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Curtains or Blinds – what works best in each room

There are numerous ways to style your home and give the windows the treatment they deserve. Choosing the right windows treatments for your home spruce up your style statement and bring a fresh new look. And of the different styles of window treatments that are available, the most popularly known types of window treatments are the Blinds and Fabric Curtains.

Window treatments are all around us, we have all been acquitted with several styles like curtains, blinds, blackout drapes at different places like homes, restaurants, offices, etc. However, we hardly spend any time in exploring these styles and understanding the differences. While we may feel that the only major difference is light control, privacy, etc, there is so much more to it than just that. Be it the cost of installing the window treatments, the way it is used or handled, or the ability to control the light that comes into the home. Different window treatments bring a different flavor by themselves.

Difference b/w Blinds and Fabric Curtains

When we look at the differences between the two types of curtains, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the cost they entail. In terms of affordability, blinds tend to cost a little less in the long run as the costs only comprise of the initial setup and installation. However, the costs tend to vary depending on the material used in the slats of the blinds. Slats that are made of wood would cost much higher compared to vinyl or plastic which are cheap but not environment-friendly. On the other hand, cotton curtains are fairly affordable and eco-friendly as well. In terms of the light control, fabric curtains provide a minute amount of light when closed, as opposed to blinds that shut out every bit depending on the material used for the slats. In terms of handling, learning how to use blinds might take time and may seem difficult initially. While fabric curtains on the other hand are universally used and hence are easier to handle.

Living room

It is a common sight to see curtains as window treatments in the living rooms of most Indian homes. Of course, there will be a stark difference in this for homes with a western twist or modern styling since both these window treatments have a distinct purpose. While the treatments may seem peculiar to the place you travel to or stay in, they are generally styled with a specific purpose in mind. Depending on the usage, cost, and visual appeals, most people opt for fabric curtains for their living rooms as opposed to blinds. While professionals in their work environment, office buildings, or board rooms would prefer using blinds for their window treatment. For a home setting, it is advisable to opt-in for fabric curtains as are more comfortable and soothing to the eyes when you gaze into the outside spaces from your windows.


Known to be the sacred spaces of every home, privacy plays an important role in the bedrooms of our homes. When it comes to privacy, blinds are best suitable as they completely block out the light once they are shut. However, since blinds use an impermeable material, unlike fabrics which use a porous material that allows some amount of light. Fabric Curtains become a favorite in a bedroom where you want to set a relaxing vibe that calms the mind. Also, fabric curtains provide a unique aura through its beautiful intricate designs and weaves that allow the sunlight to gleam through during the day. They also do a fair job of shielding the light when closed to take care of your privacy concerns as well.

Kids room

The most fun place to decorate is the kids’ room. Creating a space filled with color is an exhilarating experience that can be complemented with both curtains or blinds for window treatments. While blinds offer lesser creative options unless you invest some money to customize them, curtains give you an exhaustive list of opportunities to play around with fabric, colors, design, prints, etc to create the necessary vibe for your children to feel comfortable. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is the ease of use. You would not want your kids to hurt themselves by playing with the blinds and possibly damage them as they are a bit delicate and could fall apart if not handled carefully. It is sensible to install fabric curtains to avoid causing harm to your children because of blinds as they are easier to handle and have little or no chance of causing any harm to your little ones. And not just that but curating fabric curtains with the right design patterns, and the right choice of colors is sure to add a fun vibe for your children to enjoy.

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