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Spruce up your living room with cushion covers

You have perhaps always tried your best, to make your home comfortable and stylish. Who doesn’t love to live in comfort and style? And we know you have given special attention to your living room, because that’s where people enter your home, and guests are welcomed in wholeheartedly or reluctantly.

You chose the perfect furniture, you bought the classy décor pieces, you got the walls painted in a lovely color. But hey, what about the cushions that lie on the sofa?

Cushions infuse comfort, while cushion covers evoke style. If you want to change the look of your sofa or add a fashionable touch to your living room – without spending too much – then change the cushion covers. How can you pick the perfect cushion covers, for a sophisticated look? Scroll to know.

It’s not a match!


When you buy a sofa, it usually comes with matching cushion covers. So if the sofa is grey, the cushion covers are also grey.

Now, picture this: The sofa is still grey but the cushions are of a different color, say red. Or mustard. Or dark blue. See how it lifts the look immediately? So if you have got cushion covers that match your sofa, put them away now, you need more color.

The number and the size

First, decide on the number of cushions you want. 3 to 5 cushions in one big sofa are considered to be ideal. And pick the size(s).

Today, you can easily get customized cushion covers online, as per your required dimensions and choice of stitch. You will have a wide range of them to choose from. And if need be, you can avail a free swatch before buying too.


The choosing and styling

Picking your cushion covers not only depends on the look and feel you are aiming for in your living room, but also on how your living room already is – the elements existing in it.

  • If your living room has more of neutral colors, you can pick bold colors for your cushions. This will usher a nice contrast, and bring some depth into the room.
  • If your living room has many complementary colors, like red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple, then you can go for horizontal and vertical patterns.
  • If strong prints are your thing and you want them in your cushion covers, go ahead. But ensure to make the rest of the living room neutral. You don’t want the strong prints on your cushions to become part of visual clutter.
  • If you are someone into floral prints, that’s good too. Just make sure you coordinate them with the colors in the rest of the room.
  • If you are aiming for an urban modern look in your living room, opt for colors like black, white, grey, olive green, burnt orange, or purple. Getting a cotton cushion cover in burnt orange or a linen one in silver grey could be perfect for that particular feel. Incorporate smooth textures on solid fabrics, as well as geometric or graphic patterns on cushions and throws.

Comfort and style can be integrated in any room, by choosing the right furnishings. So keep your heart open to trendy, classy cushion covers. Accessorize your home with them, and represent your personal style.

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