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How to set up a Guest Bedroom?

Planning home interiors is a task that takes a lot of effort. In addition to the regular bedrooms, there is an upgraded demand for furnishing a guest bedroom.

Guest bedrooms are now a space of equal importance as it becomes an instant touchpoint for your guests to know you better. The lights, spacing, comfort, and effort to maintain the smallest details make them feel special. It’s a great way to get conversations flowing too. 

Know how you can impress guests and express the best hospitality while they’re around with the following easy ideas in mind. 

A welcoming theme

Depending on the overall theme of the home, the guest bedroom looks best when it’s supportive of the same style. However, the colours and furnishings can be tried out in the most exciting ways. 

If you’re looking into casual, easy styles that have neutral-shaded walls and interiors, a bold colour punch to the bed can uplift the room instantly. Imagine a solid printed (or just the plains) bed sheet on a set of neutrally tinted walls. Seems like a beautiful scene, doesn’t it?

Or if you prefer to go all bold in the interiors, then try out lighter shades for the furnishings. This way, there is an equal balance between the colour tones and not too tacky for the room. Quite often, this aesthetic works for the ones who’d like it to be calming and have an undisturbed sleep after a long trip. 

Guest Bedroom essentials

guest bedroom essentials

So what are the most important stuff you ought to keep in the guest bedroom? Here is a checklist:

Bath towels – This is for obvious reasons. You don’t want the guests to be worried about asking how they can dry up or freshen themselves. And not to forget – the better the quality, the better the comfort. 

Hand Towels – A mandatory one to have in the washrooms! Keeping a fresh towel with a mild fragrance is not only a healthy welcome but also a warm one. Cotton hand towels are best in this case as it quickly absorbs and is softer than most fabrics. 

Blankets – No matter which season it is, blankets are a must in a guest bedroom. It could be the thin sheets or the quilts, either way, they complete the comfortable bedroom look.

The perfect guest bedroom

Space-saving concepts work best in the guest bedroom. Since they (the guests) would prefer having it all set up within this one room, your chance to put everything in place can turn out to be fun. 

In-built cabinetry or storage behind mirror shelves are some tricks you can manage to bring in more space around the room. For a quick laidback rest, seating can be planned either with the mirror cabinet as a set or with a cushiony seating arrangement next to the window. This way, extra furniture can be easily avoided. 

guest bedroom styling

The symmetry of the room is key to designing any room aesthetically. As experts say – “One must always go along the lines of the room”. If it’s straight/ diagonal/ circular, we would be able to plan the designs to go with the symmetry based on this understanding. For example, having stripes can look fitting in a bedroom that projects toward the window in the same linear way. So, make sure you know your room’s symmetry before planning the furnishings!

Here’s an extra tip – Set up the room with indoor plants to make it more lively and cosy. The guests will love it!

Try out these simple yet extremely helpful cues next time you plan the interiors. We’re sure your guests would love it all!

Contemporary Design Ideas for your Home

There are so many old and new themes for homes today that as buyers, one can get confused with too many options to choose from. Here’s a look at contemporary design ideas that can help you plan your home interiors in the smartest way.

Contemporary-themed homes are cost-efficient in the long run and keep up with the current trends in the market. Personalising your spaces would be more functional than just cluttered fashion with this theme. 

Let us help you get clarity on why and how you can apply this theme efficiently in your favourite spaces. 

Modern v/s Contemporary

People tend to believe modern and contemporary themes are one and the same. This is true to an extent. But as you get planning in detail, you realise that both are different forms of approach, with just some overlapping features. 

The modernistic approach is more qualitative in nature. There are stark pointers to tell you that modernity lasts for a lifetime but does not have many chances to revive(as a fresh look) as time passes. It could limit you to changes in the future when you plan a renovation or a quick makeover. 

The contemporary theme is a perfect combination of innovation and glam. The style it possesses is in the now and fresh as a perspective. It allows itself to do small makeovers as years pass by. This allows you the space to be creative with your furnishings and decor quite confidently. While “form follows function” for the modern way, “form, function and style” make up contemporary. 

How to plan a Contemporary theme?

For both modern and contemporary homes, minimalism is central to planning. For the latter, however, simplicity blends in with sophistication, creating an edge to the overall design. This design most often leads us to sustainable options in the market. Right from the materials to fabrics to the colours, subtle natural elements within them are preferred. 

contemporary minimal design

Materials like glass and metal are majorly used in architecture for contemporary styles. Large windows and glass designs give a spacious view which can easily be subject to minimal glam. Easily moveable & lightweight furniture play key roles here. Less furniture with space-saving structures catches more attention. 

Fabrics & Patterns

Natural fabrics remain the best choice to keep up with the contemporary quirkiness. There is a flair for elegance with them in place. Cotton, linen and silk are the top fabrics that fall under this. For easy and long-lasting maintenance, cotton and linen are undoubtedly the best of the lot. 

Checks, zig-zags & stripes are popular patterns to start off. There is a twist to the minimal layout with these patterns. These are best used in furnishings like rugs and cushion covers. They can complement the plains and solids in the room rather organically. Neutral shades of greys, blacks, browns, and whites work well for such a setting. 

minimal cotton cushion covers

The Final Touch

As we plan different forms used in contemporary themes, there is always room for some final special touches to turn up the spaces. Lighting is one of those. More than a purely functional placement of lights, a contemporary style looks ahead to have some ‘fun’ in function. It might be through vintage lamps or innovative hanging lights or just large windows. 

Another way to add such small improvements to your home is through decluttering spaces. With less furniture, easily storable and changeable fabrics, etc are some tricks you can try in the book. 

So, in short, the contemporary theme is all about spontaneity. It’s not a permanent solution but hey, it is easily adaptable as trends come up and that pretty much works too! 

The Thoppia (Curated) Gift Guide

With Thoppia by your side, gifting should never be a topic of trouble. To help you with that, we bring forth our exclusive, carefully curated Thoppia Gift guide so that you can pick the best product and combinations for any occasion.  Moreover, you also get to land a hand in your support for local, indigenous businesses, build a community that appreciates art and quality workmanship, and most importantly, win the gifting game!

Here is the perfect little gift guide you’d need from Thoppia.

Cushion cover combos

While gifting one cushion could be underwhelming, dropping a stack of cushion covers that do nothing for one’s home decor sounds just as boring. Here is why we present our cushion cover combos with selections that are colour-coded, matched and arranged to suit a specific palette, or help you explore newer designs and colours. Mix solid colours with embroidered covers or go bold with patterns.

Travel Beds

A perfect example of being thoughtful without causing a hole in your pocket.Gift the travel enthusiasts in your circle, a Thoppia travel bed and watch them immediately look for reasons to use it. The handwoven travel beds are soft and cozy, a perfect replacement for sleeping bags taken to camps and hikes. While not on the roads, its other feature is to be used as a fine yoga mat on a daily basis. Multi-purpose and stylish!

Gift cards

Even after the plethora of options, picking something among a range of colours, patterns and fabrics is a job that you may not have asked for. In that case, you’ve got to take a look at our Thoppia Gift Cards. Choose from a printed or E-card that you can buy and get delivered to your friends and family. Gift cards are more often than not, cherished by those who are picky with styles and colours. This lets them pick what suits their decor and you get to keep the compliments anyway.


Throws are an evergreen choice for gifts because you don’t need to worry about sizes or infact, seasons. This Thoppia favourite product comes as a 100% cotton throw blanket that is versatile and can be used for almost any occasions. There is nothing that speaks care and affection like a big warm hug from a throw. You will be remembered fondly.

Tote Bags

And why not? We ask. Thoppia tote bags are not just cute, they are also super practical and promise function to whoever uses it, WFH or not. It is spacious, adaptable in 2 ways and available in a huge range of designs. The impact of using it as a daily shopping bag also means less use of plastic!

The Thoppia gift guide is curated to give you the best of our products while continuing to make a functional impact too. Gifting should not be wasteful, but something that people adore and remember you by. The list of pros are endless –  you are also contributing to sustainable living and growing a circle that is environmentally conscious as well. There are absolutely no losses here! Happy Gifting

3 Ways How You Can Make Corners To Relax at Home

Sometimes, our lives get so fast-paced, that we begin to find them chaotic. We are constantly doing, being, thinking, or on the go. However, it is important to have some responsibility-free time in our day, when we can rest and relax for a few minutes. Or just breathe.

And having that time is a lot easier and better in those nooks and corners of your home, where you can just sit, chill, engage in a peaceful or self-care activity, or take a comfortable nap. If your home doesn’t even have one such nook, here are some easy ways you can create such spaces in your home – any kind of home! Scroll.

By the window

A corner to read

If you want a cozy spot by a window, and are up for some sunlight gracing you, so be it. It would be great if there is a window seat built. Just make sure it’s a space where you can have some peace, with a soft breeze blowing and a good view outside to behold.

Place your favorite chair in front of the window, and put plenty of oversized pillows on and around it. Make yourself comfortable. You could meditate, read a book, enjoy a bar of dark chocolate, or just sit gazing out. Relax for as long as you want to.

A corner to read


What if you need some space to curl up with a book, or a magazine? That too can be achieved, making it a relaxing nook. Pick an empty corner in your bedroom, or any new spot you want to claim as your own. Place a lounge chair, a plush pillow with a pretty cotton pillow cover over it, and drape a luxurious cotton throw over its arms.

Keep a lamp close-by. You may have some things at home, that make you feel happy and soothed, right? Bring those elements into this space, and use it to spend some quality time on your own – reading and relaxing.

With the people you love

Sometimes, you may love to take a break from your busy life, by spending time relaxing with others. Maybe through a board game with friends, a movie night with family, or a casual dinner with someone special. And you need a cozy space for the same, perhaps?

Pick a spot you like – it could even be a slightly large, clean area under a staircase – and stuff it with colorfully striped floor cushions. Keep a small round table or an ottoman in arms reach, on which you can keep snacks, or glasses of wine. And ensure that each of you have a soft and smooth throw blanket, for an even more comfortable and luxurious feeling. If you want to make the aura more interesting, light candles! Scented or not, is your choice. With such a snug setting and the people you like, you can take your time to unwind.

Floor Cushions for Home

Some relaxing is good – regardless of how young or old you are, how demanding your career is, how many chores you have to do at home, what your gender is, how many things are on your to-do list, and what somebody else thinks. Choose the right spots, put together comfy and cozy things and furnishings, create relaxing spaces in your home for those moments of recline, and cozy up!

Spruce up your living room with cushion covers

You have perhaps always tried your best, to make your home comfortable and stylish. Who doesn’t love to live in comfort and style? And we know you have given special attention to your living room, because that’s where people enter your home, and guests are welcomed in wholeheartedly or reluctantly.

You chose the perfect furniture, you bought the classy décor pieces, you got the walls painted in a lovely color. But hey, what about the cushions that lie on the sofa?

Cushions infuse comfort, while cushion covers evoke style. If you want to change the look of your sofa or add a fashionable touch to your living room – without spending too much – then change the cushion covers. How can you pick the perfect cushion covers, for a sophisticated look? Scroll to know.

It’s not a match!


When you buy a sofa, it usually comes with matching cushion covers. So if the sofa is grey, the cushion covers are also grey.

Now, picture this: The sofa is still grey but the cushions are of a different color, say red. Or mustard. Or dark blue. See how it lifts the look immediately? So if you have got cushion covers that match your sofa, put them away now, you need more color.

The number and the size

First, decide on the number of cushions you want. 3 to 5 cushions in one big sofa are considered to be ideal. And pick the size(s).

Today, you can easily get customized cushion covers online, as per your required dimensions and choice of stitch. You will have a wide range of them to choose from. And if need be, you can avail a free swatch before buying too.


The choosing and styling

Picking your cushion covers not only depends on the look and feel you are aiming for in your living room, but also on how your living room already is – the elements existing in it.

  • If your living room has more of neutral colors, you can pick bold colors for your cushions. This will usher a nice contrast, and bring some depth into the room.
  • If your living room has many complementary colors, like red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple, then you can go for horizontal and vertical patterns.
  • If strong prints are your thing and you want them in your cushion covers, go ahead. But ensure to make the rest of the living room neutral. You don’t want the strong prints on your cushions to become part of visual clutter.
  • If you are someone into floral prints, that’s good too. Just make sure you coordinate them with the colors in the rest of the room.
  • If you are aiming for an urban modern look in your living room, opt for colors like black, white, grey, olive green, burnt orange, or purple. Getting a cotton cushion cover in burnt orange or a linen one in silver grey could be perfect for that particular feel. Incorporate smooth textures on solid fabrics, as well as geometric or graphic patterns on cushions and throws.

Comfort and style can be integrated in any room, by choosing the right furnishings. So keep your heart open to trendy, classy cushion covers. Accessorize your home with them, and represent your personal style.

100% Cotton VS Pure Cotton

While picking your favourite shade is a snap, choosing the right fabric to suit your preferences is a bit complicated. Because if you are looking for a ‘pure cotton’ tag, let us tell you one thing. Even that doesn’t authenticate the quality of the cotton that you are using. Yes. The label ‘Pure cotton’, especially in India, doesn’t mean that the fabric is only made of cotton. Rather, it means that the amount of cotton that has been used in the fabric is pure.

If you are looking for cotton garments that are not blended, what you should ideally go for is a 100% cotton tag. This will ensure that your home furnishings are going to be 100% environment-friendly, hypoallergenic, strong and comfortable. Your ‘100% cotton’ fabric is a natural product only consisting of cellulosic fibres. It is biodegradable and can withstand as many hot washes in its lifetime as it needs to.

The ‘real’ pure cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make home furnishings, and for a good reason. A 100% cotton bed sheet or cushion cover will be durable, soft and easy to care for. This fabric is also going to be breathable –allowing your skin to breathe, and eliminating the possibility of rashes and boils. Good cotton is dust-mite resistant, thus reducing the chance of any skin allergies. Unlike ‘Pure Cotton’ fabric, 100% cotton fabric keeps moisture from building up between your skin and the material.


The International Forum for Cotton Promotion (Livestrong) stated that cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before getting damp. Blended cotton too can feel roughly the same but is sure to get sweaty during hot summer days.

In Thoppia, we procure contamination-free combed cotton yarn for bed sheets. The process of combing the cotton makes the yarn stronger & softer. It also cleans batches of shorter fibres and impurities resulting in finer and more compact cotton. Our tightly twisted yarn can create a lighter fabric that is ideal for hot weather conditions – when your body needs more cooling & comfort. They are also good at springing back, which means they’ll remain wrinkle-free and excellent to drape for a lifetime. This is the reason why our bedding allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat under the covers.

Above all, our 100% cotton fabric ensures that your home furnishings have a crisp and fresh look throughout your lifetime – because good cotton is going to be in it for the long haul.