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The Do’s and Don’ts of buying bed sheets online

A night of good sleep is the most fulfilling feeling ever! We’re sure no one out there can deny it. Uneven or disturbed sleep can break your peace and even ruin your day (not to scare you…but the truth it is!)

Understanding this, it is only natural to acknowledge that bed sheets carry a huge significance in everyone’s lives. So much care goes into analyzing and deciding the fabrics as it goes on to coexist with us for long hours. 

One of the many reasons why consumers are skeptical while shopping bed sheets online too!

That’s why we have curated a quick guide to ensure you don’t go choosing poor quality-based materials. Hey, and also find out why online shopping may truly be a better option (that’s right!).

The right measure

Have you ever gotten bed sheets that just don’t stay put on your mattress? Or some others being too excessive for your cot? 

Just make sure you measure next time! It’s not as complicated as you think it would be. All you got to do is note down the dimensions of the mattress and match it with the description online.

The king and queen size labels, single and double fitting tags – can be quite confusing when buying through websites. That’s why the dimensions can help you overcome the struggle. In most cases, there will also be an option to connect with the brand’s consultants. An interaction with them would provide ample details of the fit you seek for. 

One of the common mistakes consumers make is ‘adjusting’. Bed sheets cannot be left to fend for themselves without perfect fitting. Due to such instances, sleep gets compromised and the quality (of fabric) becomes unworthy there. 

Remember, survival (of bed sheets) is only through the fittest! 

Fitted bed sheets

Speaking of which, fitted bed sheets are another option that you can opt for while shopping online. But again, choosing a free size wouldn’t still work here. You will have to match the dimensions before you settle with the aesthetics. 

Bed sheet thread counts – a necessity?

Thread count is not a necessary trait to be analyzed in fabrics. Premium brands market their products to achieve commercial stature when they say ‘the higher the thread count, the greater the quality.’

And no, this is not a random statement. A detailed review of this is in one of our earlier blogs as well – Read here

When it comes to bed sheets – fabric feel, comfort, and style matter the most, ensuring they resonate with your idea of ‘comfy sleep’ and nothing else. Each person prefers to cuddle in a certain way. So the product could undergo a quality check from that perspective. 

That being said, linen and 100% cotton fabrics are the most sought-after bed sheets. The reason? The quality it offers! It is breathable, cozy, and adjusts with the temperature around. The material organically adapts to the requirements of the ‘sleeper’. Satin sheets and silk cotton blended (bed sheets) do not have that innate quality, thereby sticking with an ‘occasional’ approach. 

Selective shopping

Shopping online means you get to see unlimited options. There would be block prints, woven patterns, solid colors, pastel shades, and so much more. The task here is to stay focused on what you need. 

You cannot be buying colors or prints that do not go with your abode. Plan your theme, style, and have a blueprint of it in your mind before you get scrolling through designs online. 

If you’re looking to decorate your home from scratch, then you can daringly experiment with pops of colors, threadwork, and whatnot! But in case you are choosing pillow covers to match your existing bed sheets or a whole set of bed sheets to go along with your interiors, selective shopping is the answer. 

Get choosy with tones so you hit the right mark!

Cotton bed sheets

Following these steps will make a great shopping experience online and add insight into how easy, and (more importantly) efficient it is.

Now…you’re all set to enter the field!

Let’s get the carts loaded!

7 Reasons to Fall In Love With Cotton Bedsheets

Believe it or not, one of the biggest bedtime mysteries is figuring out what’s the best material for bed sheets. Falling for aesthetics and never paying attention to the fabric is the reason why most buyers are disappointed with their choice of sheets. But what if we tell you that the good-old cotton is the dark horse when it comes to bedsheets, offering quality that is unsurpassed by any other fabric?

You’ve probably been ‘sleeping’ on the idea of using cotton bed sheets till now, but we’ll give you enough reasons to not make this mistake again. So, continue reading to know what benefits cotton bedsheets offer, which will eventually make you fall in love with them.

Benefits of Bringing Cotton Bedsheets Home

Cotton is a premium fabric that can add life to any textile. A cotton bedsheet offers a great deal of satisfaction, ease, and comfort. Reasons why cotton should be your go-to fabric for bedsheets are:

Breathable Sheets That Keep You Cool

The need and importance of breathability in bedsheets cannot be emphasized enough. The primary reason why everybody needs good-quality breathable bed sheets is that they prevent the body from getting drenched in sweat, especially during summers. Cotton is probably the most breathable fabric that you can find. Therefore, cotton bed sheets allow air to pass through and help in keeping the body cool, comfortable, and somewhat sweat-free.

Cotton bed sheets being highly breathable allow even allergens and dust particles to pass through. Eventually, it prevents allergens from triggering sneezing and watery eyes, something that is extremely important for those who suffer from common allergies.

Always Soft On the Skin

For those of you who are looking for sheets that remain soft and smooth even after multiple washes, cotton bed sheets are the best solution. Cotton being a loosely knit fabric is extremely soft even without processing, and best suited for those who like a little stretch in their bedsheets while sleeping. Furthermore, cotton sheets provide such softness without the unnecessary slippery texture that you get with cheap-quality silk sheets.

Cotton being a plant-based fabric gives you a very gentle and mushy end-product. Hence, you need not worry if you have sensitive skin and you just cannot sleep on synthetic bedding material.

Decent Durability, Longevity and Sustainability

The comfort and softness aside, cotton fabric is also known to be significantly durable. It is observed that bed sheets made with 100% pure cotton have better longevity, and their fibers tend to break much less compared to other blended fabrics after machine washing.

While it is true that synthetic bed sheets like those made with polyester offer much higher strength and durability compared to cotton, it should be noted that with all its other benefits, even cotton sheets can last for at least six to eight years. Therefore, a cotton bedsheet, made with organic fabric also guarantees a decent degree of sustainability.

No Worrying About Maintenance

There is no taking away from the fact that synthetic fibers have changed the textile industry for the good, but it has to be agreed that the maintenance of synthetic bed sheets takes quite a lot of effort on the user’s part. Irrespective of being made with durable fibers, these sheets are sensitive to washing, wringing, heating, etc. Cotton bed sheets on the other hand are low-maintenance sheets, and they are surely much simpler to care for.

If you have a bedsheet made with 100% cotton, you can simply send it for a machine wash without thinking twice. Besides, there is no need to use fancy expensive washing powders, and any regular detergent would suffice for these sheets. To ensure better maintenance of cotton bed sheets, it is advised that you wash them separately, and then tumble dry them at low temperatures. After a quick wash, simply let them dry up, and even without ironing, you will get the same elegant look on putting them back on the mattresses. Iron them if you wish to, but avoid bleaching.

Alluring Designs and Attractive Colors

The number of exquisite prints and the kind of versatility that you get with cotton bed sheets is simply astounding. The range of options that customers have, in terms of designs and colors, also enables them to match their bedsheets with the color of their walls or with any other decor arrangement that they have specially put in place.

Moreover, it is believed that the color of the bedsheets is instrumental in promoting sound sleep as well. Thus, buying cotton sheets having colors like white, pastel, cream, etc., can help you make your sleep environment much more relaxing. White cotton bedsheets in particular are helpful in calming the mood, and symbolize luxury in their own way. It is easy to find all kinds of cotton bed sheets online today. Cotton bed sheets having contemporary designs and supreme elegance can be excellent gift options too.

Wonderful Stretchability

Bedsheets made with natural materials like cotton will always offer an added degree of stretchability, which ultimately contributes to comfort as well. Since cotton bedsheets can stretch, and show good levels of flexibility, they can adapt to different mattress sizes much more comprehensively. Choose a cotton bedsheet king size if you are looking for sheets with bigger dimensions.

Good for The Planet

Being made from an organic plant-based product, cotton bedsheets are not just good for us, but also good for the planet. Since it’s a biodegradable ingredient, cotton automatically makes your bedsheets environmentally friendly. Thus, buying cotton sheets can be your small contribution to the larger cause.

The Takeaways

With whatever we have discussed so far, it is quite evident that while choosing bed sheets for your house, the fabric is the most important thing to consider. Selecting the ideal bedspread can entirely depend on your personal preferences. However, thousands of people across the globe can testify that cotton is the best fabric for bedding material.

A 100% cotton bedsheet can offer the appropriate thread count and premium quality, that suits the weather conditions of almost all locations. In all, the next time you decide to buy bed sheets for your house, go for cotton sheets because they are easy to purchase, easy to maintain, and easy on the eyes.

If you are unable to find the right cotton bed sheets for your bed, head straight to Thoppia offers 100% authentic cotton bedsheets in a wide range of colors, designs, and prints.

Get premium king size or Queen Size bedsheets that fit on your mattresses perfectly, offer unparalleled comfort, and are enriched with elegance and grace. To explore an exclusive collection of pure cotton bed sheets that are tested for international standards, log onto today.