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Go toting for a better tomorrow – an alternative to plastic bags

Plastic – A Problematic Menace

In the recent past, you may have heard about the dire need to save our world from plastic waste. India’s four metro cities generate more than 1,670 tonnes of plastic waste per day. Which is over 40 percent of the plastic waste produced in India’s 60 major cities. What makes plastic a problematic menace is its non-biodegradable nature. Which causes it to stick around in the ground for over a thousand years or more upon disposal.

We at Thoppia call you to move in the direction of progress and bring an end to single-use plastics. Let’s pause, take time to reflect and ask these questions: Do you love yourself? Do you care for your health and the future of this environment? If the answer is yes. Then it’s time to switch single-use plastic bags to a natural and appealing alternative, the Tote Bags.

Thoppia calls you to replace plastic bags

With the focus on safety, style, and comfort. We at Thoppia have weaved a solution to this crumbling environmental pollution. With the introduction of an exclusive range of 100% Cotton Tote bags. We welcome you to say goodbye to plastics and say yes to Tote bags. Tote bags are a great choice over plastic bags because they are not only safe for the environment. But also, empower you to stand out and give you options to choose from vibrant colors and attractive designs making them a “must buy item” of 2020. Try them out and challenge the world around you, by BYOB(bringing your own bag). Why settle to fit in like the other, when you can make a style statement while you carry and care for the environment.

What Is A Tote Bag?

A Tote bag is a simple large bag with a wide opening, suitable for carrying (or toting) lots of stuff. As it’s made out of durable fabric woven out of cotton or linen, you are in for a long-lasting bag. It has a pair of parallel handles to hold the bag with ease. The purpose of a Tote bag is to ease out the process of carrying stuff home. Or even carrying the items that you buy during your busy days of shopping.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Using Tote Bags

  • Durability: Sustainability is the new mantra. If a bag lasts long, then you know for sure that it is worth all your efforts to buy it. Tote bags last anywhere between day 1 to day 311 and still serve your needs with utmost loyalty.
  • The Substance: At Thoppia, we use 100% cotton to make the Tote bags. Limiting the use of plastic or any other synthetic material down to a zero. The environment-friendly cotton we use has properties that are quite impressive. Such as a hard-wearing texture, which is highly recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Quality: The color ranges, prints, and sizes of the bags enhance the feel of the material used for Tote bags. With experts in the field of designing Tote bags at Thoppia; We are sure to provide the perfect blend of features in the Tote bag that compliment your style. Which, without a doubt will make you a recipient of an array of compliments as you sport the bag.

Occasions Where You Can Use Tote Bags

  • Last-minute Outing: Tote bags can be the best last-minute planning partner. With enough space for all your toiletries and a few clothes. You can always slip them all into the bag with ease and voila. You are ready for a sleepover, a night out, joy ride or a backpacking expedition.
  • Corporate Gifting: Tote bags can be a great gift for promotional events at work. What better way to celebrate and spread awareness at the same time by gifting a Tote bag with your logo on it. This will not only affirm your belief in sustainable resources. It will also attract others to follow your lead. Go ahead and get creative.
  • Grocery shopping: If you are planning to replace the plastic bags for your grocery shopping. Tote bags can be the perfect fit for your needs. They are the best alternatives to the daily single-use plastics. Tote bags enable shoppers to be worry-free and carry stuff on the go, as they were designed for easy handling and a firm grip. The problem of carting the purchases from shopping malls, grocery carts or vegetable vendors to homes has become easy. The added advantage is that you become an environment-friendly champion.
  • Work: A Tote bag can fit all your office essentials with ease. Right from the important files to stationary to your daily lunch boxes. It’s an incarnation of convenience and comfort for any working man or woman.
  • School/College: Whether it is the books, laptops, project files or snacks, you can fit them all into the Tote bag. These lightweight Tote bags make it easy for students to cart things during the commute. And not just that, they also serve as a fashion statement amongst other peeps.

Your choice matters

Why settle for the little impact. When you can sport a 100% cotton Tote that transforms your environment and makes you part of the solution. Take time to shop for this carting and carrying tool that makes you look cool and charming at the same time. Gift yourself a cleaner and greener environment by buying the best 100% Cotton Tote Bags available at Thoppia. Be the best judge for saving the environment.

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