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How to incorporate tropical colours for winter decor

If you find yourself curling your toes inside warm blankets just before sunrise, then know for sure that the winter is here. When we say winter, we mean gloomy mornings, cold floors and colours that really don’t inspire the positivity you had a few months ago.

This is usually where we’d recommend a change of tones in home decor. But, at Thoppia, we believe in making the best out of what we have. A little inspiration and hint of colour from your summer wardrobe may just be what you are looking for – a lasting mood fix. 

What does incorporating tropical colours for winter really mean? Think warm. Colours, in any space, tends to evoke certain emotions in the brain. Warm colours like reds, oranges and yellows are known to make a room look cozier and more homely. Here are a few ways you can try this out:

Curtains and Blinds

Trust the ability of a fabric to brighten up your space. Curtains and blinds, if chosen well, can make the room look a whole lot more homely and comforting. Since they are a primary source of colour employed in a room or space, it helps to invest in a good set of curtains at all times.

There are a plethora of options today: sheer, solid curtains, patterned curtains, curtains with lining, cloth blinds and more. What helps best is to use a combination of two or more kinds of colours and/or textures to add dimension to your decor.

Winter days and nights often mean gloomy days and cold nights. A suggestion here to seek out options that offer style and functionality in one. Sheer curtains are great for a sunny, tropical vibe. It allows for ventilation and light. Solid curtains and cloth blinds, on the other hand, are insulating and keep snuggly.

Colours and patterns

To incorporate tropical colours means to strategically place your personality on the couches while at the same time shooing away any dampening winter mood. Popular tropical palettes include yellows and oranges, blues and greens, pastels, shades of just one colour or going crazy with many.

Warm tones are the keywords here. Anything that reminds you of bright summer mornings or the cool breeze of spring is the colour you should go for.

Patterns are tricky to choose from. Small patterns are best suited for small spaces as they make it appear more spacious. Patterns can also mean what you have going, in terms of textures. A well-balanced look comes to life even beyond just the upholstery.

Using small green plants and saplings around your room also contributes greatly to a welcoming tropical vibe.

This, however, doesn’t disregard the fun of big and bold prints. Tropical prints paired with pastel colours form a great balance. Don’t let convention hold you back!

Rugs and Throws

Here is a life hack that’ll keep your home decor on-trend, while at the same time keeping you from the cold. Rugs and throws ar ultimate winter saviours and hence, it only makes sense to have to lay in your space right in time for the winter shivers.

Throws look best when complemented with our couch colours and/or the overall theme of the room. Try to pair throws with cushion covers, curtains or rugs. You can do this by either picking similar fabric or choosing colours that closely match.

Mutes shades and rugs go really well. This doesn’t mean that they are in the shadows but are rather a silent hand to help balance your styling. The presence of muted shades also ensures a sense of permanence and groundedness. Nude, earthy tones with specks of colours do the job just as well.

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