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Design Ideas for a Small Living Room

Everyone loves to stay at a home that is well organized to just laze around and sit. And there are all kinds of homes that we live in. Sometimes we may not get the best bargain and end up compromising on the space and find difficulty in organizing the furniture in the house. After a […]

Design Ideas for a Small Living Room

Everyone loves to stay at a home that is well organized to just laze around and sit. And there are all kinds of homes that we live in. Sometimes we may not get the best bargain and end up compromising on the space and find difficulty in organizing the furniture in the house. After a tired day of work, everybody sure wants to just relax and rest in a comfortable place. And imagine you could create that space of rest and relaxation at home without having to dread the way things are in the home. Most people wouldn’t appreciate a cramped and cluttered room that needs organizing and cleaning. Nonetheless, what can we do to change this? How do we manage the space in the house? And how do we go around getting the right furniture for the house – Are some things that we will be addressing here.

Debunking Mysteries to Save Space

Fasten your seatbelts and ride along as we debunk the mysteries of saving space and getting organized. Be advised that these tips and ideas might bring you an uncontrollable excitement and joy to take the plow and clear the plight. Let us dive in.

Colors and Mirror

Colors play a vital role in the visual appeal of the room. Be it a small or a big room, the colors that we use affect the light that comes into it. You can choose to use this light to your advantage to either brighten or dim the room. It is advisable to avoid using dark shades for the walls as they may not be of help in brightening up the room, however, they are great at damping the light in case you need a dim damp look. On the other hand, the use of lighter shades and pastels are sure to light up to every corner and brighten the room. And the advantage of a bright room is that it makes the room look a bit bigger.

Another famous trick up the sleeve is the use of mirrors. Placing a cluster of regular-sized mirrors to form a large one or using a large mirror itself makes the room seem big. And not just that, this little trick also brings a lot of light into the room as even a little amount of light gets reflected by the mirror throughout the room. Better yet, place one large mirror right opposite to a window and it will surely make an optical illusion of another one on the other side too, making the room look more airy and spacious.

Switch to Space Saving Furniture

Space saving furniture

Small living spaces constrain you to limited furniture and could be a turn-off when you want to have people over for meals and get-together parties. Swapping the traditional large sofas and tea tables for something more compact is sure to accommodate more people in the room.

Nesting side tables, floor cushions, and multi-purpose Ottomans that can be used as a tea table with tray, storage for sudden declutter, and a comfortable seat to sit are some options that are a sure yes when the space in the room isn’t your best friend. Using stools that go under the tea table is also a great way to make the room look more spacious.

Go Vertical on Shelves and Storage

It is hard to fit everything into a small room when you own a lot of stuff and don’t know where to put them. Though the task of parting with some stuff may be heart-breaking, here is a clever way to organize your stuff and hide them in plain sight. Cabinets at the ceiling height are a good option for these instances of clutter storage, it is all the more better when you camouflage them with the color of the wall paint, making it hard to notice.

Space saving furitures

Most people paint their walls in plain colors, which is good. However, you can get a bit creative with some artwork and vinyl to draw the attention of people to the walls and not the space in general. Which then adds to the overall appearance of the room.

Another way to use space wisely is to go vertical with storage cabinets or standing shelves. Often, people tend to restrict the shelves to a certain height. However, don’t make that mistake as going all the way to the top is sure to make some extra room for clutter or storage, which is again a clever way of using space.

Item-in, Item-out Mantra

In our adventure to tear-down and redesign the living room. There is a strict mantra that we must consider for it to be the same lovely room that you imagined and designed. The ‘Item-In Item-out’ mantra. This is probably the most important thing that will help you in the long run.

With our spending habits natural leaning towards making the most of the deals that we can’t turn down. Buying and hoarding stuff becomes a challenge. Though some of these items may add value and bring finesse to the room. It is better to always think on the lines of ‘item-in item-out’, which means that you intentionally think about replacing an object in the room before you buy another. This mantra goes a long way as it helps you avoid adding to the clutter that is already there.

And honestly, all of us love it when our homes look modern. Which is a compelling reason enough to buy that pretty lampshade, the wall decor, or a fancy showpiece that’ll look great on the side tables. However, when you make that decision to upgrade, think of what you are going to replace it with, and then go ahead with your purchase. Else, you are more likely to hoard stuff that you never needed in the first place and find difficulty in making room for it.

Happy Remodeling!

Make the most of the time that you have at hand because you never know when you will get it back. Take the time out to redesign and give your living space a new look. Let this excuse of self-isolation be a worthwhile use of your time and the added advantage of making your living room a home again. All the best with your remodeling efforts, and yes there is never a space that you can’t tame. So go all out and move things around to make the most of the space that you already have. Happy Remodelling!

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