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On the Floor – Plush Pillows for a cozy time

A quick look at Instagram, and you’ll figure that something in home decor has been trending for a while now. We’re talking about some extra seating where you and the ones you love (or invite) can chill in comfort. We’re talking about your home looking super cool. We’re talking about freedom and coziness. We’re talking about floor cushions.

Floor cushions, also called floor pillows by some, are not just pillows on the floor without any purpose or intention. Far from it. They’re handy decoration pieces for any indoor or outdoor living space. But they’re also very functional, and can be used in several ways to simplify your daily life and activities. How? Read on!

Relax, Refresh, Recharge

A soft landing for you, your loved ones, or the guests you invite? Sure. Floor cushions radiate comfort and coziness. They come in handy especially in spaces that may be a little compact for a conventional seating arrangement. So, maximize your seating space. Or relax alone on a floor pillow while you daydream.

Shop Striped Floor Cushions

Place one or two multi-color Vintage Weave Cotton Floor Cushions, and watch them add a pop of color to your seating space. You can even easily put them away if you want to – they’ll fit neatly in a closet or under a bed.

Or are you in the mood to sprawl in your lawn? Change the way you chill outside, with a selection of floor cushions that are truly versatile. Take a chill pill, a glass of your favorite juice, lean on the floor cushion, and relax.

Make your own Reading Nook

How many times have you heard someone (read your mom) say that you’re always on your phone or laptop? It’s time to prove to them that it’s not always the case. Put that phone down for a while and pick up an actual book or magazine. Your home will surely have some small nooks and hidden alcoves. If not, your bedroom or verandah is great too.

Those nooks can be turned into treasured areas. And they’re perfect for having lots of floor cushions! Unwind with a Handwoven Stripe Cotton Floor Cushion, something soft and handwoven will be best for your moments of uninterrupted reading. Curl up on it or lean on it, and focus.

Floor Cushions for Living Room

Give Your Pet a Present

Your pet is a part of your family, so you definitely want it to live happily and comfortably. Your furry chum knows what it likes and dislikes, just like you do. And we’re sure it will love a plush floor pillow to curl up on – be it outside your home or on the inside.

Floor cushions are suitable even on patios and hardwood floors. They make excellent pet beds for any area of the home. So let your pet(s) find some refuge and relief, in style.

Get creative, or immerse yourself in a movie night

If you’re thinking of getting creative someday, floor cushions will give more power to you! And if you’d like to call home some artistic or inventive friends, all the more fun. Something you’ve been wanting to try, paint, make, put together, cook, DIY, – go ahead with it. Get your creative juices flowing, while chic floor cushions will allow you all to enjoy your own space and creativity. Did we say comfort?

Floor Cushions for Home

Be it solo or with others, taking some relieving refuge on plush cotton floor cushions, can be such a retreat. At Thoppia, you can shop for whimsical floor cushions in delightful designs, textures, and colors. You can even avail Customized Floor Cushions by just specifying the dimensions, and we’ll even send you a free swatch if you’d like. So why wait? Get on the floor.