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How to pick Curtains for Every Wall

It is astonishing that such a small piece of furnishing makes such a huge impact on our homes. A simple thing such as curtains often gets neglected and is hardly given any thought. Curtains make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the room when they are curated perfectly. Complementing your home décor and the elements in your room make your home all the more beautiful as the whole. 

Analyze Room Elements

Paying attention to details about any theme that may be running in the room or the colors and shades of your interiors like the rugs, cushions, furniture, etc. are key focal points to take note of. As colors make a significant impact on the ambiance of the room, it is also important to note the color palettes that are already present in the room to turn things around and make it a feast for the eyes. Choosing the right color of curtains for your home transforms the entire look of the room depending on the shade of the wall.

Different Wall Types

Full White Walls

White walls are blank canvases that carry the potential of being a masterpiece. Narrowing down on your color tones for your curtains is easy when you have white walls. The way forward for white walls is to choose solid colors for curtains that complement your room. You can always go monochromatic by choosing different tones of the same shade by layering them. On the other hand, you can also design your interiors to reflect different shades to bring a sense of peace and serenity to the room as well. The advantage of having a white wall is that it is going to make the room look bigger than usual. Using dark tones for your curtains help you dial down the bright tones and contrast the room which is helpful to highlight any elements in the room.

Beige Tone Walls

Choosing softer shades of blues and greys for your curtains, work wonders on beige walls. And in case your furniture and interiors are also beige or neutral, you can use cushions that are turquoise or blue and match them with the curtains to add a pleasing look. White sheers paneled with browns drapes are another favorite to complement a monochromatic beige wall. For dual tones and contrasts, bluish-green tones are your go-to option. The blues and greens of your curtains add a beachy vibe and a calming effect to everyone who walks into your home. For lighter beige tones, using solid maroons with golden lining may be some options for you to explore.

Colorful Walls

There are a few general guiding principles that will help you choose the right color for your curtains. For walls with single tones, you can simply choose to layer them with similar shades or contrast it with complementary colors. Choosing the right colors for your interiors bring an aura to the room. Colors like soft turquoise bring a sense of harmony and peace to the mind. And Layering your bedroom walls and curtains with pale pink palettes bring a calming effect for a quiet relaxation.

Depending on the number of shades you want your room to gleam, you can decide on various complementary colors to welcome energy into the room. Using yellow curtains over turquoise walls, maroon curtains with mustard walls or brown curtains for walls painted in olive green are a few examples that you can try out. You can also choose to match your curtains with elements in the room like paintings, rugs, or cushions, etc. to highlight them. There are many combinations of color that one can experiment and get creative with to bring the right feeling into their homes.

Walls With Textures or Patterns

Opt for solid curtains to complement the wallpaper in your rooms that are filled with designs and patterns. Hanging solid curtains with some beautiful solid weaves for your window treatments will make your home a bliss. When deciding on the color of the curtain, you can draw inspiration from the base coat of the wallpaper design to keep the prints and patterns as the focus. You wouldn’t want to over-do your living room with designs on every furnishing as this would distract the attention and make the room look a bit clumsy. Keeping it simple and sticking to solids for your curtains is sure to bring a pleasing effect that calms the mind.

Dark Walls

Dark walls capsulate an ocean of opportunities for combining beauty and elegance together. Depending on the look you want to go for, you can choose to layer darker shades to blend in with the room, or contrast it with complementary shades of the wall. There are advantages to both, having dark curtains in a dark room make it a bit more closed-in for a feeling of coziness and comfort. Whereas, using lighter shades of grey or whites for your curtains will help draw the eyes towards the window treatment and focus their attention elsewhere. And if you are an avid color lover, choosing curtains in the shades of mustard, gold or tangerines are sure to uplift and enhance your space and reflect a sense of pure elegance.

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