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Choosing a curtain for Spring season

Every season calls for a change. It is an excuse to make our surroundings and home look new again. There are many ways you could make the home look new. Simple things like rearranging the furniture, or changing covers of cushions, or even simply changing the curtains that are draped on the windows and doors […]

Choosing a curtain for Spring season

Every season calls for a change. It is an excuse to make our surroundings and home look new again. There are many ways you could make the home look new. Simple things like rearranging the furniture, or changing covers of cushions, or even simply changing the curtains that are draped on the windows and doors are a great way to bring change to your home.

Drape to bring the spring

And when you think of curtains. What curtains to get this season might be a question you are stuck with. With the smell of freshness right around the corner and new flowers blooming all around us. It’s time to change up and drape some cotton sheers perhaps or get some nice cotton curtain going on the door frames. Well if you are thinking about it, you’d be surprised to know that there are multiple types of curtains and curtain fabrics to choose from. And If you are someone who is wondering how to go about choosing the right curtains for this season, just relax, because we’re here to help choose the right curtains to drape and welcome the season of Spring this year.

Elements to keep an eye on

Well, understanding the purpose behind choosing a particular type of curtain. Should help narrow down a few options here. And picking the right one that adds to the class and finesse to your home is something we’ll learn. But, before we venture straight into the type of curtains, we need to remember to consider some things. Like, the overall look of the room, the color, wallpapers if any, the amount of lighting you need in the room and etc.

Once you have an idea about the overall look and feel of the room. It is easier to boil down to a few options with colors as such. And among the many curtain types that are out there. Solid curtains are always a favorite and the safest option. However, choosing the right shade for the curtain is important too. A little lesson on color psychology will help you get the right vibes going around at home. So, let’s read and explore some. 

Color color, which color do I choose?

The color Red activates energy and appetite, and hence many would advise you to use red curtains in the kitchen and dining area to get the energy going. The color Red is meant to enhance the expression of the emotions. While orange is more comforting to the eye and plays a role in bringing in a rejuvenating spirit. Yellow on the other hand, brings a sense of relaxation and an aura of comfort to build friendships. So if you are someone who loves having guests over quite often, yellow is the go to color for the living room space to get chatty in your comfort zone.

The Blue and Green hues are known to bring some relaxing peaceful vibes to your tired self. And makes a good fit in the bedroom for a time of rest and relaxation in the night. Light brown on the other hand is known to increase your concentration level when it is complemented with bright interior accents. Purple curtains are meant to pop the bright interior elements in the room and make the room come alive and energised, while Pink promotes tenderness and intimacy in relationships. So choosing the right colors are sure to help get the right vibes going.

Curtain styles

Choosing the right colors might take some significant time. However, it is equally important to dwell in the type of curtain that you want as well. From Solids to sheers to black-out drapes, different curtains have different functions to perform and have different ways of weaving the curtain of your choice. Solids are by far the safest option as they don’t involve any designs or patterns. However, when considering solid curtains it is always advisable to choose a color that is darker than the walls to blend with the interiors or choose white or beige if you don’t want the curtains to be the focal point of the room.

In rooms that you want light to invade the space and make it airy, sheers are a great option to choose. Sheers unlike the solids provide both privacy as well a view of the other side. With its nature to provide optimum amount of light. Sheers welcome the right amount of light into the room to make it airy and bright during the day.

Featuring: Slub Sheer Sunflower Yellow and Papaya Peach curtains.

The Black-Out drapes on the other hand are used to block the light from entering the room. Also it does the job of keeping the room cozy as it blocks out the cold breeze from entering. However, Black-Out drapes come in a satin or silk fabric making the room look a bit more royal. But if you are someone looking for a cotton casual look and yet want a black-out curtain. Thoppia has options of customizing the cotton curtains with a lining to transform it into a black-out drape, giving you the casual comfortable look of 100% cotton while blocking the light. 

Well, there is always something for the artistic mind in you. You can always get creative to choose curtains that have some patterns or designs weaved or printed onto them. This adds a unique look to the room unlike the plain solids or sheers. Speaking of sheers, you can always layer your curtain with a combination of sheers and solid or blackout to keep the casual classy look going.

Fabric Weave

Different types of weaves give you a different look and feel of the Curtain’s material that you choose. For all the lovers of 100% cotton, there are various weaves that you can choose from at Thoppia to give the look you desire for your home. Chambray being one of the popular ones, is a plain weave of cotton fabric that’s made of dyed yarn and white filling yarn. And because of this beautiful plain weave, you are sure to get pleasing fabric that is easy on the eyes. 

While the white welts of the Chambray are visible on the cotton fabric, thoppia offers another cotton fabric called the Textura. Which is again a plain weave of the dyed yarn and some white filling yarn. However, the white filling is not as visible as it is in a Chambray fabric. The Textura gives you the color that lies between the Chambray and a solid. The solid curtains are a plain weave too. However, it is weaved with the same dyed yarn vertically and horizontally, which gives it a uniform look and color throughout. The way any fabric is weaved plays a significant role in the way it looks and feels. A uniform solid curtain will give you a tightly packed fabric that captures a solid color throughout while the Chambray and Textura will give a different feel which some adore. 

Textura Cotton Curtain Wind Chime White
Textura Cotton Curtain Fog Beige

Well, it is surprising how much one can learn about curtains and fabric. We can go all day reading tons of books on it and still not find our cups filled with knowledge. However, to choose the best cotton fabric and furnishing. It is vital that you touch and feel the fabric. Thankfully, Thoppia has an option to send swatches your way. If you fancy a cotton curtain and want to customise it. Knowing what to get is half the battle won, the other half is to set it up once you get it.

Happy curtaining!

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