just adds to the style quotient.

Pillows, too, are essential soft décor elements that enhance the overall aesthetics of the luxury bedding, besides giving comfort. With the modern lifestyle marked by a hectic urban schedule, having stylish and comfortable bedding ensures a sweet retreat from reality every night. So just put your hair down and get nestled in the soft and comfy bed sheets, duvets, and pile of pillows.

Play With the Curtains

You’ll be surprised to know how curtains play a significant role in modern bedroom styling. Curtains help in bringing the room together, enhance privacy and nurture a peaceful vibe. There are all sorts of options, from thick and opaque curtains to light and translucent ones. The former is best suited for creating a cozy private space with minimal lighting. The latter allows sunlight to peep in so that natural lighting accentuates the beauty and ambiance of the bedroom.

Cotton curtains fit almost all kinds of requirements of modern interior designing. The wide range of cotton curtains from Thoppia will cover all the detailing needed to uplift your bedroom designs.

Don’t Leave the Walls Alone

While we have focused enough on the elements that we can directly add to the bedroom décor, let us not undermine the importance of the walls. We all have our preferences when it comes to walls and colors. From dark and bold colors to light and pastel shades, the bedroom walls can be painted in any color that matches your style and preference.

Besides being aligned with your sense of aesthetics, ensuring that the color and designs of the walls blend well with interior features such as any antiques that you wish to place in the room will have a comprehensive impact in creating a wholesome vibe.

Pastel and light-textured colors help in the refined detailing of bedroom walls. They add a soothing touch to the bedroom walls and help build a sophisticated ensemble of interior designs. In addition, having decor items put up on the walls, such as a big wall clock, a modern art frame, or a mix of big and small mirrors, adds life to the bedroom walls.

Compliment the Bedroom Space With Minimalist Furniture

Furniture items remain unacknowledged quite often, yet they manage to make a decisive contribution as modern bedroom design elements. Clean and unadorned pieces of furniture are now getting a lot of attention, serving as the symbols of modernity and urban lifestyle. Not only do they cater to one’s work-related needs, but they also act as minimalistic embellishments for the bedroom.

Modernity sometimes also means embracing simplicity. For example, having open and straightforward furniture designed with minimal lines gives ample space and makes the bedroom a little airier. This also keeps the bedroom clutter-free, allowing less dust to accumulate and not letting the room get stuffy.

Alternatively, bold and beautiful furniture like a lush velvet sofa-cum-bed or a pair of lounge chairs can also be good décor items for the bedroom. So whatever be your taste or preference- soulful minimalistic furniture or vibrant and charming items, choose what you feel would add visual weight and warmth to the whole bedroom.

Refine the Space with Rugs and Carpets

Before someone plunges into the bed or just before entering the room, a beautiful and appealing rug on the floor is bound to catch the eye. Hence, choosing suitable rugs or carpets is crucial to experience the ultimate combination of aesthetics, comfort, and warmth.

A solid colorful soft mat will let your feet soothe and relax. Once the nerves of the feet are settled, it brings peace to the body and helps you unwind after a long day at work.

Choosing a rug or a carpet that fulfills the dual function of utility and aesthetics is essential. Therefore, you can try wool or silk options. Each material gives a different look and feel. For example, wool would feel warm and soft, while silk gives a regal aura to the room with fine quality and unparalleled smoothness.

Broad striped handwoven cotton rugs that are soft, plushy, and beautiful have also become a trendy new inclusion in the list of bedroom décor ideas. In addition, they are available in a variety of shades, which creates a remarkably charming presence.

Can’t Wait to Start, Right?

Hence, you can recreate your bedroom and ace the modern like a pro with the above ideas. Adding modish soft décor elements will undoubtedly raise the bar and make your bedroom stand out as an oasis of high-toned culture.

The bedroom is the nucleus of the family, and with all modern and voguish components being there, let your bedroom represent the progressive sense of style you possess. Bedroom designs marked by features of modernity and having a solid connection with your personality will allow you to love and take pride in your own space.

If you wish to recreate your bedroom and accentuate its beauty with your sense of style and personality, check out Thoppia’s elegant and equally glamorous collection of bed sheets, curtains, and other accessories. Expert designers curate every item for that perfect modern bedroom look. Contact Thoppia today, and let us help you achieve the contemporary bedroom look.

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