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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cotton Spinning and Weaving

Have you ever wondered how the clothes you wear are made? Or perhaps, have you ever admired a beautifully woven piece of fabric and wondered how it was created? If so, you’re not alone.

Cotton spinning and weaving are ancient crafts that have been around for thousands of years, and they continue to be an important part of our lives today. Whether you’re interested in learning a new hobby or want to gain a deeper appreciation for the clothing and textiles that surround us, this step-by-step guide to cotton spinning and weaving is here to help. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the process of turning raw cotton into a finished piece of fabric. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of cotton spinning and weaving!

But before that why cotton? And why is it the most preferred fabric for home furnishing products? 

Why Cotton? 

Cotton is an incredibly popular choice for everything from bedding to hanging kitchen towels to upholstery fabric. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, cotton is super soft and comfortable. When you’re snuggled up in a cozy cotton duvet cover or drying off with a fluffy cotton towel, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

But it’s not just about comfort – cotton is also very durable and easy to care for. You can toss your cotton sheets or towels in the washing machine and they’ll come out looking and feeling great. 

Another reason why cotton is so popular for home furnishings is that it’s versatile. Cotton fabrics come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures, so you can find something to suit any style or decor. Whether you’re going for a classic, timeless look or something more modern and bold, there’s a cotton fabric out there that will work perfectly.

To know more about cotton and the benefits that come with it, read: Why Go Organic? Learn the Benefits of Cotton

Now into the core aspect of the blog – Cotton spinning and weaving. 

What is Cotton Spinning? 

Cotton spinning is the art of transforming cotton fibers into yarn or thread, which can then be woven into fabric. The process involves using a spinning wheel or spindle to twist the cotton fibers together into a cohesive thread.

To put it simply, the process of spinning involves cotton fibers being cleaned and carded, which means they’re straightened and separated into thin layers. Then, they’re drawn out and twisted into a long, thin strand called roving. Finally, the roving is spun onto a spindle, which twists it even tighter and turns it into yarn. And just like that, you have a finished product that’s ready to be used for all sorts of textile goods, from clothing to bedding to towels and more! 

Popular Cotton Spinning Techniques 

Ring Spinning

Ring spinning is like the classic method that’s been around forever. It involves pulling the cotton fibers through a series of rollers to straighten and align them, then twisting them together to form a continuous yarn. The yarn is wound onto bobbins or cones, ready to be used for weaving or knitting. This technique is commonly used for cotton curtains, dining table cloth covers and industrial textiles. 

Open-End Spinning

Open-end spinning is a faster, more efficient spinning technique that is commonly used for producing coarser cotton yarns. In this process, the cotton fibers are fed into a rotor, which spins them together into a yarn. You might find this kind of yarn in things like dish towels or t-shirts.

Compact Spinning

If you really want to go all out, compact spinning is the way to go. It’s like the fancy new kid on the block that produces a high-quality, smooth yarn with fewer imperfections. It involves using a modified ring spinning machine to compress the fibers together more tightly before twisting them into a yarn. This kind of yarn is perfect for high-end textiles like bedding or luxury clothing.

Now, let’s get into the cotton weaving part.

What is Cotton Weaving? 

Basically, weaving takes place in the latter stage of the cotton manufacturing process. While the spinning process involves converting the cotton fibers into yarns, the weaving process interlaces the yarns to create fabric. Let’s read about it in a more detailed fashion. 

Weaving is the process of interlacing two sets of yarn, called the warp and weft, to create fabric. First, the cotton yarn is wound onto a loom, which holds the vertical threads, known as the warp. The weaver then interlaces horizontal threads, known as the weft, over and under the warp threads to create the fabric.

When it comes to cotton weaving, the process can vary depending on the desired outcome. For example, if a simple plain weave is desired, the warp and weft will be interlaced over and under each other in a simple pattern. But if a more complex pattern is desired, different types of weaves like twill or satin may be used. The end result can be anything from a light and airy cotton voile to a sturdy denim or canvas. Let’s talk about these techniques in more detail.

cotton spinning and weaving

Popular Cotton Weaving Techniques

Plain Weave 

Plain weave is like the bread and butter of cotton weaving. It’s super basic, but that’s what makes it so versatile and widely used. It involves interlacing the warp and weft threads over and under each other in an alternating pattern. This creates a simple, tight weave that is both strong and durable.

Twill Weave 

This technique is a little more complex, but it’s what gives fabrics like denim that signature diagonal pattern. It is achieved by passing the weft thread over two or more warp threads, and then under one or more warp threads, before repeating the pattern. This creates a distinctive, durable fabric that is commonly used for jeans, cotton double bedsheets, and upholstery.

Satin Weave

Satin weave is like the fancy cousin of cotton weaving techniques. It produces a smooth, shiny fabric that just oozes luxury. Think silky bedding or a chic satin dress. It’s the kind of fabric that makes you feel like a million bucks! 

It involves passing the weft thread over several warp threads before passing it under one, creating a long float on the surface of the fabric. This float gives the fabric its characteristic sheen and luxurious feel. 

If you’re keen on the quality of cotton fabric and want to know what influences it, read: What is Thread Count in Bedsheets & How does it Affect Quality?

Cotton spinning and weaving may seem like a simple process, but it’s actually a complex and intricate art form that has been refined over thousands of years. It’s amazing to think that something as humble as cotton can be transformed into beautiful and functional fabrics that are used in our daily lives. 

So there you have it! A step-by-step guide to cotton spinning and weaving. From the cleaning and carding of cotton fibers to the warping and weaving of the loom, we hope this post has given you a better understanding of the fascinating world of cotton manufacturing. 

Why Go Organic? Learn the Benefits of Cotton

Summer, Summer and Summer – Mark Twain

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, known by his pen Mark Twain. An American author, lecturer and humorist, during his visit to India in the 19th century, had quaintly quipped about the climate he had experienced. Unsurprisingly, the sentiment he put forward has largely resonated with many people who have visited India and got to taste her climate. 

Now obviously for us Indians; despite having diverse cultures, traditions and tastes; if there’s one thing that we all feel harmoniously about is our Summers. 

Indian summers: The shimmering haze, a furnace with fiery blaze, beating down upon us with unquenched thirst. We’re pretty sure that it is not a pleasant picture in your minds too. 

But surely! That isn’t the only thing that we are in tune with, isn’t it? Yes! To pair with our blistering and humid summers, we have our summer wear – Cotton, a lifesaver! 

Cotton is a versatile and breathable fabric that is well-suited for hot climates. It absorbs moisture and allows for air to circulate, helping in keeping you cool and comfortable. 

Another fact that makes cotton a great choice of fabric, not only for clothing but for bedding and home furnishing fabric, is its organic properties. But is there a need to go organic? 

As we become more aware of the impact our choices have on the environment, the need to go organic with bedding and home decor has never been more pressing. Conventional bedding and home decor products are often made using harmful chemicals and synthetic materials that can pollute the air we breathe and harm our health. 

On the other hand, organic bedding and home decor products are made using natural, sustainable, and non-toxic materials that are better for our health and the planet. By choosing organic options, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world. So why not make the switch to organic bedding and home decor now and create a space that not only looks beautiful but also supports a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle?

In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of cotton when used as a fabric for bedding and home decor and also about Thoppia, a company that dedicates itself to promoting organic and sustainable home decor products.

The Benefits of Cotton


A cotton double bedsheet or a cotton duvet cover is incredibly comfortable and soft, making it perfect for cozying up in bed. Its breathable nature allows air to circulate, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cooler weather. Plus, it feels great against your skin!


Cotton is a strong and durable fabric that can withstand frequent washing and use. It is resistant to tears and pilling, making it a reliable choice for bedding and home decor products. Thoppia offers 100% pure cotton curtains of sundry designs that can largely emphasize the overall outlook of your homes, making it a great investment. 


Did you know that cotton is hypoallergenic? It’s true! This means it’s a fantastic choice for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton is unlikely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, making it a safe and comfortable choice for your bedding and home decor needs.

It’s especially important to check for good brands with quality products when purchasing cotton pillow covers online as some cheaper products may contain dyes or other chemicals that could cause irritation.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning and maintaining cotton is a breeze! You can simply toss it in the washing machine and dryer without any worries. No fuss, no hassle! What’s more, among natural fabrics, cotton is relatively more resistant to stains, as it can be washed in warm soapy water, or by using a stain remover. So, say goodbye to expensive dry cleaning bills and hello to hassle-free cleaning with cotton. Buy pure cotton bedsheets online from Thoppia and forget about putting in heavy work for maintenance.


Cotton is not only soft and breathable, but it’s also an eco-warrior in the world of home decor! Choosing cotton as a material for your bedding and home decor means you’re making a sustainable choice. It’s a natural and renewable material that is biodegradable and can be easily recycled.

Think about it: every time you switch to cotton bedding, curtains, or tablecloths, you’re helping to reduce waste and protect our environment. Plus, it feels great to know that you’re making a positive impact on the planet, right from the comfort of your own home!

Our goal at Thoppia is to provide the best luxury home decor and bedding products with genuine materials and authentic weaving practices. The commitment to preserving the environment is evident in everything we do. We believe that organic cotton is essential for creating quality, long-lasting and beautiful home decor products & bedding, so product quality is always top of our list when creating and designing our products.

Now that you know of the benefits of cotton and are ready to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle then look no further than Thoppia! Our selection of cotton home decor products and bedding will assure maximum comfort as well as radiance – what more could you ask for? Take your first step towards embracing sustainability by shopping with us today! 

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100% Cotton VS Pure Cotton

While picking your favourite shade is a snap, choosing the right fabric to suit your preferences is a bit complicated. Because if you are looking for a ‘pure cotton’ tag, let us tell you one thing. Even that doesn’t authenticate the quality of the cotton that you are using. Yes! The label ‘Pure cotton’, especially in India, doesn’t mean that the fabric is only made of cotton. Rather, it means that the amount of cotton that has been used in the fabric is pure.

If you are looking for cotton garments that are not blended, what you should ideally go for is a 100% cotton tag. This will ensure that your home furnishings are going to be 100% environment-friendly, hypoallergenic, strong and comfortable. Your ‘100% cotton’ fabric is a natural product only consisting of cellulosic fibres. It is biodegradable and can withstand as many hot washes in its lifetime as it needs to.

The ‘real’ pure cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make home furnishings, and for a good reason. A cotton double bedsheet or cotton duvet cover will be durable, soft and easy to care for. This fabric is also going to be breathable – allowing your skin to breathe, and eliminating the possibility of rashes and boils. Good cotton is dust-mite resistant, thus reducing the chance of any skin allergies. Unlike ‘Pure Cotton’ fabric, 100% cotton fabric keeps moisture from building up between your skin and the material.


The International Forum for Cotton Promotion (Livestrong) stated that cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before getting damp. Blended cotton too can feel roughly the same but is sure to get sweaty during hot summer days.

At Thoppia, we procure contamination-free combed cotton yarn for our cotton double bedsheets. The process of combing the cotton makes the yarn stronger & softer. It also cleans batches of shorter fibres and impurities resulting in finer and more compact cotton. Our tightly twisted yarn can create a lighter fabric that is ideal for hot weather conditions – when your body needs more cooling & comfort. They are also good at springing back, which means they’ll remain wrinkle-free and excellent to drape for a lifetime. This is the reason why our bedding allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat under the covers.

Above all, our 100% cotton fabric ensures that your home furnishings have a crisp and fresh look throughout your lifetime – because good cotton is going to be in it for the long haul.

Why is Cotton the Best Towel Material!

Towel Thoughts

Ask yourself, when was the last time you talked about towels? You probably can’t remember. We don’t really give them much thought. But a bath towel still plays a big role in our daily lives. Just think of living out a day without it! While a lot of us start and end our day with it.

Shopping for the best towel material can be tricky. If you’re thinking it’s no big deal, think again. Bath towels come in so many different fabrics, textures, sizes, colors, weights. And you use them every day. You sure have to choose the right one! Moreover, the best bath towels there is to offer. 

In this race of which towel is better than which, we could give you a great option: Cotton! Because cotton is an amazing fabric – that’s easy to care for, and reasonably priced. And more power to you when you find a towel that’s 100% Cotton.

Why Cotton?

100% Cotton Bath Towels are free of chemicals. Cotton is a natural product. And unlike synthetic fibers, it is more absorbent. The towel hence has high absorbency.

Cotton is a breathable material. The fibers allow air to pass through. Comfortable? Yes! It does not irritate the skin. So the towel won’t be itchy – making it soft and skin-friendly.

Plus, the choice of colors and patterns you can get is exciting. Cotton is receptive to different dyes, making it a versatile choice in fabric. It can handle anything on the color wheel.

best towel material

And the best part is that unlike other sumptuous fabrics, cotton won’t ask you for much, making it the best bath towel material! Of course, you will have to take some care while washing your cotton bath towels. But you can wash them like any other clothes. Just putting them in a washer with detergent also will do. 

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How about 100% Cotton?

100% Cotton Bath Towels are the safest and nicest out there. In other words – the best towel material! Now that you know why Cotton is the best towel material, how about getting them for yourself? At Thoppia – A home furnishing company, contamination free cotton yarn is procured. Quality is always kept in mind.

Bath towels at Thoppia have all the benefits of cotton, amplified. They have a natural texture on the surface. You can find elegant options in honeycomb weave.

best towel material

Honeycomb weave (aka Waffle weave) has a 3D cellular structure which resembles a bee’s honeycomb. The towels are Vat Dyed for consistent coloring. They’ll keep you dry, clean, cozy and step up your home décor game. The 100% Cotton Bath Towels are perfectly woven taking a lot of care. No wonder, they’re highly absorbent and radiate sophistication.

All in all, cotton is undeniably one of the best materials for making towels. Not only is it affordable, breathable, and durable; but its anti-static properties also help keep your bathroom free from dust particles and bacteria. On top of that, cotton is widely regarded as the most absorbent material for drying off quickly after a shower or swim. Plus, with modern manufacturing processes it’s now more sustainable than ever before – allowing for more eco-friendly practices when it comes to selecting your best towel material.

Reasons to get a bed sheet made of 100% pure cotton

If we were to ask you whether you slept well last night, what would your answer be? If it’s a yes, that’s lovely and we are happy for you. If it’s a no, it’s still okay and we understand how you must be feeling. If you don’t sleep well for a night, you know how it affects your mood the next day. Who doesn’t love uninterrupted sleep, after all? And it is best enjoyed with the right bedding. But finding that, can sometimes be tricky.

When it comes to bedsheets, you need one that is comfortable and breathable. So you can sleep well, and wake up fresh. While also something that is easy as pie to care for. And what better than 100% pure cotton bedsheets?

‘As soft as cotton’

You must have heard or read this phrase somewhere, some time in your life. Cotton is naturally considered as something soft, and so are cotton fabrics. Even more so when they are totally made of cotton. 100% pure cotton – without any blending – means the most softness.

A 100% pure cotton bedsheet is skin-friendly and comfortable, while also being dust-mite resistant. With hypoallergenic qualities, it reduces the chance of any skin allergies. It does not irritate the skin. If you have very sensitive skin or skin that’s prone to allergies, then a bed sheet like this must be yours.

Lets your skin ‘breathe’

Nobody likes to sleep on a bedsheet that feels heavy. Even in the winter, we would like to have some breathing space as we sleep, and not sweat. Cotton is a natural, light and breathable material.

100 percent pure cotton bedsheets will absorb your body heat, to the max. Which helps you stay cool and dry throughout your sleep. Hello, happy summer days and nights! But they are also great for the winter, as they absorb and retain the body heat – keeping you warm. Hey there, happy winters! Opt for natural ventilation while you sleep, and let your skin breathe.

Simpler to care for

Unlike other synthetic bedsheets like polyester, 100% cotton bedsheets are easier to care for. They require low-maintenance, and even washing them is a piece of cake. You don’t need to wash them by hand. Just put a 100% cotton bedsheet in your washing machine, and you won’t even need fancy powders. Your regular detergent will do just fine.

We do suggest that you wash it separately, and not with your other garments or sheets. So it gets a better wash. And tumble dry it on a low temperature. If you don’t want to iron it, just dry it flat and it will be good to go back to your bed.

Stretches easily

One reason why pure cotton bedsheets are easier to make and use, is because of how stretchable the material is. A 100% pure cotton bedsheet stretches easily. Making you feel very comfortable when you sleep on it. And comfort is the true luxury!

Lasts long

Cotton bedsheets give you good sleep, and they also help you save money in the long run! Because cotton weaves have stronger durability. Meaning, pure cotton bedsheets last long and you won’t have to replace them frequently.

That said, when a bedsheet has cotton blended with other materials, it won’t be as durable as a pure cotton bed sheet. High-quality 100% pure cotton bedsheets may cost a little bit more than their synthetic counterparts. But considering the lifespan of your bedding, it is always better to choose something durable. Something that will last longer, and get stronger with every wash. Something that you won’t have to spend more on replacing.

For the best cotton bedsheets, contamination free combed cotton yarn is procured. Just like at Thoppia. The cotton also turns out finer as it is combed and cleaned to remove shorter fibres and impurities. The fabric is tightly twisted, great for hot weather conditions. It is enzyme-washed and vat-dyed for consistent coloring too.

You must be wondering where to buy 100% cotton bedsheets. Or how to get bedsheets made of 100% pure cotton. One of the easiest ways is to get 100% pure cotton bedsheets online, at Where you will find a range of options in several colors, designs and prints. You can also explore customised bedsheets with a twill weave and satin finish. All while sitting in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are.

The rich cotton bedsheets from Thoppia are also tested for international standards. They remain wrinkle-free for long, and are always wonderful to drape. All this means these 100% pure cotton bedsheets are carefully crafted, and different from other bedsheets out there. For long, they will stay as lovely furnishing gifts that you give to your traditional or modern home. And to yourself!

Summer-ready homes

Summertime is just starting, and the homes are getting warm already. Don’t you think so too? So, here we are just in time to remind you to stock up on summer essentials. Got to grab them soon, before it gets all tiring and sweaty around!

Before we dive in, we hope you guessed by now what the essentials are. Did you? Yup, our all-time favourites – Curtains and Bed sheets. These definitely need a make-over (or more accurately, a change-over) during the summers.

What to look for in a curtain?

Summer curtains

We often expect curtains to be just pretty and forget their core need in a house. There are different types of curtains that help control lighting and atmosphere (Nope, we are not talking about a digital curtain, here).

Consider this. If you have one room with moderate light coming through the windows and the living room with a brighter setting, it is not practical to buy thick blackout curtains for both rooms. There are specific curtains designed for such purposes. Custom curtains are helpful in this case, especially when you wish for the same curtain in both rooms. All you got to do is choose different linings based on the thickness needed.

For summers, a breezy curtain is clearly preferred. Linens and Cotton are great choices to opt for. The pure version of these materials sets up the space to allow proper ventilation for the room. Putting up linen and cotton curtains gets the room in a relaxing mood.

Getting the bed sheets right

Summer bed sheets

Remember the summer holidays, when you pack your beds and sheets to the terrace for a good night’s sleep? Yeah, those were some good times!

But in today’s world, not everyone has the luxury to turn terrace space into a makeshift bedroom. So what’s the quick solution? Get your bed sheets right!

Settling for an airy bed sheet material (basically cotton and linens again) is the wiser choice. Light-shaded ones may not seem like the ideal ones to settle for. However, neutral shades and pastel shades will allow the ambience to be lighter on the eyes and feel. It’s smart not to go for block, solid colours.

Comfort over Style?

Yup! That’s a good call. But what if we had the luxury to choose both, compromising neither style nor comfort?

Silky and synthetic bed sheets might sound like a heavenly sleep time. But how long do you think that’s going to last? For the summer heat and changing body temperatures, bed sheets and almost every other home furnishing item ought to be forgiving and soulful. The fabric must be able to blend in with the needs of the hour and give you access to a calming and stress-free environment. Trust us, the right fabric tends to do the magic.

So, there you have it! Summer essentials are basically your guide to a happy and healthy home too. Get stocking already!

How to set up a Guest Bedroom?

Planning home interiors is a task that takes a lot of effort. In addition to the regular bedrooms, there is an upgraded demand for furnishing a guest bedroom.

Guest bedrooms are now a space of equal importance as it becomes an instant touchpoint for your guests to know you better. The lights, spacing, comfort, and effort to maintain the smallest details make them feel special. It’s a great way to get conversations flowing too. 

Know how you can impress guests and express the best hospitality while they’re around with the following easy ideas in mind. 

A welcoming theme

Depending on the overall theme of the home, the guest bedroom looks best when it’s supportive of the same style. However, the colours and furnishings can be tried out in the most exciting ways. 

If you’re looking into casual, easy styles that have neutral-shaded walls and interiors, a bold colour punch to the bed can uplift the room instantly. Imagine a solid printed (or just the plains) bed sheet on a set of neutrally tinted walls. Seems like a beautiful scene, doesn’t it?

Or if you prefer to go all bold in the interiors, then try out lighter shades for the furnishings. This way, there is an equal balance between the colour tones and not too tacky for the room. Quite often, this aesthetic works for the ones who’d like it to be calming and have an undisturbed sleep after a long trip. 

Guest Bedroom essentials

guest bedroom essentials

So what are the most important stuff you ought to keep in the guest bedroom? Here is a checklist:

Bath towels – This is for obvious reasons. You don’t want the guests to be worried about asking how they can dry up or freshen themselves. And not to forget – the better the quality, the better the comfort. 

Hand Towels – A mandatory one to have in the washrooms! Keeping a fresh towel with a mild fragrance is not only a healthy welcome but also a warm one. Cotton hand towels are best in this case as it quickly absorbs and is softer than most fabrics. 

Blankets – No matter which season it is, blankets are a must in a guest bedroom. It could be the thin sheets or the quilts, either way, they complete the comfortable bedroom look.

The perfect guest bedroom

Space-saving concepts work best in the guest bedroom. Since they (the guests) would prefer having it all set up within this one room, your chance to put everything in place can turn out to be fun. 

In-built cabinetry or storage behind mirror shelves are some tricks you can manage to bring in more space around the room. For a quick laidback rest, seating can be planned either with the mirror cabinet as a set or with a cushiony seating arrangement next to the window. This way, extra furniture can be easily avoided. 

guest bedroom styling

The symmetry of the room is key to designing any room aesthetically. As experts say – “One must always go along the lines of the room”. If it’s straight/ diagonal/ circular, we would be able to plan the designs to go with the symmetry based on this understanding. For example, having stripes can look fitting in a bedroom that projects toward the window in the same linear way. So, make sure you know your room’s symmetry before planning the furnishings!

Here’s an extra tip – Set up the room with indoor plants to make it more lively and cosy. The guests will love it!

Try out these simple yet extremely helpful cues next time you plan the interiors. We’re sure your guests would love it all!

Contemporary Design Ideas for your Home

There are so many old and new themes for homes today that as buyers, one can get confused with too many options to choose from. Here’s a look at contemporary design ideas that can help you plan your home interiors in the smartest way.

Contemporary-themed homes are cost-efficient in the long run and keep up with the current trends in the market. Personalising your spaces would be more functional than just cluttered fashion with this theme. 

Let us help you get clarity on why and how you can apply this theme efficiently in your favourite spaces. 

Modern v/s Contemporary

People tend to believe modern and contemporary themes are one and the same. This is true to an extent. But as you get planning in detail, you realise that both are different forms of approach, with just some overlapping features. 

The modernistic approach is more qualitative in nature. There are stark pointers to tell you that modernity lasts for a lifetime but does not have many chances to revive(as a fresh look) as time passes. It could limit you to changes in the future when you plan a renovation or a quick makeover. 

The contemporary theme is a perfect combination of innovation and glam. The style it possesses is in the now and fresh as a perspective. It allows itself to do small makeovers as years pass by. This allows you the space to be creative with your furnishings and decor quite confidently. While “form follows function” for the modern way, “form, function and style” make up contemporary. 

How to plan a Contemporary theme?

For both modern and contemporary homes, minimalism is central to planning. For the latter, however, simplicity blends in with sophistication, creating an edge to the overall design. This design most often leads us to sustainable options in the market. Right from the materials to fabrics to the colours, subtle natural elements within them are preferred. 

contemporary minimal design

Materials like glass and metal are majorly used in architecture for contemporary styles. Large windows and glass designs give a spacious view which can easily be subject to minimal glam. Easily moveable & lightweight furniture play key roles here. Less furniture with space-saving structures catches more attention. 

Fabrics & Patterns

Natural fabrics remain the best choice to keep up with the contemporary quirkiness. There is a flair for elegance with them in place. Cotton, linen and silk are the top fabrics that fall under this. For easy and long-lasting maintenance, cotton and linen are undoubtedly the best of the lot. 

Checks, zig-zags & stripes are popular patterns to start off. There is a twist to the minimal layout with these patterns. These are best used in furnishings like rugs and cushion covers. They can complement the plains and solids in the room rather organically. Neutral shades of greys, blacks, browns, and whites work well for such a setting. 

minimal cotton cushion covers

The Final Touch

As we plan different forms used in contemporary themes, there is always room for some final special touches to turn up the spaces. Lighting is one of those. More than a purely functional placement of lights, a contemporary style looks ahead to have some ‘fun’ in function. It might be through vintage lamps or innovative hanging lights or just large windows. 

Another way to add such small improvements to your home is through decluttering spaces. With less furniture, easily storable and changeable fabrics, etc are some tricks you can try in the book. 

So, in short, the contemporary theme is all about spontaneity. It’s not a permanent solution but hey, it is easily adaptable as trends come up and that pretty much works too! 

Caring for bathrooms the right way

Bathrooms are the most challenging part of any home to maintain. They can get easily stained, dirty, and smelly. This brings us to the question of what magic tools can help us through this dilemma.

Well, if not tools, we do have certain tricks up our sleeves to keep the bathrooms clean. And what are they? It’s accessories! Surprised much? Here’s how we arrived at this breakthrough…

Fabrics & more

We know for a fact that keeping hand towels and bath towels within one’s reach is a convenient way for everyone at home. So, for starters, placing them neatly on the side holders or racks can help people access them right when they have the need for them. This helps in reducing the dripping of water on the floor, the area around sinks, etc. 

Bath towels

How is this important? 

Well, the towels being placed far away from the wash area leads to dripping, which in turn makes the floor wet for a long time. 

Following this, the fabric also plays a key role here. Cotton is always deemed the best to absorb water and that shall always remain the wise choice to opt for bathroom accessories as well. Learn more about why cotton is preferred for bath towels here.

Quick stops

Next comes the bathroom mats. They are really helpful in keeping the floors tidy. Again, a well-absorbable fabric is a necessity. For this accessory, placement is crucial. Based on the area of the bathroom, you can plan where to put them. If it’s a spacious bathroom, you can place them right outside the shower area and the door. 

Bathroom rugs

If you have a luxurious bathroom space, then considering placing a rug could also be a great option. Either way, mats can be a relief. 

Clean & Clear

Now comes the big question. How are these tips in any way useful in maintaining a clean bathroom?

Having such small inputs as accessories allow the bathrooms to be dry at most times, and less slippery. During cleaning sessions, all you got to do is clean up the fabrics or replace them with new ones and reuse them at regular intervals. You don’t have to spend so much time scrubbing and rinsing the floors and slabs. 

These were our quick hacks to let the bathrooms feel fresh and classy at the same time. Not convinced, are you? As we always say, try it to believe it!

How to set up a kids’ room

Styling homes have always been a hectic task. Be it a living room or a simple makeover of a corner space. Now, imagine planning a kids’ room! Oh, that surely is a tough one to crack, isn’t it? Well, we’re here to say – Not anymore!

From safety to styling, we have come up with some quick tips that help you set up the kids’ room with ease. We know you’re all curious to know how, so keep reading 🙂

Simple as it can get

Kids are capable of having fun with the smallest of things. Everything makes them curious which gives us an upper hand to work smartly. Confused? Well, think of it this way. When you point the kids to look at bright colours as a marvellous event, they react looking astounded by it, don’t they? That’s it, that’s our play right there!

The more it’s simple and easy to comprehend the surrounding, the more adaptable kids get. So, when you have less/ no furniture in the room, they feel free to move around and enjoy the space more. Kids are more active that way too.

How can we make it simple?

Choose soft, natural fabrics like Thoppia cotton and linen to establish a comforting experience. Floor cushions are a saviour when it comes to this. There is no need to worry about harmful furniture or edges with them in place. It is easy to move, wash and most importantly – cosy to use.
In case you want the room to have a warm corner, throws come in handy here. They are soft and light, making them a perfect choice to wrap around during a quick nap.

Welcome the colours

Is it even a kids’ room if it doesn’t have some fun, eye-catchy colours around? The children need to feel invited and attracted to the room in the first place. And what better way than luring them in with bright colours!

But remember, you don’t want to go overboard with the shades. Neutral shades are the most appropriate ones to go for. Too dark or too light can make the room appalling for the little ones. So, whatever colour scheme you choose, make sure you take their neutral tones. Whites can come occasionally in the colour scheme to maintain the neutral look. Some safe colours to play with are blue, pink, yellow, and green. 

The cheat sheet

We now know our basic rules – make it simple and choose the right colours. But what about style? Isn’t that a necessity too?

Of course, it is!

Style is important to maintain the overall look of the home. It could be classy, modern, or traditional. Either way, it must get along with your other spaces at home. So, how do we do that?

Choosing your products and placing them in the right spot is your go-to goal here. Think of utility, the best material, and where to place them. For example, if you’d like to have kids sit down and play with enough legroom, the rugs come in as the first and best choice. Now, what material fits best here? Undoubtedly, cotton! It’s easily washable, movable, and comfortable. 

Storage is extremely helpful in a kids’ room. Be it storage beds, or enclosed shelves, they help with tidying up the room in a hassle-free manner. In the case of a ‘no-furniture’ policy, you can set specific areas for play, study, and possibly an open stretch to move around freely. They can be defined through specific colour themes, wall art & graphics to make the rooms more exciting too. A mix-and-match play with curtains is a quick remedy to pull off in this styling. 

And that’s how you do it! We are all set with getting the little ones’ room up and ready. Try these quick tips out and we guarantee that you’ll never regret them 🙂

Modern homes with an Indian twist

Are you that person who wishes to infuse Indian aesthetics into your urban house? It’s always fascinating when Indian traditional patterns and modern abstracts blend together. So, if you want to add a hint of Indian culture to your space then you’ve come to the right place! 

Come, let us take you through what must be best for your liking.


The way we do our home shows our personality. Indian products have their own unique look which can create wonders. Doesn’t simple cotton fabric with classy designs a cool combo to look forward to? Especially on your curtains and bed linens? 

Let us introduce handlooms to you, it is a loom that is used to weave clothes without electricity. Hand weaving is done in pit looms generally located in the weaver’s home. Indian handlooms are known worldwide for their richness, variety and quality. It represents our precious heritage. However, with the advent of power looms, the industry has been struggling. What can be done to preserve this sector? Infusing Indian handlooms in modern homes is definitely one solution.

If you are searching for a fabric of perfection you can refer to ikat fabric. It is an ancient textile weaving craft predominantly found in southeastern regions. It is admired very well for its beauty and creative scope.

When it comes to curtains and blinds, patterns, and most importantly ‘fabrics’ can make a huge difference to give that edgy Indian look. Cotton and linens are the most preferred in that case. It gives an exotic look to your windows. Try it yourself to believe it.

Colours and prints

Since our country has been associated with rich weaving and unique textile, our love for colours and prints is legendary. Vibrant colours, diverse prints and related ambience give Indian fabrics an inherent charm that can add a dash of colour to your home. 

What gives the fabric a unique identity is the prints and weaves that are so distinct to the region. Inspired by nature, and the architecture of temples, these prints are rich in structures. From hundreds of artisans throwing different craft ideas, there are various prints to choose from. Bandhani, Patola, Batik etc are some of the most popular Indian prints that have found much love across the world.

Have you ever noticed that we are all very much attracted to deep colours but are hesitant to bring that to interiors? India has always been remembered as a country of symbolic colours. Giving vibrant colours to interiors is an easy way to give an Indian touch.

Accessories and wall art

Like art, the accessories to your home say a lot about you. They actually personalise your home. 

Our country is well known for its luxurious tradition. It is unique from the rest. Stainless glass lanterns and a perfectly placed wall painting sets the right mood for the interiors. Placing a rug with such a design in a modern house is a bold decision. Setting the accessories and furnishings in order just completes the aesthetics that you seek.

The key to the success of a modern home with an Indian twist is the infusion of both styles in compatible measure. Once you are able to maintain the balance, you’ll manage to create a seamless experience at your home.

Easy cleaning with cotton?

Why is cotton so important in your daily life? Is it because it has a great ability to control moisture and provide comfort? Yes, adding to the above-mentioned quality, it is also easy to wash and flexible to use. What more can we need from a cloth material?

Cotton fabric is breathable and absorbent hence it allows you to remain comfortable throughout the day. Also, it is soft and easily stretches, making it a convenient material to use, especially in hot climates.

Worried about stains on the plate?

Oh, kitchen towels are so helpful! From cleaning the dirt to wiping up fruits and vegetables. But why are they so underrated? 

Kitchen towels may seem simple as an accessory, but for the one who loves cooking and baking, this is different. It is the most used and useful item out there. The texture of kitchen towels is supposed to be tough enough to handle all the rubbing and scrubbing. It should also be soft enough to absorb the spills and be kind to our hands.

Considering you have bought a new set of kitchen towels after reading this article, always remember to wash them before use. Pre-washing the product helps it to attain its maximum absorbency and be soft to the touch. Also, in some cases, the colour sticks to the fabric, making the colour fade during the initial wash. This is mostly found in silicone-coated unnatural fabrics. So machine wash can get tricky with those. 

Don’t forget to keep the towel dry or else the moisture becomes a breeding spot for fungus and bacteria. Hanging them out in the sun to get them dry would help with proper air circulation. Or, for some, even the door handle would work.

A common problem with bath towels made of poor-quality cotton is that they shrink and become thinner after a few washes. This is why thorough cotton checks on brands are necessary.

Table napkins, the ultimate guide for table setting

Set your table with cloth napkins anytime you host a special meal or anytime you want to make your ordinary meal feel special. Even though cotton napkins have been there for ages, these table napkins seem to elevate the table setting.

table napkins

Is it better to use cloth napkins for tables?

Cloth napkins are more eco-friendly than paper napkins. When you choose cloth napkins over paper napkins, you create less waste. And moreover, they look classier for your table.

How to arrange napkin on your dining table

Whether you are trying to host a dinner party or just decorating your dining table, whether it is a buffet or casual lunch with friends, napkins on your table can do wonders. So it is very important how you arrange your table napkins.

We all know that the fun of being a host to a function is decoration. Being the host, it’s your privilege to choose the colour and theme of the setting. You can experiment with ideas to arrange the table with just the table napkins. Placing them next to the plates is the most convenient way for guests to use the napkins. But why not have a little fun by creating new folds and patterns with it? Imagine cutleries wrapped in cotton napkins, doesn’t that look neat? We say, explore your creative side right here!

Bath towels: The most fashionable towel out there

Isn’t having a fresh hot shower a relaxation for many out there? While talking about showers, bath towels are one of the few main things that come to our minds. Bath towels are one of the most important household tools that we would not remember until and unless when in use. Keep a healthy shower habit by indulging in quality bathing accessories.

bath towel

When you are looking to decorate your bathroom, you tend to opt for cosy, delicate and soft bath towels. Most people opt for cloth made of fine quality and of cotton. The smooth material will provide you with a comfortable and luxurious experience. Body care is an essential routine, and it all starts with basics like bath towels.

Do’s and don’ts of buying a bath towel

Choosing a bath towel is not a simple task because only a few suit your requirement. To do it rightly, you can try considering the following aspects which fasten the process of choosing.

  1. Durability

This is the most important aspect that determines the value of your investment. You can ensure that the towel you choose is long-lasting by doing some research on the materials used in the towel and collecting reviews from customers who purchased them.

  1. Luxury

Bath towels have the ability to make your bathing experience either disastrous or blissful. Towels of high-quality materials enhance a sense of comfort and joy in you adding a refreshing experience. So always be wise and don’t spoil the fun of this experience!

  1. Size

You can choose the size of your bath towel with regard to your stature. Light-weighted ones can add to your convenience.

Inducing everyday accessories with cotton material is the best change that brings us close to the goal of zero waste. You can reuse them as many times as you want. You will save money and it is undoubtedly the best for the planet. We would love to know if you get to use cotton accessories too. 

To India, With Love: The Cultural Fabrics of India

“It [Indian Culture] nurtured the synthesis of those cultures which stayed in this country. They affected the Indian way of life and in return got influenced by it.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our beloved nation has been known for its unique culture, food, clothes, and festivals for thousands of years. Every year, many tourists from foreign countries flock to India to experience its diversity; one of the areas where you can truly experience India’s diversity is its heritage fabrics. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Nagaland to Gujrat – the Indian clothing legacy is so widespread that it will amaze you.

However, the sad truth is, millennials are more influenced by western brands than Indian traditional fabrics. As a result, thousands of artisans are forced to wrap up their business due to the lack of demand and recognition.

To bring a change, start-ups and fashion designers are trying to revive the almost comatose Indian traditional clothing industry with the help of social media. So, it is high time we brush up on our knowledge about India’s pristine heritage of fabrics and celebrate our culture once again.

So, let’s begin our Heritage Fabric Tour of India.


Pashmina is considered one of the most expensive and exclusive fabrics of India. A meter long, original Pashmina stole might cost you over ₹10,000. The wool of this fabric is made from the undercoat of a rare kind of sheep called Pashmina that is found only in the high altitude, cold desert of Ladakh. Every piece of fabric is handmade as the wool is extremely delicate.

Muga Silk

Muga Silk is the pride of Assam. Once reserved only for royalties, it is known for its glossy fine texture and durability. This silk is derived from a silkworm called Antheraea Assamensis that only feeds on Som and Soalu trees. This yellowish-golden tinted silk undergoes a painstakingly long process. 

It takes 1 acre of land to produce 400 grams of Muga silk at a time. From rearing the silkworm to weaving a Muga silk saree – it takes roughly two months. Therefore, it is so exclusive that its value is often compared to gold.


Nowadays, almost everyone is aware of Flax Seeds. It is trendy among health-conscious people for its variety of health benefits. But did you know that the flax tree is used to make linen from where the seeds are derived? As the fabric is exceptionally durable, absorbent, and airy, dresses made of linen are trendy among both men and women. 

Furthermore, it dries quicker than cotton and is highly affordable. Therefore, this fabric is now being used to make home furnishings like bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, placemats, table napkins, and many more. 


Chambray is often mistaken for denim. It is a type of cotton that is made by weaving dyed warp yarn and white filling yarn. It is commonly used to make home furnishings as well as clothing. Since Chambray is softer and more breathable than denim, it is often used to make pants as its substitute.

Handwoven Fabrics

Handwoven textiles have been a bonafide specialty of Indian weavers, with people from all over the world being passionate admirers for centuries altogether. The variety of handwoven fabrics available in India is spectacular, with every state bringing something unique to the table. 

Sustainable fabrics that are eco-friendly and provide employment to thousands of skilled weavers throughout the country – the Indian handwoven textiles are nothing short of a national treasure. 


The Indian cotton fabric has for long been the insignia of our country’s pride, regarded by many as the crest of fabrics made and sold in India. The cotton fiber is skillfully spun into a yarn that is further utilized to create voguish cotton garments. 

Cotton, a thin, breathable, and airy fabric, is the preferred choice for almost every Indian during the summers. Natural, authentic cotton is entirely non-toxic and does not have any adverse effects on the skin. 

Furthermore, it is highly absorbent and provides boundless comfort in humid conditions. All this, combined with the decent durability of high-quality garments and above all, the love and sentiments of the buyers attached with it, make cotton one of the most superior cultural fabrics of India. 


Probably one of the most versatile fibers you will find in India, Rayon has traditionally been used here even though it is a semi-synthetic fiber made with cellulose. Rayon fabrics are still as popular as in the yesteryears because of their exquisite slippery texture and comfort. Besides being more absorbent than cotton and linen, the fabric can also be dyed very quickly in various colors to design fashionable garments. 

The hallmark of rayon fabrics is that they offer you the best of both worlds. The comfort is as soothing as that of a natural fiber like cotton, while the fabric’s style, drape, and slippery texture are similar to that of nylon. Overall, rayon garments are some of the most luxurious ones that you’ll find in India, offering breathtaking designs, colors, and finesse. 


A close second in the list of the most widely produced plant-based fibers, Jute is a primary textile ingredient in India. The characteristic roughness and durability of jute fabric make it suitable for the production of curtains, carpets, ropes, rugs, twines, cushion covers, etc. In addition, jute fabrics are surprisingly breathable, with considerable tensile strength and low extensibility. 

The Indian jute fabric is used to produce some of the finest traditional products, primarily because it is versatile, robust, and blends easily with other synthetic fibers. Printing on jute material is yet another trend, producing eye-catching designs for regular products and garments. 

Embroidered Fabric

Embroidery stitches have ruled the Indian clothing industry for thousands of years, be it garments or home furnishing. Universally, there are 15 types of embroidery stitches. 

When it comes to the beautification of fabrics, nothing can compare to a beautifully embroidered material. 

Nowadays, small home furnishings such as embroidered cushion covers are trendy in Indian households.

Over to you!

By now, if you are fascinated by the rich heritage of Indian fabrics and print and want to be a part of the change, consider shopping from a brand that is dedicated to supporting Indian traditional artisans and promises the highest level of quality over everything else – Thoppia. Check out our finest collection of prints and fabrics here

The potential and growth of India’s cotton home furnishing industry

Cotton is one of mankind’s greatest discoveries. It is one textile commodity which is extensively used in the fashion industry. India is the largest producer and exporter of cotton yarn, currently at 18% of the global total.

Cotton plays an important role in the Indian economy by contributing around 5% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 11% to total export earnings. Moreover, the cotton industry is the second-largest employer in the country after agriculture. It provides employment to over 51 million people directly and 68 million people indirectly.

Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh are the leaders in cotton production.

The history

Cotton industry’s history in India dates back millennia. India has been producing cotton for about 3000 years and has held a global monopoly since then. In the ancient times, cotton served as a medium of exchange in the barter economy system. Eastern and European markets have been importing cotton since the middle ages.

Post the industrial revolution, the first cotton mills were set up in 1818 in Kolkata. The 1870s saw an exponential growth in the cotton textile industry in India. Majority of the cotton mills were constructed in Mumbai. Since then there has been a continuous increase in cotton mills and the production of cotton.

Market Growth in India

Cotton has a strong overseas demand and hence the cotton production has been on a rise since the mid 1800s. The Indian government has also supported the textile industry by creating several export promotion policies and allowing 100% FDI.

The current textile industry’s market estimate in India stands at Rs 17,000 crore and is growing consistently at 9% annually. India also sells all the four varieties of cotton, which has helped India in maintaining the lead cotton producer role globally.

India’s textile market is growing by leaps and bounds. Another reason for this growth is the shift of people’s focus on home furnishing and decor. Growth of housing, office, hospitality and healthcare sectors has fuelled cotton’s demand as well. Indian customers are not hesitating to spend money while investing in home or office decors.

Over the past few years, the demand for furnishing products like bedspreads, curtains, rugs, carpets, cushion covers, table covers, linens, and other such accessories has doubled. This is the reason that home textiles and furnishing sectors have become an important part of the textile industry.

When lockdowns were enforced in countries due to the COVID pandemic, homes were converted to offices and schools. This led to a more than 200% rise in growth of the home furnishing industry. The rise is synonymous to an increase in demand for cotton. Some trends that have been driving this growth are:

Home or Office

The post-pandemic world has created a new-wave of buyers who would be looking for a home plus office kind of a setup. Even many companies are trying and testing hybrid models where a part of the employee population works from home permanently. So, the new homes would have to be remodelled, redecorated, and redesigned to accommodate new lifestyles.

We, at Thoppia, have tapped into innovation by amalgamating traditional weavers’ skills with modern design to provide a one-stop hoe décor solution to their customers.

Luxury & comfort

With the rise in the affluent population, luxury home items are no longer limited to the rich. There is an increase in demand for crafted furniture, ethnic rugs, hand-woven home décor items and many such unique and innovative items.

People are not hesitating to spend more to make their homes look more luxurious and cosy as it’s a reflection of their lifestyle. Moreover, people are spending a lot of time in planning, thinking, and researching the products that would suit their home.

Kitchen items

The pandemic has brought with it an increase in the demand of kitchenware and appliances. People are looking for unique and smart solutions to make their tasks simpler in the kitchen. Moreover, customers have high expectations even in small products like linens, towels, mats, aprons, and other such items.

Marketing to Millennial

The next generation is moving out of their house for work opportunities. As per the current market trends, millennials are looking for fully-furnished homes to save themselves from the hassle of buying home décor items. This group focuses on quality and has the finances to invest.

The millennials are also amongst the most travelled and hence their inspiration comes from experiences they live in other countries.

Digital Revolution

No one can underestimate the power of the digital medium as it is very appealing to a large customer base. It has helped grow a lot of businesses by providing them a global platform. Even small scale businesses from Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities have their e-commerce website to sell their products globally.

The textile industry has also leveraged the benefits of the digital platform by providing smart solutions to customers. By introducing ready-to-use products, the product purchase has become simpler. This has increased the demand of cotton home furnishings online which in turn triggered an exponential market growth in this industry.

All the tech-savvy customers who are looking for beautiful and stylish home décor solutions are benefiting from online stores.

Thoppia has also entered the digital domain and given a platform to traditional weavers to showcase their products. It has a complete range of home furnishing products from kitchenware, living spaces, bedrooms, washrooms, and other home décor accessories.

The bottom line

There is definitely a growing trend in the cotton home furnishing industry which might have slowed down due to the pandemic. But the industry is again picking up and demand for smart, unique, innovative, durable, and sustainable products is increasing. The buyers have many choices in front of them due to the e-commerce boom.

But, it’s always advised that they should pick the brands that offer superior or premium quality products. And as it’s said, ‘Home is where the heart is’, so choose products that are worthy of your home and lifestyle.

A Detailed Guide to Buying Pillowcases

Pillow covers are household staples. They are both protective and decorative – attributes that make them an exceptional element of every living space. But despite their tangible importance, they are often overlooked!

Buying the right pillow covers and then learning everything about their maintenance goes a long way in increasing their longevity. So much thought goes into purchasing suitable pillows, but everything falls flat if you don’t give enough attention to what goes over them.

Thus, to understand the characteristics of a good-quality pillow cover and ensuring better sleep for yourself and your loved ones, read this guide on how to pick the best pillow covers whenever you go out shopping.

Fabric First

When buying pillow covers, it is best to decide the kind of fabric. Like bed sheets, pillow covers can also be made with various fabrics, comprising natural and synthetic elements. Cotton is often used for bedding material since it is trendy, stylish, and comfortable. As is predictable now, cotton is a highly preferred material for pillow covers, offering a wide range of choices to buyers.

A soft and breathable nature is the highlight of cotton pillow covers. However, cotton develops wrinkles quickly as compared to nylon. But besides its resilience, Nylon might not be the best choice if you’re looking for something light and comfortable.

Other luxurious fabrics used for making pillow covers are silk and satin. These are sleek, lustrous, and also good for the hair. But again, these fabrics are delicate and need extra care.

Ease of Maintenance

The thumb rule of buying pillow covers – always to read the product labels first. Then, read the wash and care instructions to make sure the product is manageable for you.

Fabrics like silk call for extreme care, and most silk product labels recommend careful washing with hands.

Generally, cotton and linen covers are considered ideal for families with busy schedules and kids. The materials are easy to maintain and can be machine washed without any worries. That said, it is also recommended to choose the color of your pillow covers prudently.

Aesthetics and Appeal

The pillow case’s appearance depends on how the pillow is used: comfort or a soft decor accessory.

If you want your pillow covers to complement the interior decor, you have to choose your fabrics from that perspective itself. The knit & weave and the prints & patterns of some fabrics can add depth to a room. Moreover, to achieve a cohesive look, they should complement the existing textures in the house. Color also plays a crucial role here, so be mindful of the current color palette in your rooms while choosing the looks of your new pillow covers.

You might also be tempted to level up the glam quotient, primarily if the pillow cover is meant for accent cushions. To do so, you can think of choosing whimsical prints, frills, or cutouts.

The Right Size

In the end, what good is an aesthetic pillow cover if it does not aptly adorn your pillows? When purchasing pillow covers, always check the pillow cover size carefully if you have already purchased the pillows. When revamping your bedroom, you can consider layering as well. It is possible to layer pillows by using two sizes of square pillows and rectangular pillows.

You can also play with colors here, as layering is a quirky and exciting idea to implement with no rules as such. The accent pillows can easily be slid into the drawer when you make your bed at night and put back up the following morning.

Care for Your Skin and Hair

Kids, and even adults with sensitive skin can experience allergic reactions to synthetic blend fabrics. However, regardless of the season, cotton is considered the safest for the skin. Besides, it is naturally hypoallergenic as well.

The texture of silk makes it a precious fabric that prevents hair loss. It can, however, be a bit costly depending on quality and quantity. Moreover, silk pillow covers are cold, so if the weather is hot, only then silk could be favorable.

Thread Count

Thread count measures the number of threads per square inch of fabric, both vertically and horizontally.

Generally, a higher thread count indicates a softer fabric. Every time it is washed, it is likely to get softer. Thread counts between 200 and 400 are suitable for everyday use. Moreover, there are fabrics with thread counts beyond 1000 as well.

However, this does not necessarily imply that the material is superior to those with a three-digit thread count. Low thread counts do not automatically equate with low-quality fabrics.

Sound Sleep

It can be very exasperating to sleep with nylon pillow covers in summers. While sleeping on one, you may feel quite uncomfortable because the thick fabric makes your face sweat a lot.

In contrast, cotton pillow covers that are made with 100 percent cotton are pleasantly soft and breathable.


Since they protect the pillows, choosing the right pillow cover ultimately adds years to the pillow’s life. Therefore, you must select durable pillow covers only.

Fabric resilience determines the durability and can be assessed by the material’s ability to regain its original shape after being wrinkled.

In addition, ensure that the fabric is abrasion resistant, which means that washing and frequent usage do not destroy it quickly.

Products that bear labels with such information and certain warranties/guarantees may be a good choice. Cotton ranging from 200 to 800 count is generally considered durable, and of course, durability depends on your usage and maintenance.

Sustainable Fabrics for a Conscious Living

With all the healthy conversation surrounding sustainable living, what is your reason for not adopting it yet?

Natural fabrics like cotton and Linen cause much less environmental damage than synthetic ones during manufacturing.

The Takeaway

So, the next time you go shopping, feel free to use this blog as your guide to finding pillow covers that offer everything that is needed. If you do not wish to put in a lot of effort in finding the right pillow covers for your house, head straight to to check out the best range of pillow covers.

5 things in your kitchen that can enhance its look

The kitchen is a truly functional space. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the center of a home. After all, it is where the food that keeps you and your family going, is made. It offers a social hub for couples or families who love to cook or to eat together.

Which is why, kitchen styling is more important than ever – to create a seamless flow from one room to another. One area you need to focus on while styling your kitchen is the products you will put in there. And the best thing you can probably do is to incorporate 100% cotton products in your kitchenette.

Read on to know about 5 things that you often ignore, but still, have an influence on the overall look of your kitchen. The little things that matter, when it comes to style.


Let’s start with you. You’ll need an apron if you’re going to be whipping up recipes. Your apron is important not just for you, but also for your kitchen. A cotton apron can protect your clothes and skin from stains and marks.

Buy Cotton Aprons for home

Cotton is gentle, breathable and doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics. So you won’t need to give it for laundry or wash it often, and you can save money, water, and energy.

These days, aprons are used for decorative purposes too. Hang your Satin Stripe Cotton Apron behind the door, or drape it on the arm of a chair. See how it adds a subtly sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Style is an expression, after all.

Kitchen Towels

You’ve probably never thought of this item as something capable of ‘adding style’. Though they’re very useful, kitchen towels are one of the most overlooked (read underrated) items in a kitchen. It’s about time we start giving them the credit they deserve.

Like everything else in your kitchen, quality matters when it comes to kitchen towels too. It is important to be aware and not end up constantly buying cheaper lower quality towels.

Go for cotton kitchen towels. They are durable and will make your life in the kitchen easier, while also saving you money in the long run. Choose from a range of options in Honeycomb Cotton or Twill Stripe – they’re as gorgeous as they’re functional. Place them neatly stacked on a table, in a kitchen drawer, or hung over the door. If they’re clean and colorful, they’ll make your kitchen look pleasant.

Cotton kitchen towel by Thoppia

Dish Towels

There’s a high chance you use dish towels at home if you’re someone who washes and dries dishes by hand. There’s no doubting the fact that dish towels are handy, but how handy they are depends on their quality.

Using 100% Cotton Dish Towels will make your dish cleaning and drying experience more efficient. Quick. Stylish. They’re the perfect blend of utility and fashion.

Oven Gloves

Oven gloves are designed to be used while handling hot items – to get things in and out of ovens. They’re used by people at home, or by people working in businesses and professions that utilize ovens. It is a staple in the food industry.

Oven Gloves for kitchen

If you’ve got an oven at home, try Cotton Oven Gloves. They’re very widely used, and come in a varied range of colors, patterns, and styles. They’re skin-friendly and provide you with all the benefits of wearing cotton. What’s even better, is that you can wash them in your washing machine. Convenient? Totally.

Tablecloths and Table Mats

A kitchen will definitely have a table, maybe two. Also, more and more families are embracing the ‘kitchen-diner’ way of eating their food together. What’s on the table should delight you, and that does not have to stop at food.

Table Cloth and Placemats

A table cloth protects your table, but it’s your choice that will enhance the look and feel of it too. And it needs to be complemented with table mats, that go so well with your kitchen and brighten up your mood.

Pick a Chambray Cotton Tablecloth. It’s safe, skin-friendly and totally classy. And go for Handwoven Striped Table Mats. Because stripes in various colors reinforce the pleasant quality of design. Decorate your table and relish the food you make, with stylish and durable table essentials from Thoppia.

While you spend a lot of time and money in making decisions about cabinets, flooring, walls and the other stuff in your kitchen, do not forget these 5 essentials. You tend to ignore them, and they seem subtle enough, but they’re definitely not trivial. Pay attention to the little things, and they can go a long way in adding personality to your kitchen.

Cotton Throws Are Truly Versatile – 6 Reasons Why

Imagine having a furnishing that you can use in more than one way! You must have come across a throw blanket somewhere or the other. And given that it’s the winter, people just can’t have enough of them! Throws are smaller than the everyday blankets, and tend to be more associated with decoration. That’s why, they are often used over the back of a couch or chair, or draped over the arm of a sofa.

But that is not all they can do! Whether on chilly winter nights or blazing summer holidays, throws can be used for a variety of purposes which makes them extremely functional pieces. Read on to find out how you can incorporate a throw in your home, and use it even after the winter is over.

Accessorize your furniture with it

Let’s start from the basics. Regardless of the season, you can use throws in your home decor. Here are a few ideas how:

  • Drape a throw over a chair after folding it lengthwise.
  • Place a throw over a sofa or couch. This can help to protect the cushions, especially when you have pets whom you love too much to move them from the couch.
  • Drape it across the end of the bed. This could induce a more personal feel.
  • If you have a minimalistic window seat, a gorgeous cotton throw is an instant way to add style and warmth to it.

Handwoven cotton throws

Arrange a throw as a stylish addition in your living room or bedroom. Choosing the right type of throw depends on where you’ll use it, the look you want to achieve and your colour scheme. For a variety of delightful options, you can buy throws online India.

Snuggle in it

This is probably the point you will love the most. On a chilly night or a rainy morning, throws can come handy. Use them instead of using large winter blankets. Drape yourself, and have your warm cup of coffee, or read your favorite book. Nestling in a warm throw whose texture you love can be addictive! More power to you if you can get a handwoven one.

Apart from snuggling in them at home, you can even use them outside in another interesting way. Instead of worrying about which sweater to wear above your shirt or top for an outing, wrap yourself in a small plain throw that is cozy-as-a-cloud when the wind is cold.

Care for your kids and newborns

Yes, you read that right. Children love to play with blankets. The throws we offer are hand-woven and cotton, which means that they are a lot safer, softer and smoother than other throws. Hence, these throws are also perfect for the newborns. It provide them with safe and ample warmth and comfort – whatever be the season.

Give it as a Gift

Gifting a throw
Everybody loves presents, especially those that are thoughtful. Hand-woven cotton throws make a great gift for any occasion – be it one throw or more, for one person or several members of a family. And when the weather is cold, a throw as a present would surely be appreciated!

Take it with you as you travel for long

Do you go on long drives often? Do you think it’s too cold outside at night? If you’ve answered yes, we suggest you to keep a cotton throw in your car. Because throws make beautiful shawls. They insulate against a chill. Let them be in your car all the time. That way, you won’t have to look for a hoodie or jacket while you grab your car keys.

And if you’re soon going to travel by bus or train, do not forget to take a throw with you. It is a perfect size to drape around your shoulders. It will keep you warm as you travel, and feel so soft on your skin. A bonus point, if it’s a stylish one with pretty patterns!

Picnic on it

If it’s a pleasant weather day and you want to go picnicking with your family or friends, take a throw or two along as you travel. Sit on them as you picnic on the beach and share sandwiches. You can even use them if it’s a garden picnic or a children’s tea party that you are throwing. (pun intended)

Throws can be used both inside and outside your home, and make a style statement whether it’s winter or summer. As they are smaller than typical blankets and can be used for multiple purposes, they are truly versatile items that you can own. And if you’re looking for a cotton throw with a beautiful pattern and touchable texture, shop now at You will also find several handwoven throws that you will love.

Brighten up your home with Sheer Curtains

Gone are the days of flashy and gaudy furnishings. Today, people prefer light and subtle materials. Fabrics that are minimalistic, elegant and feathery are liked better. And this applies to the window treatment as well. A timeless and beautiful option for the same would be sheer curtains.

Although they’d been quite neglected for some time, sheer curtains have gained their place in home décor. People are finding them advantageous. They impart aesthetic value. And they’re functional. How? Here are ways how they can benefit your home.

Brightening up your room

Who doesn’t love a home filled with natural light in the day? It makes the room airy and bright. If you’re looking for some filtered vitamin D and a room that gives out happy, sunny vibes – sheer curtains are your best bet.

Advantages of using sheer curtains

Their translucence allows natural light to pass through, not entirely, but just enough. They’ll also give you essential UV protection. They can blend well with blinds and blackout curtains too.

Giving you the privacy you need

Most people sadly describe closing their curtains as darkening their room. No, not with sheer curtains. With them, you can still have a bright room, without having to compromise on the privacy you need.

The sheer fabric is thin enough to allow sunlight, and thick enough to disallow the eyes of those on the outside of your room. It blocks the inside view.

Letting you enjoy the outside view

Sure, they block the inside view. But not the outside view. Sheer curtains’ translucency will help you enjoy the view outside while covering your windows.

They can boost the ambience of your room, add an uncanny charm to it, and let you appreciate the scenic landscape on your home’s exterior.

Adding style, effortlessly

Timeless, dreamy, romantic, sensual — sheer curtains help you achieve all these feelings for your room. Their versatility is their true power.

Sheer Curtains online from Thoppia

If you’re looking to create a calm and relaxing aura, go for neutral colors like grey, white, cream, beige or soft pink. The breezy sheer curtains will very well complement your bright bed sheets and other bed linen. Or if you are keen on using bright colors, go ahead. You could team them up with brighter colored solid shades curtains too.

Making your room look bigger

This is a loveable reason indeed. If you feel that the ceiling in your room is too low or your room is too compact, pick sheer curtains.

Install them from floor to ceiling, if you want to make the ceiling appear higher. It’s a plus, if the curtains have vertical stripes. Get them customized longer than your window pane, if you want to make your room appear bigger. Sheer is a light and subtle material, so it will also feel clutter-free.

A smart fabric with a simple yet sophisticated style – that’s sheer for you. Sheer curtains that are made of 100% cotton or linen feature natural fibres and have varied choices in color, print and style.

Pick the shade that’ll match or complement the color of the rest of your room. That includes furnishings like sheets, bedding and cushion covers. Set a relaxed vibe, fill your home with energising natural light and style. Get some sheer!

Cotton goodness for your modern Indian home, from Thoppia

Thoppia is a brand established in 1998, which sells soft home furnishings that are 100% pure cotton. Not just ‘cotton’ or ‘pure cotton’, but 100% pure cotton products for every modern home. The name is derived from ‘Thoppian’, which is the name of a renowned traditional weavers’ family from Kannur. Thoppians are one of the most authentic cotton fabric manufacturers in India. Thoppia offers products that are durable and modern by combining traditional handicraft with the latest fashion trends.

The dedicated weavers associated with the brand are from Kannur, which is rightly called ‘the land of looms and lores’. The weavers’ commitment to quality is ingrained in every fiber of the fabric they weave. The entire life cycle of the fabric – from choosing the yarn, dyeing it, weaving it, to stitching it – is done in-house under close supervision. This gives scope for greater control over quality standards.

Loom of Thoppia in Kannur

Thoppia began as a home decor retail company in 2010, but in 2017 it transformed itself into an online store. Starting with a brick-and-mortar retail model in Bangalore, it moved on to the online retail model completely by shipping products all across the country and promoting the skilful products and meticulousness of Kannur’s master weavers.

Custom made furnishings from Thoppia

The Thoppians wanted the whole of India to experience their quality products. Thoppia online was established with this aim. Thoppia ships its products all over India, including the customized ones. That brings us to a unique and exciting feature about the Thoppia’s online store- the Customization feature. Every home is different, deserving a unique character and a personal touch. So Thoppia’s customization page lets you to choose the fabric, dimensions, the desired lining and stitch too to make your home look unique.

However, it does have a Home decor experience store in Bangalore – established in 2018. Those looking for home décor in Bangalore can always visit this store to find something genuine in cotton furnishings. Curtains, cushion covers, throws, bath towels, bed sheets – you name it. It’s got a wide range of 100% pure cotton as well as linen furnishings for every customer, anywhere in India.

Customize your living space with a charm that’s uniquely yours

Whether you are after the perfect stitch or a distinct character, investing in customized home furnishings will ensure that your final product will give a touch of elegance and perfection to your living space.

Shedding new light on home decors, Thoppia showcases an appreciation for luxury fabrics, impeccable stitches and a long-lasting finish. And with our customization option, you can buy your custom made furnishings online while being at the comfort of your own home.

When choosing a new bed sheet or a cushion cover, the style & design are two usual attributes that one focus on. And often don’t realize the importance of the quality of the fabric and how consciously you need to pick them or don’t realize that a non-fitting cushion cover can be an eye sore in your beautifully done living room.

Bedrooms are meant to be calm and serene. With premium-quality fabrics and bespoke services, we help you to create a unique individualized space to retire into.

The custom-made fitted sheets will make your bedding stand out for its finish, simplicity & perfection. You can choose from the range of fabrics which are available and customize it as per your size requirement.

If you dress up your windows/doors right, they can enhance the charm of the room. With a lot of variety that you get in curtains, there is so much that you can do by customizing that will be a unique expression of your taste & needs.

Customization is not just about the color and pattern, consider the quality of the fabric and fitting more seriously. Here at, you can do inch by inch customization of your curtains, bed sheets and cushions to have your home dressed up to the tee.The look and feel of our customized furnishings are sure to reflect your distinct character & individual style sensibilities. And, Cotton is best for your interiors as it is softer and kinder to your skin. It breathes well and can treat your skin with more care and comfort.

We stay true to quality of materials. You stay true to your own style and personality. Let’s together brighten up your living space with a charm that’s uniquely yours.