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Elevate your WFH space, in style

Another year of WFH and not sure how to keep yourselves motivated? Declutter and make some room to feel inspired all over again.

Elevate your  WFH space, in style

Someone wise, at some point must have pondered about how a person’s work-desk defines their personality at work, or otherwise. Be it cluttered, clean or dressed up in themes, everyone loves to add a little bit of themselves to their space. While this has its feelings in the right place, sprucing a workspace up does indeed require a tactical approach to ensure the right amount of formal decor alongside the fun bits. We assure you that this is not The Great Interior Design Challenge and hence, we bring you a couple of quick fixes to ramp up your space.

As another year of WFH approaches, it is only right that you pack up the old and bring out the new! At Thoppia, our collection of fabrics and range of products are just about enough to make your WFH station, a place you’d love to hang around. With our style guide, you can now seek inspiration and add your own elements, skipping a strain on the pocket 😉

Step 1:

Pick a space that inspires you. This is important because you will be spending most of your day indoors throughout the week. Perching on a dingy corner of the room might turn out to be a lot more unmotivating than a mundane weekday. Pick up the table and set it close to a window for a good view.

If not a window, we suggest a good part of the wall, just for you to deck it up with accessories to look at, and feel good about. The point is to let your eyes know that they have more to see than the screen.

Step 2:

Know the importance of colours and use it smartly in your decor. Reach out to your fun side and try to match the colour of the elements you see. Take a look at bright, sheer curtains that welcome enough light into the room. What’s great about curtains is that it can instantly make your space look a lot more comfy. If you like simplicity, we think you’d love some light, linen curtains.

Patterns on sheer curtains, or solid curtains can help balance the rest of the room as well!

Step 3:

Move on to where you sit. The chair might look sturdy now but a few hours in, maybe not. Investing in a good cotton chair pad is a good idea. These fluffy little pillows are perfect to support your posture and keep you up straight. Patterned chair pads work well for that ‘burst’ of colour amongst your furniture while solitary, muted shades complement them. 

Step 4:

We swear by soft, handwoven rugs! Work from home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; Treat yourself to simple rugs that you can place underneath your desk, on the floor. These are subtle ways that elevate home decor up by a few notches if done right. We suggest striped rugs for some texture on the floor. 

Step 5:

You see the desktop, the coffee mug and the files – what’s missing? A good, warm source of light. Lampshades are the best decorative items for any room, in the evenings. Unlike glaring bare bulbs, lampshades are friendly, they don’t hurt your eyes and can instantly make your workspace look sophisticated!

A small lamp, with good shade fits perfectly on the work-table with considerable functionality. Big lampshades on the other hand, are for those who love a good statement piece of decor. Experimentation is fun with these as you can hardly get it wrong with dreamy lights.

Step 6:

And the most important, is to customize your decor to the best of your imagination. There are no right or wrong rules: just guidelines to help the designer in you. We love a pretty Thoppia-themed WFH station and would love for you to handpick the right product and fabric from our range, for your space!

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