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Ideas to decorate(or design) your home with Fabric

We are careful and sometimes very particular about certain things in our homes. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to redesign our homes to reflect our personalities. While the task of redesigning the home may seem tedious, there are a few ways in which you can use fabric to reflect your style.

Fabric is an affordable smart tool to harness when you want to style your home interiors with the look you desire. It is a piece of art by itself that has been trialed and tested to bring much delight to many homes.  With a vast range of fabrics so easily available the way you use them to style your home is only limited to your creativity.

Design & Style

The first step to styling is to decide on the look that you are going for. Once you have a consensus, you can start narrowing down on the colors, designs, and patterns of the material. Just plains or solid colors are sure to leave a subtleness to the room without distracting your attention, while some design patterns like florals, prints, or Aztecs, are sure to attract some attention in the room.

Living Room Ideas

Fabrics can work wonders as decorative pieces. Some of the ways to use them in the living room could be to sew a nice cover for your bolster cushion and add them to your couch. And if you are an art lover, you can frame fabrics that have fine hand-block prints or weave patterns that fascinate you or reflect your personality.

Hanging some beautiful fabrics placed in embroidery hoops on your walls is sure to enhance the look of the room and speak volumes in terms of interior design. You could also frame pieces of fabric and display them as decorative items on your walls. And if you are someone who likes to spend time sewing your own home décor; magazine baskets, hanging pocket organizers and utility baskets are some fabric DIY projects you could explore. Making embroidery over some plain fabrics and framing them could be a fun way to display your hidden talent.

Dining & Kitchen

The Dining & Kitchen areas have great potential when it comes to fabric home decors. Be it a coaster, table runners, or table mats, you could select a piece of fabric and get sewing. Of course, you can always buy them straight off of a home furnishings store down the road or online. Or, you could choose to get creative in customizing the shapes and sizes.

Another creative use of fabric could be to line it over the food tray or sew a cover for your dining chair to restyle them into unique pieces of furniture. If you have an open kitchen, lining your kitchen cabinets with design fabric is sure to add contrast to your dinnerware and uplift the look of your kitchen.

Bedroom, Balcony & Outdoor Spaces

From the fabric of the curtains to the lampshades at the bedside, there are many elements in the bedroom that can showcase your style. If you are someone that fancies bolster or custom-sized cushions, you can use some beautiful fabric to stitch up covers for them. Covering a plain old photo frame on the study table with some fabric is sure to enhance its look. 

An outdoor setup could be a fun project to work on when you have the right tools and ideas. You could decorate your patio with plant hammocks made out of fabric, use fabric covered bulletin boards in your study room, or even add a hanging book storage unit to give your home a new makeover. Adding a bed skirt or using sheer fabrics to make a bedroom canopy is surely going to add an aura to the room.

We have understood that there are many ways you can use fabric to enhance the look of your home. We have shared a few ideas that could be the answer to your much-needed remodelling project. Or these pointers could be the starting point for a new makeover. The key to styling your home is to start without hesitation and change without restrictions. Let the creativity in you flow into your home. Happy Designing!

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