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A new interior theme for 2022

Setting up your homes was not this simpler before. Find out how to bring in the new interior trends of 2022 with ease.

A new interior theme for 2022

It’s been a long year for all of us, and we have good reason to rejoice when thinking of interior design trends to look out for in 2022 and onwards. Rather than turning the interiors into a decorative space, interior design trends have been gravitating toward a more cosy and comfortable trajectory. The emphasis is on creating a cosy work environment and a space for other everyday activities.

There have also been many interesting takes on material from the growing demand for more sustainable materials to quiet, comfortable and elegant materials which compliment all aspects of your life with a homely vibe, our 2022 trend guide aims to provide you with a simple rule of thumb to help you craft your curated home for the upcoming year with only the best of materials and style.

Let’s take a look at each of the rooms individually and how to incorporate the theme better:

Transport Yourself to a Tropical Climate

Earlier, living rooms were generally considered places of entertainment. Hence, the whole design of the room followed a highly decorative theme, and much of the furniture here wasn’t for relaxation purposes. However, with the pandemic, most of this space has been repurposed to give it a touch of comfort and homeliness. To incorporate this, start by switching up your curtains and blinds. We generally underestimate the huge role these play in the overall appearance of a space. When investing in a good set of curtains, ensure that they combine both style and functionality.

Sheer curtains would give you the tropical vibe as they’re breathable and provide excellent ventilation while allowing light through into the space. Alternatively, picking out solid patterns would give you a warm and snuggly vibe, like deep in the wintertime.

Apart from that, having your cushions match the theme of your interior is very important as it leaves the space with a uniform aesthetic. Pairing your cushion with a comfortable throw for movie nights or reading sessions can be a great start to a great year. 

Maximalise the Bedroom

This is usually the only area in your home where relaxation and rest are integral; setting up such a space can be challenging. Using neutrals or minimal pattern sheets is key to giving your bedroom that slightly fun twist. However, do keep in mind the importance of having comfortable sheets made of suitable quality materials, which can aid the quality of sleep.

To get you started, Thoppia’s Sunrise cotton bed sheets have a great dual-tone theme that blends well with a light minimalist styled bedroom. If you are looking for a more indie-patterned bed sheet, the woven stripes can add a splash of colour and give you that beach-side feel in your room.

Rustic Vogue spaces of Zen

The bath in each house is a room of zen and the only place in the house where you get to hit your reset with a drawn-out bath. However, we tend to neglect the importance of a good bath and how it could give us the right start in the mornings.

Apart from adding dimmer and cosier lights, consider placing scents and candles for an aromatic olfactory experience when you visit the space. You could also consider replacing your abrasive hand towels and bath towels that are much gentler on the skin (such as cotton-based materials). Following a similar theme to the bedroom in the washroom; depending upon your bath’s interior, choose either a simple block-coloured towel or a striped one for a bit more splash in colour.

You can also try pairing rugs in your rooms to protect your feet from the rigid flooring. Additionally, do consider investing in a comfortable apron for all your culinary endeavours in the upcoming year! Here is a pro-tip for you as you’ve made it to the end of the article: consider investing in indoor plants this year. Bringing in authentic greenery will help freshen up your space and complement your natural woods and warm browns in your space.

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