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The Thoppia (Curated) Gift Guide

Gifting gets easier than ever with this short and cute Thoppia gift collection. This guide is all you need to find that perfect present.

The Thoppia (Curated) Gift Guide

With Thoppia by your side, gifting should never be a topic of trouble. To help you with that, we bring forth our exclusive, carefully curated Thoppia Gift guide so that you can pick the best product and combinations for any occasion.  Moreover, you also get to land a hand in your support for local, indigenous businesses, build a community that appreciates art and quality workmanship, and most importantly, win the gifting game!

Here is the perfect little gift guide you’d need from Thoppia.

Cushion cover combos

While gifting one cushion could be underwhelming, dropping a stack of cushion covers that do nothing for one’s home decor sounds just as boring. Here is why we present our cushion cover combos with selections that are colour-coded, matched and arranged to suit a specific palette, or help you explore newer designs and colours. Mix solid colours with embroidered covers or go bold with patterns.

Travel Beds

A perfect example of being thoughtful without causing a hole in your pocket.Gift the travel enthusiasts in your circle, a Thoppia travel bed and watch them immediately look for reasons to use it. The handwoven travel beds are soft and cozy, a perfect replacement for sleeping bags taken to camps and hikes. While not on the roads, its other feature is to be used as a fine yoga mat on a daily basis. Multi-purpose and stylish!

Gift cards

Even after the plethora of options, picking something among a range of colours, patterns and fabrics is a job that you may not have asked for. In that case, you’ve got to take a look at our Thoppia Gift Cards. Choose from a printed or E-card that you can buy and get delivered to your friends and family. Gift cards are more often than not, cherished by those who are picky with styles and colours. This lets them pick what suits their decor and you get to keep the compliments anyway.


Throws are an evergreen choice for gifts because you don’t need to worry about sizes or infact, seasons. This Thoppia favourite product comes as a 100% cotton throw blanket that is versatile and can be used for almost any occasions. There is nothing that speaks care and affection like a big warm hug from a throw. You will be remembered fondly.

Tote Bags

And why not? We ask. Thoppia tote bags are not just cute, they are also super practical and promise function to whoever uses it, WFH or not. It is spacious, adaptable in 2 ways and available in a huge range of designs. The impact of using it as a daily shopping bag also means less use of plastic!

The Thoppia gift guide is curated to give you the best of our products while continuing to make a functional impact too. Gifting should not be wasteful, but something that people adore and remember you by. The list of pros are endless –  you are also contributing to sustainable living and growing a circle that is environmentally conscious as well. There are absolutely no losses here! Happy Gifting

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