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How to set up a kids’ room

Styling homes have always been a hectic task. Be it a living room or a simple makeover of a corner space. Now, imagine planning a kids’ room! Oh, that surely is a tough one to crack, isn’t it? Well, we’re here to say – Not anymore!

From safety to styling, we have come up with some quick tips that help you set up the kids’ room with ease. We know you’re all curious to know how, so keep reading 🙂

Simple as it can get

Kids are capable of having fun with the smallest of things. Everything makes them curious which gives us an upper hand to work smartly. Confused? Well, think of it this way. When you point the kids to look at bright colours as a marvellous event, they react looking astounded by it, don’t they? That’s it, that’s our play right there!

The more it’s simple and easy to comprehend the surrounding, the more adaptable kids get. So, when you have less/ no furniture in the room, they feel free to move around and enjoy the space more. Kids are more active that way too.

How can we make it simple?

Choose soft, natural fabrics like Thoppia cotton and linen to establish a comforting experience. Floor cushions are a saviour when it comes to this. There is no need to worry about harmful furniture or edges with them in place. It is easy to move, wash and most importantly – cosy to use.
In case you want the room to have a warm corner, throws come in handy here. They are soft and light, making them a perfect choice to wrap around during a quick nap.

Welcome the colours

Is it even a kids’ room if it doesn’t have some fun, eye-catchy colours around? The children need to feel invited and attracted to the room in the first place. And what better way than luring them in with bright colours!

But remember, you don’t want to go overboard with the shades. Neutral shades are the most appropriate ones to go for. Too dark or too light can make the room appalling for the little ones. So, whatever colour scheme you choose, make sure you take their neutral tones. Whites can come occasionally in the colour scheme to maintain the neutral look. Some safe colours to play with are blue, pink, yellow, and green. 

The cheat sheet

We now know our basic rules – make it simple and choose the right colours. But what about style? Isn’t that a necessity too?

Of course, it is!

Style is important to maintain the overall look of the home. It could be classy, modern, or traditional. Either way, it must get along with your other spaces at home. So, how do we do that?

Choosing your products and placing them in the right spot is your go-to goal here. Think of utility, the best material, and where to place them. For example, if you’d like to have kids sit down and play with enough legroom, the rugs come in as the first and best choice. Now, what material fits best here? Undoubtedly, cotton! It’s easily washable, movable, and comfortable. 

Storage is extremely helpful in a kids’ room. Be it storage beds, or enclosed shelves, they help with tidying up the room in a hassle-free manner. In the case of a ‘no-furniture’ policy, you can set specific areas for play, study, and possibly an open stretch to move around freely. They can be defined through specific colour themes, wall art & graphics to make the rooms more exciting too. A mix-and-match play with curtains is a quick remedy to pull off in this styling. 

And that’s how you do it! We are all set with getting the little ones’ room up and ready. Try these quick tips out and we guarantee that you’ll never regret them 🙂

India’s cotton home furnishings market – An overview

If there was an award for the most popular and versatile fabric in the world, it would probably go to cotton! Offering a wide range of colors, patterns, weights and textures; this easily washable fabric is also durable, and drapes attractively. No wonder it has become a favorable fabric choice not only in the clothing industry, but also in the making of home furnishings.

Needless to say, cotton plays a vital role in India’s economy – in employment, export and industrial output. Also, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets for home furnishings in the Asia-Pacific (APAC).[Source: India Home Furnishing Market By Product Type, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2010 – 2020” Report – Research and Markets (US).]

Buying habits

When was the last time you, or someone at home, bought a furnishing product? Like curtains for your living room windows, cushion covers for the sofa, or maybe 2 or 3 bath towels with a luxurious texture? Items like these can be changed every season, to instill novelty and break the monotony.

We Indians often get new bedsheets, table linen, curtains, rugs etc. during festivals or any special occasions. With the advent of social media and quick spreading of information, almost everyone is able to keep track of emerging trends, what’s hot and what’s not.

Representing personalities and lifestyles

Don’t we all see our homes as a reflection of ourselves?

The furniture, furnishings and the overall decor at home are being used to reflect people’s personalities, tastes and lifestyles like never before. People are also well-travelled, taking inspiration from products and lifestyles in other countries, to incorporate it in their own homes back in India. So, they shop furnishings accordingly – be it readymade or customized.

Nobody just picks something off local malls in a jiffy. Now, we plan, think, overthink, look at a variety of options, compare colors and designs, see what suits us, visualize what suits our home, compare prices, check out the products in other stores…. It’s a long and time-consuming list. More and more people want sophisticated home furnishings and home decor products. Purchases are not confined to those moving to new houses – even those looking to redo or revamp their homes and office spaces buy new ones.

There is a growing trend in the use of sustainable products, which is also giving a boost to the country’s cotton home furnishings market. It is a very fragmented market though, and the end-users are not limited to homeowners. They include segments like residential and commercial sectors, hospitality, healthcare, etc.

The online boom

As a cherry on the cake, several furnishing retailers have successfully established online stores – benefiting the media-savvy customers who also keep tabs on global trends. These e-commerce platforms provide the latest and luxurious cotton products along with easy online navigation and appropriate methods of payment. Some even have features that allow for customization of furnishings, making it even more convenient for customers.

Being able to easily shop for cotton home furnishings online, has led to the market growing even more aggressively. More and more Indians are using the internet, actively interacting and seeking information on social media, and being conscious about having beautiful and stylish home interiors. So it is not surprising that the Indian cotton home furnishings market has been booming over the last decade.

However, buyers need to become more aware and mindful – to only invest in furnishings of superior quality. Products that are not only stylish, but also durable and sustainable. Because your home’s worth it.

Brighten up your home with Sheer Curtains

Gone are the days of flashy and gaudy furnishings. Today, people prefer light and subtle materials. Fabrics that are minimalistic, elegant and feathery are liked better. And this applies to the window treatment as well. A timeless and beautiful option for the same would be sheer curtains.

Although they’d been quite neglected for some time, sheer curtains have gained their place in home décor. People are finding them advantageous. They impart aesthetic value. And they’re functional. How? Here are ways how they can benefit your home.

Brightening up your room

Who doesn’t love a home filled with natural light in the day? It makes the room airy and bright. If you’re looking for some filtered vitamin D and a room that gives out happy, sunny vibes – sheer curtains are your best bet.

Advantages of using sheer curtains

Their translucence allows natural light to pass through, not entirely, but just enough. They’ll also give you essential UV protection. They can blend well with blinds and blackout curtains too.

Giving you the privacy you need

Most people sadly describe closing their curtains as darkening their room. No, not with sheer curtains. With them, you can still have a bright room, without having to compromise on the privacy you need.

The sheer fabric is thin enough to allow sunlight, and thick enough to disallow the eyes of those on the outside of your room. It blocks the inside view.

Letting you enjoy the outside view

Sure, they block the inside view. But not the outside view. Sheer curtains’ translucency will help you enjoy the view outside while covering your windows.

They can boost the ambience of your room, add an uncanny charm to it, and let you appreciate the scenic landscape on your home’s exterior.

Adding style, effortlessly

Timeless, dreamy, romantic, sensual — sheer curtains help you achieve all these feelings for your room. Their versatility is their true power.

Sheer Curtains online from Thoppia

If you’re looking to create a calm and relaxing aura, go for neutral colors like grey, white, cream, beige or soft pink. The breezy sheer curtains will very well complement your bright bed sheets and other bed linen. Or if you are keen on using bright colors, go ahead. You could team them up with brighter colored solid shades curtains too.

Making your room look bigger

This is a loveable reason indeed. If you feel that the ceiling in your room is too low or your room is too compact, pick sheer curtains.

Install them from floor to ceiling, if you want to make the ceiling appear higher. It’s a plus, if the curtains have vertical stripes. Get them customized longer than your window pane, if you want to make your room appear bigger. Sheer is a light and subtle material, so it will also feel clutter-free.

A smart fabric with a simple yet sophisticated style – that’s sheer for you. Sheer curtains that are made of 100% cotton or linen feature natural fibres and have varied choices in color, print and style.

Pick the shade that’ll match or complement the color of the rest of your room. That includes furnishings like sheets, bedding and cushion covers. Set a relaxed vibe, fill your home with energising natural light and style. Get some sheer!