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4 ways to style your Home with Stitched Cloth

A well arranged home surely has the few well arranged things- furniture, lighting and fabric. Fabric does not mean just the bed sheets and curtains. You can use a Stitched Cloth to soften a room, add romance, and give a room a finished feel. It can be used in any room style, and on any budget! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Vivacious Vase Mats

A vase at home adds a touch of elegance to any space. Glass, metal, ceramic, gold, turquoise, vintage, rustic – they’re available in various types. And the best way to make a vase look more exquisite, alongside protecting it, is by placing a vase mat under it.

Sometimes though, you may not find the right vase mat. You know, the one that goes so well with your vase and brightens up to your mood. Rather than looking everywhere to find one like that, you can pick a stitched cloth you like, and have it customized into a 100% Cotton vase mat that complements your vase. Easy!

2. Whimsical Wall Décor

Gone are the days when wall décor was supposed to be expensive or high-end. Today, people go for reasonable yet clever ways of decorating their walls and making a mark. The easiest way to do this is by using fabric. When it comes to home design, fabric is one of the most versatile materials.

You could pick a smaller cloth, have it embroidered or styled like you want it, and hang or pin it on your wall as you’d like it. Or you could take a bigger fabric, and turn it into a massive, impactful piece of art on your wall. Or put the fabric into a frame and place it on the wall. If it’s a beautiful fabric, this would give it a worthy display. Just get your creative juices flowing, and play!

Stitched Cloth for Wall Decoration

3. Classy Cabinet and Shelf Covers

Cloth for shelf cabinet
A lot of Indian households use paper — typically the old newspapers they didn’t throw away — to cover their cabinets and shelves. Only once this covering is done, do they place things and belongings on those shelves/cabinets. This could be to protect the shelves, and minimise dust. But paper can tear easily. It’s of no use once it gets wet or stained. It shows oil marks. So is there a better alternative? Definitely… Use cloth!

Customised Stitched Cloths that are 100% Cotton can absorb water. They won’t tear unless you want them to! They’re durable. And if by chance they get stained, you can wash and use them again. They’ll break the monotony of your cupboard, and can make it look prettier. Fair enough?

4. Tantalizing Table Cloths and Runners

May be you brought home a brand new table. You’re excited. But all your excitement washes away when you don’t find the rightly fitting cloth for the table. You sigh. And then you find out that you can now choose a stitched cloth that catches your eye, and get it customized as per the dimensions of your table – at the comfort of your home.

Stitched Cloth as Table Cloth

That’s right. This is yet another way to make good use of a stitched cloth, as it has its borders stitched to perfection. And same goes for table runners. They soften the hard furniture in the room. And what’s on the table should delight you – that doesn’t just stop with food!

Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are. And your personal style can be very well reflected in your home, by the fabrics that you dress your home with. They can be used in so many ways to add color, pattern, and texture to a room. Make some conscious decisions, pick what you like, customise the pieces as you want them to be, and watch what a stitched cloth can do for your space!

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