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Table Etiquette for Beginners

Ever thought napkins are for aesthetics and not for actual use? Have you ever been confused about where to put the fork and knife? Let’s just say you’re not alone in this. All of us have gone through (still going through) this phase. Good table etiquette is essential for a fine dining experience

So, here we are to guide you on table etiquettes that you probably did not know among other fancy ones. Yup, we’ll stick to the basic simple manners that are good enough to shine at a fancy meet-up or a party. 

Always Check with the Host

Hosting is a creative process with responsibilities like cleaning, setting menus, seating, and games. So it’s only fair to play the nice guest to the ones hosting, right?

For starters, always be mindful of the space you’re in. Usually, parties at home might have some extra decor to keep the place welcoming. It could be a small vase on the table or a neat array of cutleries. Notice them beforehand, and be sure not to mishandle them. 

Then comes respecting the hosts’ efforts. Allow them to give you the green signal at every step. For example, don’t just barge in the food as soon as you reach the dining area. Make sure the host joins/ is around you, and then start with the meals. If you have any crisis, address it privately. This way, the vibe in the room remains undisturbed. 

If the meet-up is at a restaurant, make sure you still watch your host closely. Follow their activity. Not the creepy way! But as an observer. It helps you pace your meal time, understand the dining culture (if the place/ town is new to you), and not overshadow the host. 

Know what’s on the table 

If you’re fine dining for the first time, there is a chance that you are a bit clueless about what goes where. Or even the question – “what is this on the table?” may come up. Let us take you through a few basics that you ought to know.

Table Napkins

The first and foremost important item for any dining setting!

Folded napkins are present before the start of the meal. What do you do with them? Unfold the napkin very gently and place it on your lap. It must remain there till the end of the meal unless, of course, you want to use it for dabbing. Once the meal is done, the napkin is placed on the left of your plate in a half-folded style. This step conveys that your meal is complete. 

cotton table napkins
Cotton Table Napkins

Table runners

Table runners are a bit of a mystery for most people out there. Usually, they are present to accentuate decor pieces like candles, lamps, flower vases or just flowers. In other cases, runners are used to keeping the dishes in a neat alignment. Either way, table runners exist to bring attention and excitement to the items on the table. They also help prevent stains, cutlery scratches, and other imprints that make the table look clumsy. 

cotton table runners
Cotton Table Runners

Table mats

These are basically mats for your plates. No matter what part of the meal course you’re on, your eating activity will be within the space of the table mat. It helps maintain neatness with the cover-up of food spills, heat marks, and liquid spills. If you notice, forks, spoons and knives are arranged around the position of the table mat. It can also be considered as a boundary to maintain your table etiquette.

cotton table mats
Cotton Table Mats


These are probably the simplest table accessories for you to figure out. Once poured into glasses, hot and cold beverages on the table are set on top of such coasters to prevent table marks and scratches. Glasses are placed a little away from the table mat to have enough space for other dishes. So, all you got to remember is ‘wherever the glass goes, the coasters follow’. 

Handwoven cotton coasters
Handwoven Cotton Coasters

A complete meal 

Eating food the right way becomes extremely important when large gatherings are held. It basically avoids all possible chaotic interventions, maintaining decorum. Now, that’s something pleasant and considerate to do. 

Too much clink and clatter on the table? Try these simple hacks next time:

  • Hold the knife on the right and the fork on the left. It helps you consume your food without much hassle. 
  • Ask politely for the food at the other end to be passed and avoid interrupting in-between others’ meals. 
  • Do not hit ‘cheers’ aiming for a loud clanking sound. Sometimes, gestures are more than enough too. 

There! We have all the basics of table etiquette covered! You’re all set to experience some fine dining indulgence. Practice these easy etiquettes to avoid being conscious about where and what to do next during a fun meet-up. 

Happy dining!

5 Dining Table Add-Ons to Enhance Your Dining Experience

Do you know what makes the food even tastier? It is the ambience!

This delicious delicacy is often complemented by the right lighting and modest music. But, is there anything else that we can do to elevate the aura? 

It’s a super dining table that triggers an ideal spirit.

A dinner table, which is well-set, with a perfect touch of sophistication and the right tincture of simplicity, exudes the added taste to the delicious food!

Dining experience at home can be a memorable one with the right mood and the palatable dishes. At times, having the dining table well set-up, adds both beauty and placidity to the surroundings.

So, what are you waiting for?

Setting up a perfect table is an art! And, we just cannot deny it.

Let us look at the coasters to start with!

Setting up a perfect table not just means having the right color combination of table cloth and dinner plates. As much as the positioning of the dinner plates and cutlery is important, choosing decorative coasters also leaves a lasting impression.

Handwoven Checks Cotton Coasters Beige – Set of 6
Handwoven Checks Cotton Coasters Beige – Set of 6

And, if you are tired of the consistent marks of the teacups on the table, a coaster happens to be your savior. Choose from a butterfly or leaves. Oh! That’s two of the brilliant coaster designs we have! 

So, if you wish to retain the look of your shining table-top, handwoven cotton coasters could be right for you!

Not only are they safe, but also a new trend! Anything indigenous is making the cut, and handwoven coasters perfectly adorn the beauty of the entire hall!

Just make sure not to wash them with bleach!

And, they can be reused as well!

How about handwoven table mats?

Now that your coasters are ready, it is time to look into protecting your tabletops with something awesome!

Handwoven Textura Cotton Table Mats Sand White- Set of 6
Handwoven Textura Cotton Table Mats Sand White- Set of 6

Table Mats often serve to be the covers on the table! Remember the days when you rub the stains off your tabletop. Or, the heat from the delicious lasagne that damped the glass top of the table.

Frustrating, right?

Well, this is why table mats are needed!

They ensure that your dining table doesn’t have unwanted scratches or marks. Table mats come in various shapes, thus giving you the liberty to choose the one which is right for you.

The design of table mats can vary as well.

While some of them are laced, others might have a natural touch to them.

One such mat is the handwoven cotton table mat. Fabrics like cotton are the perfect material for making the table mat.

Not only do they come along with excellent heat tolerance limits, but the best thing is the ease of washing them. But please do a favor!

Don’t even think about bleaching them.

Washing them in cold water with low tumble dry always works the best.

Use table napkins so you don’t spoil your favorite dress!

If you feel that once your food is served, you are ready to munch, hold on!

Before you start with the delicious delicacy, you need to put a napkin on your lap.

And, it is this napkin that makes your dining experience smooth, clean, and less messy.

Stripe Cotton Table Napkins Red/White
Stripe Cotton Table Napkins Red/White

Napkins also prevent you from spilling over while you serve the dish. They not only make your table look more complete but also ensure that your table and dress remain clean and tidy while you enjoy your meal.

The best practice is to place the napkin at the side, in which you are dominant at eating. 

And when you are done with the food, how would you let people know? Let your napkin signal it for you!

Selecting the right material for a napkin is always best. Since a napkin will also come in contact with the face, it is important that you pay more attention.

Handwoven Cotton napkins are generally better than the rest.

Why is it so?

Smooth material that makes your skin feel the warmth is always a better choice. Cotton napkins are also easy to wash and ameliorate to the skin, which makes them everyone’s favorite.

How can you forget about table cloths?

Don’t you think we are missing the most important dining table add-on – a table cloth?

Often, with all the hustle-bustle going on, we forget to purchase table cloth. A perfect tablecloth is one that is easy to wash, looks excellent, and has a smooth feeling when touched.

Textura Cotton Table Cloth Golden Oak 60″ x 90″
Textura Cotton Table Cloth Golden Oak 60″ x 90″

Cotton table cloths are a better alternative, especially due to the ease with which we can clean them. Lower budget, better quality, and long-lasting, are features that make them unique.

With a variety of designs to select from, make sure you measure the dining table properly, before selecting them.

Say GoodBye To Mundane TableTops With Fancy Table Runners

How good will a dining table be without catchy table runners? Table runners are just the ending that you wish to have while decorating your dining table.

Setting up a table runner might often be the fanciest, yet the most difficult thing to do. But, that doesn’t mean you shall not do it!

Pinstripes Cotton Table Runner Black/Beige 14″x 60″
Pinstripes Cotton Table Runner Black/Beige 14″x 60″

Not only do they reflect the tradition, but they impart color and texture combination to your interior. With an elegant dinner table, you can get ready for a date, a dinner invitation to your friends or family, or enjoy Netflix with self and tasty food!

No more worries with the mismatched table runners, as you can get them customized, at your doorstep. Customized runners also ensure that the tone and mood of the house are set perfectly in sync.

Are you already into decorating your dining table?

As tasty as the food is, a perfectly set dining table accentuates the beauty. Make sure that you lift up the ambience with some light music and dazzling lights.

And, if you are into candlelit dinners, make sure to take special care of the flame. Also, having artificial candles at home can be a go-to alternative.

An organized and well-decorated dining table brings the entire family together and spurs the happiness that will be remembered for a long time. So, binge our exclusive collection of handwoven, ready-made dining table accessories or think of your favorite design and let us carve it in real for you.

5 things in your kitchen that can enhance its look

The kitchen is a truly functional space. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the center of a home. After all, it is where the food that keeps you and your family going, is made. It offers a social hub for couples or families who love to cook or to eat together.

Which is why, kitchen styling is more important than ever – to create a seamless flow from one room to another. One area you need to focus on while styling your kitchen is the products you will put in there. And the best thing you can probably do is to incorporate 100% cotton products in your kitchenette.

Read on to know about 5 things that you often ignore, but still, have an influence on the overall look of your kitchen. The little things that matter, when it comes to style.


Let’s start with you. You’ll need an apron if you’re going to be whipping up recipes. Your apron is important not just for you, but also for your kitchen. A cotton apron can protect your clothes and skin from stains and marks.

Buy Cotton Aprons for home

Cotton is gentle, breathable and doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics. So you won’t need to give it for laundry or wash it often, and you can save money, water, and energy.

These days, aprons are used for decorative purposes too. Hang your Satin Stripe Cotton Apron behind the door, or drape it on the arm of a chair. See how it adds a subtly sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Style is an expression, after all.

Kitchen Towels

You’ve probably never thought of this item as something capable of ‘adding style’. Though they’re very useful, kitchen towels are one of the most overlooked (read underrated) items in a kitchen. It’s about time we start giving them the credit they deserve.

Like everything else in your kitchen, quality matters when it comes to kitchen towels too. It is important to be aware and not end up constantly buying cheaper lower quality towels.

Go for cotton kitchen towels. They are durable and will make your life in the kitchen easier, while also saving you money in the long run. Choose from a range of options in Honeycomb Cotton or Twill Stripe – they’re as gorgeous as they’re functional. Place them neatly stacked on a table, in a kitchen drawer, or hung over the door. If they’re clean and colorful, they’ll make your kitchen look pleasant.

Cotton kitchen towel by Thoppia

Dish Towels

There’s a high chance you use dish towels at home if you’re someone who washes and dries dishes by hand. There’s no doubting the fact that dish towels are handy, but how handy they are depends on their quality.

Using 100% Cotton Dish Towels will make your dish cleaning and drying experience more efficient. Quick. Stylish. They’re the perfect blend of utility and fashion.

Oven Gloves

Oven gloves are designed to be used while handling hot items – to get things in and out of ovens. They’re used by people at home, or by people working in businesses and professions that utilize ovens. It is a staple in the food industry.

Oven Gloves for kitchen

If you’ve got an oven at home, try Cotton Oven Gloves. They’re very widely used, and come in a varied range of colors, patterns, and styles. They’re skin-friendly and provide you with all the benefits of wearing cotton. What’s even better, is that you can wash them in your washing machine. Convenient? Totally.

Tablecloths and Table Mats

A kitchen will definitely have a table, maybe two. Also, more and more families are embracing the ‘kitchen-diner’ way of eating their food together. What’s on the table should delight you, and that does not have to stop at food.

Table Cloth and Placemats

A table cloth protects your table, but it’s your choice that will enhance the look and feel of it too. And it needs to be complemented with table mats, that go so well with your kitchen and brighten up your mood.

Pick a Chambray Cotton Tablecloth. It’s safe, skin-friendly and totally classy. And go for Handwoven Striped Table Mats. Because stripes in various colors reinforce the pleasant quality of design. Decorate your table and relish the food you make, with stylish and durable table essentials from Thoppia.

While you spend a lot of time and money in making decisions about cabinets, flooring, walls and the other stuff in your kitchen, do not forget these 5 essentials. You tend to ignore them, and they seem subtle enough, but they’re definitely not trivial. Pay attention to the little things, and they can go a long way in adding personality to your kitchen.