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How to set up a dining space with less furniture?

Worried about little, cramped spaces for the dining room? Here’s our guide to solving it at reasonable costs and maximum class.

How to set up a dining space with less furniture?

A dining space without a dining table? Is that even possible? We say it’s absolutely possible! It is one of those modern quirky setups that we can proudly claim back to our traditional, old practices. 

Designing modern minimal furniture is a wonderful direction of style to look at. It can either mean you value more space around to move freely or just as a way to make the aesthetics look good. Whatever the case, minimal furniture can be a really hard track to tread on. Especially with our decade-long obsession with classy, heavy furniture. 

That’s where we’d like to bring a change. You do not have to force yourself to buy those heavy pieces of furniture anymore. Let’s take a chance and experiment with the minimal charm for a bit.

No furniture?

The usual dining setup can only be modified to an extent. There are different styles you can try, maybe some quirky upholstery that can bring that oomph factor. But it would still be around the table and chair arrangement.

So, where do we start? 

Think of what you have to give more importance to. Is it the food, people, or space? Categorizing them would determine what kind of style you’re looking for. In most cases, the order would be the same as mentioned. 

And just like that, we begin to plan the setting. 

The serving area must be elaborate to accommodate the dishes and delicacies. So, imagine having floor cushions for seating and table runners as the serving stretch. The age-old traditional practice is a proof model for this style to work. For a round model, table cloths and rugs can be add-ons to this ‘ground plan’. 

Why does floor-seating work?

It is a known fact that Asian culture is familiar with the practice of eating on the floor. Families have followed this for as long as we can remember till, of course, age becomes a barrier. It was and is still believed to bring families together for a happy meal. 

That was the history part of it, but what about the benefits of following this in present times? Well, two things – Mindful eating and a Healthy approach. Sitting down and eating mindfully with fun banter around is such a vibe to think of, isn’t it? This is what works here as well. The body understands your food, flexibility and movement – providing a conscious direction to your actions. The Japanese dining style wasn’t successful for this long, without a reason, don’t you think?

Where’s the style?

With less or no furniture, style can be easily blended with any form around the house. Thinking of modern, quirky, minimal, fun? It all fits!

That’s the beauty of this method. 

Colours and prints can play a huge role in setting the tone in place. For example, for a sophisticated touch – bright colours with geometric prints to coordinate might not be the best pairing to think of. On the other hand, sticking with the plains and putting in a mix of neutral tones can be a great option for the same. 

So there’s that! We got the tricks, culture, benefits, and style all in one shot. We know you can agree when we say – “It’s definitely worth a try!”

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