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A quick guide to choosing Duvet Covers.

A sound sleep brings the assurance of freshness for the next day. Everybody dreams of a luxurious bed and would love to sleep like a king or queen. Now, transforming your place of rest to fulfil that much-needed relaxation takes only a few changes. And one of the most essential things needed for that transformation is the Duvet cover set.

A duvet cover is a vital piece of furnishing to make your bedding comfortable to sleep in the night and to enhance its look during the day. This new change will not only make your bedding look cozy and comfortable, but will also add a fresh feel to the room. While the task of finding the perfect duvet cover for your home might seem tedious, we have created a guideline that would ease this process.

Duvet and duvet cover

A duvet is a furnishing that is used as the top layer of a luxury bedding. It is made of cloth that is sewn like a large bag and filled with some soft materials like down, feathers, or wool. Duvets are similar to comforters, quilts, or sheets that are used to keep oneself warm by covering it over their body. While the duvet does the job of keeping the person warm, the job of the duvet cover is to keep the duvet clean.

Duvet and comforter

Oftentimes a duvet is confused with a comforter and vice versa. One of the major reasons for the confusion is that both these furnishings sit on top of the bed and have some filling in them. However, the basic difference is that comforters need to be used with sheets while duvets need to be used with covers. Also, comforters come in different shades or design patterns, while the duvets are generally white as they go into a cover that is colorful or has design patterns. Another notable difference is that a comforter can be fit into a duvet cover and not the other way round. While the purpose of using a comforter or a duvet remains quite similar, the differences keep them apart.

The Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your duvet cover is important. Silk is a breathable and luxurious material that is smooth on the skin, it is great for humid environments as it tends to keep you warm. But the downside to it is that it tends to get wrinkled fast and might need pressing often.

Cotton on the other hand is a commonly used fabric in duvet covers. It is also known for its breathability and comfort. However, unlike the silk covers, cotton duvet covers are easier to maintain, soft and comfortable on the skin.

Polyester and cotton blend fabric is an alternative to the natural options that are available. This fabric is made synthetically and hence is favored by those that look for an economical option. Since the fabric is synthetically made, it is less breathable like the natural cotton or silk and traps the moisture and heat making it ideal for cold climates. Duvet covers unlike comforters come in direct contact with your skin. Thus, it is advisable to choose a fabric that is skin-friendly and durable in the long run.


Getting the right fit for your duvet is critical as it can make or break the look of your bedding. Getting a cover too tight could endanger it’s fitting and the duvet filling while stuffing the duvet into it. And a cover too baggy could throw off the look of the bedding and cause it to slide the duvet in all directions. An exact fitting is a supreme necessity to have a neatly made bedding. Duvet covers are measured in bed sizes such as queen, king, etc. Choosing the size according to your bed and duvet will get you the perfect looking bedding to dive into.


The colour of the elements in the room like the bed, side table, pillow covers, cushions, duvet covers, etc adds to the overall look of the room. Choosing the right shades could help you make the room look spacious and bright or dim and damp. It is advisable to choose the right shade of duvet covers that complements the bed and the elements in the room. Also, there are a variety of options for duvet covers that are printed with abstract designs and appealing patterns, choosing the one that fits your style and room is sure to enhance your sleeping experience. Think about the overall experience you want from the room and boil down to the shades and design patterns for your bed’s furnishings. Happy Sleeping!

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