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How to set up a kids’ room

Styling homes have always been a hectic task. Be it a living room or a simple makeover of a corner space. Now, imagine planning a kids’ room! Oh, that surely is a tough one to crack, isn’t it? Well, we’re here to say – Not anymore!

From safety to styling, we have come up with some quick tips that help you set up the kids’ room with ease. We know you’re all curious to know how, so keep reading 🙂

Simple as it can get

Kids are capable of having fun with the smallest of things. Everything makes them curious which gives us an upper hand to work smartly. Confused? Well, think of it this way. When you point the kids to look at bright colours as a marvellous event, they react looking astounded by it, don’t they? That’s it, that’s our play right there!

The more it’s simple and easy to comprehend the surrounding, the more adaptable kids get. So, when you have less/ no furniture in the room, they feel free to move around and enjoy the space more. Kids are more active that way too.

How can we make it simple?

Choose soft, natural fabrics like Thoppia cotton and linen to establish a comforting experience. Floor cushions are a saviour when it comes to this. There is no need to worry about harmful furniture or edges with them in place. It is easy to move, wash and most importantly – cosy to use.
In case you want the room to have a warm corner, throws come in handy here. They are soft and light, making them a perfect choice to wrap around during a quick nap.

Welcome the colours

Is it even a kids’ room if it doesn’t have some fun, eye-catchy colours around? The children need to feel invited and attracted to the room in the first place. And what better way than luring them in with bright colours!

But remember, you don’t want to go overboard with the shades. Neutral shades are the most appropriate ones to go for. Too dark or too light can make the room appalling for the little ones. So, whatever colour scheme you choose, make sure you take their neutral tones. Whites can come occasionally in the colour scheme to maintain the neutral look. Some safe colours to play with are blue, pink, yellow, and green. 

The cheat sheet

We now know our basic rules – make it simple and choose the right colours. But what about style? Isn’t that a necessity too?

Of course, it is!

Style is important to maintain the overall look of the home. It could be classy, modern, or traditional. Either way, it must get along with your other spaces at home. So, how do we do that?

Choosing your products and placing them in the right spot is your go-to goal here. Think of utility, the best material, and where to place them. For example, if you’d like to have kids sit down and play with enough legroom, the rugs come in as the first and best choice. Now, what material fits best here? Undoubtedly, cotton! It’s easily washable, movable, and comfortable. 

Storage is extremely helpful in a kids’ room. Be it storage beds, or enclosed shelves, they help with tidying up the room in a hassle-free manner. In the case of a ‘no-furniture’ policy, you can set specific areas for play, study, and possibly an open stretch to move around freely. They can be defined through specific colour themes, wall art & graphics to make the rooms more exciting too. A mix-and-match play with curtains is a quick remedy to pull off in this styling. 

And that’s how you do it! We are all set with getting the little ones’ room up and ready. Try these quick tips out and we guarantee that you’ll never regret them 🙂

6 curtain combos to make your home pretty

Curtains are breezy and showy, alright! But styling them in fresher perspectives can reveal their full potential. Wondering what this is all about? 

How often do we experiment with curtains – mix up some colours, try out different patterns, and just have fun with those flowy fabrics? So hard to recall, right? Now, don’t you worry! We have the tools to rekindle your romance with curtains. 

Curtain combos are an age-old practice of decoration. But pairing it up in the right way makes all the difference. Let’s take a look at how that is possible!

The basic check

Think of a solid plain colour with printed sheers to complement – the basics are as simple as that. In this case, both the curtains (plains and prints) are lightweight with an attitude of being carefree. 

Some do misinterpret solid colours to be purely bold. However, subtle shades like a Lark or a Herbal Green would also fall under them. Those who enjoy simplicity both in prints and plains can definitely opt-in for such a mix. The subtlety ensures a kind of richness, adding to a pleasant-looking space. 

Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain Herbal Green

Classic Lines Cotton Curtain Green/Beige

Dreamcatcher Sheer Cotton Curtain Light Brown

Textura Cotton Curtain Lark

The design geometry

Geometrical patterns work well as a home-fashion statement, and curtain prints successfully capture this space too. Imagine a sheer or curtain covered in the most fascinating geometrical shapes. And these can be clubbed with some bold solid cotton colours. A rustic appeal, yet very smart, right? 

You can go even further and try out variants of shapes like how we have the Aztec Arrow design and Magic Triangle curtains. They would easily complement the bold cotton curtains and are ideal in bedrooms. 

Aztec Arrow Cotton Curtain Yellow

Chambray Cotton Curtain Sunflower Yellow

Magic Triangle Cotton Curtain Black

Chambray Cotton Curtain Indigo Blue

The Chevron twist

Chevron strokes are a common design element in fabrics. While hanging up a Chevron curtain can do wonders, try pairing it with a bright and dark supplement. The setting would be as sophisticated as it can be. It’s that good!

The light Chevron strokes easily blend in with the dark-coloured ones (like an Ocean Depth Green or Bright Red), which uplifts the homes to a sleek space. This is a perfect option for someone looking to impact guests in a trendy and savvy manner. 

Vibrant Chevron Stroke Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain

Solid Cotton Curtain Brilliant Red

Chambray Cotton Curtain Ocean Depth Green

Muted Chevron Stroke Slub Sheer Cotton Curtain

With so many options to choose from, you can now feel free to experiment with your favourite curtain combos. Mix, match, style, and try hanging up those breezy little fabrics in your homes. We are sure you’ll love them!